Austrian curtains: photo, style in the interior, curtains in the kitchen

Elegant Austrian curtains are used to give the interior austerity, solemnity, elevation Elegant Austrian curtains are used to give the interior austerity, solemnity, elevation Austrian curtains give the room a luxurious rigor. They are not when not out of fashion classic of the textile genre. Such curtains are also decorated with halls of public institutions, and windows in restaurants and, of course, apartment apartments. Everywhere Austrian luxury with a shadow of coldness will be in demand. How to apply such curtains to decorate the windows of your apartment - read on.

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Austrian interior style

The Austrian style of interior is very strict and practical. This direction of the design of apartments can be described as minimalism with elements of luxury.

The Austrian style is notable for its functionality, reasonable minimalism and coziness without frills The Austrian style is notable for its functionality, reasonable minimalism and coziness without frills

It combines comfortable and practical furniture with short but intricate curtains. This combination is aimed at creating the most comfortable atmosphere in the room, contributing to a full rest.

In such interiors surprising abundance of simple and functional furniture. A special glamor for such premises is the presence of furniture-transformers. For example, chairs, the back of which can be brought into several positions.

The colors in the Austrian interior are also of great importance. The walls are decorated in light and warm colors, while for furniture and floors, a shade of dark wood is chosen. Entire entourage complements a small number of lamps with soft light.

Coziness is given to such a strict room by small details. It can be hung on the wall family photos in gilded frames. Or standing on the windowsill flowers. Also an integral part of this design is the Austrian blind.

Another important component of the Austrian interior is the perfect order. Here you will not find a lot of figurines and other decorative elements. However, such an interior welcomes the presence of hand-made tablecloths.

What is the Austrian curtain in the interior of the apartment

Austrian or festoon curtains are a hybrid of French and Roman curtains. From the first they adopted beautiful vertical ruffles, and from the second lifting mechanism. Thus, Austrian curtains can rise, but they have a rather pompous appearance.

Austrian curtains in the straightened out position look like a solid and even cloth Austrian curtains in straightened out position look like a solid and smooth cloth

In loose form, Austrian curtains are a rectangular cut of fabric, with special rings on its underside. These elements are sewn at a distance, depending on the size of the festons that you want to get.

In these rings, insert two thin, but strong cord. By tightening them, you get a curtain with large horizontal ruffles.

The Austrian curtain is fastened to the cornice, which has a rotary-chain mechanism, or to the cornice-bar. Here everything depends on whether you need the curtain to move horizontally.

Austrians are not suitable for every interior. There are facilities in which such a textile component can not be used. This mainly applies to apartments with modern and concise design.

Interiors in which Austrian curtains can not be used:

  • High-tech;
  • Modern;
  • Loft;
  • Constructivism.

Such curtains will look great in classic interiors such as Empire. However, some modern romantic interiors can also be supplemented with such textiles. For example, if you choose a shade with the right shade, then it is quite suitable for country country or elegant Provence.

Transformation of Austrian curtains in different rooms

Austrian curtains look especially well in classical interiors, diluting their rigor with their luxury. With such textiles, you can close only the window frame, or arrange it along the entire wall.

The kitchen looks best Austrian curtains of light translucent fabric The Austrian curtain is made of light translucent fabric in the kitchen

In every room, Austrian curtains are played in different colors. Somewhere they are the embodiment of tenderness, and somewhere laconic and strict.

Transformation of Austrian curtains in different rooms:

  1. These curtains are ideal for decorating workrooms. They immediately declare the status of the master, combining austerity and grandeur. Such curtains immediately set the incoming subordinates to work.
  2. In the banquet halls and restaurants, Austrian curtains look solemn and festive. Sewn from bright fabrics, such elements lose their severity, gaining romanticism and gaiety. From the part of this effect, designers achieve air and heavy materials. So on one window can appear colorful flax and light tulle.
  3. In the living room Austrian curtains look majestic. They perfectly emphasize the free space in large rooms. Similar designs for living rooms should be juicy colors. For example, it is interesting to see a combination of blue and white textiles.
  4. In the bedroom, Austrian curtains take on a completely different appearance. Here they are filled with romance and grace. For the bedroom you need to choose the curtains of calm pastel shades, then your sleep will be long and sweet.
  5. In the kitchen, Austrian curtains are becoming the embodiment of practicality. Such curtains are perfectly combined with wooden sets and are not dragged along the edges on the floor.
  6. For the girl's room, you can use Austrian pink shades. Such decor will look in this room airily and cute.

Austrian curtains can change their character falling into this or that interior. So curtains from dense fabrics look strictly and luxuriously, and translucent materials make such curtains the embodiment of tenderness.

Austrian curtains in the kitchen

Austrian curtains are often hung in the kitchen. They have the majority of the requirements required for this facility. In addition, in assembled form, Austrian curtains do not pose a threat of fire.

Austrian curtains in kitchen design can also find their successful application Austrian curtains in kitchen design can also find their successful use

Austrian curtains are suitable for the kitchen, as they look great on large and small windows. Also, such curtains in assembled form, do not greatly exceed the length of the window frame, so that they are not so contaminated.

Another advantage of using Roman curtains in the kitchen is that unlike Roman and roll curtains, such canvases are suitable for classical interiors. In this case, they do not swing from a gust of wind and do not fly to the burning ring.

However, there is such a curtain and a minus: because of the abundance of folds, the canvas quickly forms dirt. It is possible to wash such a curtain in a washing machine, but there is a risk of fading of the fabric. The best cleaning is the cleaning of such curtains with a vacuum cleaner.

Whether or not to use Austrian curtains in the kitchen depends on your personal desire. Of course in this case plastic blinds are much more practical, but if you want to create a soft and beautiful interior, then this option, as best as possible, suits you.

Stylish Austrian curtains( video)

Austrian curtains are both stern and luxurious. They are able to change their character depending on the room in which they weigh. If you are a fan of classical interiors, Austrian curtains are a great choice for you.

Design Austrian curtains( photo in the interior)