Bonsai from beads own hands the master class: schemes of weaving wood, MK and photos, how to weave and make cherry

Miniature beaded trees decorate any interior or become an original gift to a loved one Miniature beaded trees decorate any interior or become an original gift to a loved one The art of growing small trees has spread widely to needlework. Now the lesson on creating beaded trees is also called "bonsai".Correctly choosing the original material in the current color scheme, you get unusual and peculiar miniature trees. Bonsai in this performance can get the most original and unusual shape.

    • Making a bonsai tree of beads: weaving patterns
    • Classic beadwork of beads: the necessary material
    • Crown bead for bonsai
    • Sakura bonsai made of beads: master class
    • Azalea: beadedBonsai, master class
    • Mini-bonsai made of beads by our own hands: mother step by step
    • Ideas for bonsai "Love and Wealth" of beads
    • Tree "Willow" with a waterfall from beads( video)
    • Bonsai of beadsPhoto)

We make a bonsai tree of beads: weaving schemes

Bonsai weaving patterns are very simple, but differ slightly for each type of wood separately. Consider the process of weaving using the example of popular trees.

Bonsai weaving patterns, which are described below, can be applied to weaving other types of trees, changing only the number of beads and the place of twisting of the wire.

The number and shape of the branches are determined individually. It is on this that the attractiveness of ready bonsai depends.

Classic bonsai

Take wire 50 cm and put on it 8 pcs. Beads, twist it 2 times in a loop. The same thing to do with the same wire to the formation of 8 loops in a row. Form a bundle of three such blanks.

Each branch of bonsai is formed from 3-4 branches of less Each branch of bonsai is formed from 3-4 branches of smaller

Further bundles are formed at a certain location in the branches.

Bonsai birch

On a wire 0,3 mm to string 12 beads. Connect the first to the last and twist it under the joint. Retreat 1 cm and make a second loop. As a result, there should be the same 13 loops - 5 pieces on both sides and 3 at the top. For bonsai birch need 50 such branches.

Bonsai money tree

We sew 5 beads on wire, bend it and pass the end back through 4 pieces. Then we perform the same process with one and the second end of the wire. To form a money tree leaf, you must alternately thread beads in ascending order, and then vice versa.

Pictures of other schemes can be viewed on the Internet.

Classic beaded bonsai: essential material

Classic bonsai is a tree with an impressive trunk and green twigs.

Before beginning the weaving of the bead trees, you should prepare the necessary materials and tools for work Before beginning beading, prepare the necessary materials and tools for operation.

Required material:

  • Green seed beads;
  • Strong wire for twigs;
  • Copper wire for barrel;
  • Scissors;
  • Pliers;
  • Adhesive;
  • Alabaster;
  • Threads;
  • Scotch tape;
  • Brush and acrylic paint;
  • Decor.

For classic bonsai, usually take a few shades of green, this set is needed for mixing it on a tree. Wire for twigs is better to take a brown color, a thickness of at least 0.3 mm, and copper - 2 mm. Glue is better to take a moment, hot glue or superglue. Acrylic paint can be replaced by art. Decor can serve as: small pebbles, artificial moss or grass, shells.

Painting the trunk of a tree with paint is better several times, applying different shades. With each layer the crust is transformed into a natural form.

Crown bead from beads for bonsai

The process of weaving beads from beads starts from the crown. Step by step it is much easier to make than to suffer and spend a lot of extra time.

Forming the crown of the future tree, it is necessary to take into account that the upper branches should be much shorter than those located below Forming the crown of the future tree, it is necessary to take into account that the upper branches should be much shorter than those below

Step-by-step braiding of the bonsai crown:

  1. Dial 8 loops on a solid wire, On each of 8 pieces of beads;
  2. Twist and cut, leaving tips of 10 cm( 150 pieces are needed);
  3. Twist into one bundle with three woven little ones( there will be 50 pieces in total);
  4. Combine the top of the bonsai from 3 bundles and immediately densely wrap the thread;
  5. A little bit below, attach branches from 2 bundles on one level along the sides and secure with a thread( branches of the first row);
  6. Go to compiling the branches of the second row by joining 2 bundles and winding the thread, then 2 more times( you need two such branches);
  7. Proceed to the formation of branches of the third row by the same principle, attaching two beams four times.

Now collect all the branches together and form the bonsai.

The crown of a tree can be weaved with beads of the same color or combined from several shades.

Sakura bonsai from beads: master class

Very gently and romantically looks sakura bonsai. Do twigs very quickly, knowing a simpler version of the weave pattern.

Material for sakura bonsai:

  • Pink seed beads of several shades;
  • Adhesive tape;
  • Thick wire;
  • Scissors and cutters;
  • Wire 0.3 mm;
  • Gypsum;
  • Stand;
  • Threads;
  • Adhesive PVA;
  • Brush;
  • Acrylic brown paint.

The trunk of the bead tree is made with the help of mortar of gypsum Design of the bead tree trunk is made with the help of mortar of construction plaster

The trunk can be painted in several colors, highlighting the crust cavities with a darker shade.

Lessons for the manufacture of cherry trees in a step-by-step manner:

  1. Dial the beads by about 15 cm;
  2. Deviate from the edge of 10 cm and make the first loop of 7 pieces, turn in 3 turns;
  3. To retreat from the first loop 1 cm and perform the second, then the next - only 17;
  4. Remove excess beads and cut off the remaining wire, leaving the edge at 10 cm;
  5. We twist the "necklace" between each other, beginning with the middle loop and bend the typed loops to the headboard( such workpieces need 20 pieces and 10 by 13.11 and 15 loops);
  6. Then, from all the blanks, we form on the branch of two 17 loops and one smaller one;
  7. From the resulting 2-3 medium we twist large branches and wrap them with adhesive tape;
  8. We cut the thick wire through the thick wires to the required lengths to form the barrel, we spread it and twist the inner wire in the winding together, leaving 5 cm from below for the roots;
  9. We make plaster in a flat cake and place it in the stand, placing the skeleton of the tree in the center, waiting for the drying;
  10. Begin to attach the branches to the skeleton of the tree from top to bottom and thread the entire trunk with threads;
  11. Then treat the PVA barrel several times and on top with a brush in 3 stages with a mixture of gypsum and glue;
  12. Dye the tree trunk with paint.

In the end, if desired, you can decorate the stand with pebbles or moss.

The formed lumps in a mixture of gypsum and glue are not necessary to clean, this will add extra relief to the bark.

Azalea: beaded bonsai, master class

A set of material and tools for weaving azaleas from beads is the same as for other bonsai. Azalea paddles from green leaves and flowers of pink or red shades.

Ready mini bonsai can be placed in a regular flower pot, pre-weighted it with small gravel The finished mini bonsai can be placed in a conventional flower pot, pre-weighting it with fine gravel

Weaving of leaves

  1. Pour beads on the wire with a length of 60 cm;
  2. Measure the tail of the wire 10 cm and separate one bead, wrap it with several turns;
  3. For a free tail, thread 5-6 pieces of beads, and on the worker measure out the same number of beads and connect both ends with a pair of coils;
  4. One end with beads wrap around a free area of ​​one bead( the first arc will be released);
  5. The second arc is executed in the same way, by connecting the ends at the base.

It looks interesting with a different shade of green inside.

The size of the flower for the azalea of ​​beads should be slightly larger than the leaf.

Beforehand, think about the number of beads in the turns necessary for weaving the blanks.

Weaving of flowers

  1. Take 15 cm of wire and thread 5 beads, this will be the center axis;
  2. Separately another 30 cm piece is needed - working wire;
  3. Take the working wire, retreat 1 cm and wrap the central axis under the finished 5-beads below;
  4. String 7 beads on the second end and connect by several turns on top of the axis.

Scheme of weaving azalea The azalea braiding scheme

Each subsequent arc is executed in the same way, increasing the number of beads by 2 pieces each time. The stamen is very light.15 beads are threaded on the wire and one edge needs to be passed back bypassing 3 beads. Get a leg with three beads at the top. The number of flower petals in real 5. They are formed around the stamen.

The color of the stamen is best selected on a tone higher from the flower.

Mini bonsai made from beads by one's own hands: mother step by step

Mini bonsai is more of a jeweler's occupation, requiring more care and assiduity than the usual bead trees. At first glance it may seem that a tree in a miniature performance requires less effort and time, but it is not. This is a pretty quivering and delicate beadwork, with which not everyone will dare to tinker. To work, you need absolutely the same material and tool as for those described earlier.

The weaving of blossoming bonsai is performed as follows:

  1. Start with the blanks of flowers of 5 beads on 5 loops and sheets of 7 beads on 3 loops( 15 pieces will be enough, but it is possible and more);
  2. We form whole pieces in such a way that the flower was in the middle, and the petals tightly wrapped it;
  3. We attach the workpieces to the thick wire with legs, and on top with threads.

Blooming mini bonsai is ready, now it should be planted on the foundation. We raise the plaster and water to a dense state and place our sapling there, not necessarily in the center. We wait while the basis will dry up. Now it is possible to "gypsum" the trunk of the tree into 2 doses, each of which must dry well. If desired, the crown is opened with paint.

The love tree of beads will be an unforgettable romantic gift for Valentine The love tree from beads will be an unforgettable romantic gift for the Day of All Lovers

Mini bonsai serves as a good gift as a souvenir made by own hands.

Ideas for bonsai "Love and Wealth" from beads

Tree of love always perform in the form of one or two hearts. At the core of the crown is bonsai - a wire in the form of a heart. Love is always associated with flame and passion - it means fiery red color.

Interesting ideas for bonsai "Love"

  • The heart can be made in the form of two separate halves of red and white or red with blue;
  • Decorate bonsai can be any flowers and buds;
  • A good combination can be two separate hearts on a common stand, symbolizing two souls of the same whole;
  • The decoration of such bonsai can be figurines of angels, fountains and swans;
  • Lianas - perfectly complement the romantic bonsai;
  • An additional decor can be a bow from satin ribbon of saturated color.

The feng shui coin can serve as a suitable option for decorating bonsai love and wealth. Options for such a lot of bonsai - it can be a strict execution without excess, traditional classic or colorful and luxurious with different decor elements.

Dilute the contrast of red will help the beads of silver or gold.

Tree "Iva" with waterfall from beads( video)

To understand and feel the bewitching mood of beaded bonsai, you can see the works of famous authors. The most popular is Dmitry beaded druid. Many professionals of this creativity admire the work in its execution. The blogs and guide to beadwork contain a lot of advice and useful information. In his works-lamps there is a whole world of mystery and enchanting power. Such products inspire comfort and romance.

Bonsai bead( photo)