Patchwork carpets: quilting with their own hands, stylish from triangles 60x90, sewing for children, photos and videos

Carpets patchwork became popular a few years ago Patchwork carpets became popular a few years ago Patchwork carpets can be attributed to hand-made innovations, whose popularity has intensified in the last few years. And this is quite natural, because anyone can create a masterpiece for his own home, armed with a certain set of skills and knowledge. It is enough just to decide on your own desires and get down to business as soon as possible!

    • Quilting mat with your own hands: where it will survive
    • Patchwork mats: the choice of materials
    • Technology for making a quilting mat
    • Features of the "child" mat
    • Cozy patchwork carpets( video)
    • ExamplesPatchy rugs( photos in the interior)

Patchwork carpet with your own hands: where

will survive. Creating carpets in patchwork style, you first need to decide for what purposes it will be used. Carelessness in this matter can lead to the fact that the product made with love and diligence will be completely unclaimed. At best, it will be crossed, at worst - it will be put off for a long time. In the end, it will still not be the result expected by the needlewoman when starting work.

Before you create a carpet in the style of patchwork, you need to determine its purpose Before you create a carpet in the style of patchwork, you need to determine its purpose

As a rule, the mats can perfectly perform the role:

  • Heating pad;
  • Bedspreads for sofa or bed;
  • Cozy plaid for children;
  • Wall decoration( in rare cases - panel);
  • Bedding for feet.

Depending on what purpose is taken as a basis, materials for needlework are selected. For example, the foot mat should be made of a coarser and more durable material that can withstand a significant mechanical impact. It does not matter, even if it will be different, in the course of time all the roughness will certainly be erased!

In turn, the rug - plaid, on the contrary, should be soft and gentle, so that he would like to be pressed against himself. Similar requirements are advanced to coverings, as well as wall decorations.

Make a patch in the patchwork style is not at all difficult!However, certain requirements for the implementation of this procedure exist. Following them, the product will surely turn out to be impeccable!

Patchwork pads: selection of

materials Before you master the technology of creating patchwork products, you need to select the "right" materials for these purposes.

Before you start making patchwork, you need to pick the right materials Before you start making patchwork, you need to find the right materials

When it comes to fabrics, you should pay attention to:

  • Tight knitwear;
  • Bologna;
  • Materials stylized for sacking.

The main requirement is the strength and lack of stretchability. In addition, experienced professionals recommend to check beforehand whether the fabric does not shed. It often happens that the materials give color only in the first few washings, then this phenomenon is not observed at all. If possible, the material must be washed beforehand or soaked in water in order to get rid of paint residues. After this procedure is carried out, you can safely take up sewing. The probability that in the course of washing different fabrics are shed on each other is minimized!

It's quite another matter if you consider the possibility of knitting a patchwork mat. It is not necessary to choose the full woolen threads, although they look very impressive in the product.

Pure wool is quickly wiped off, a mole can start, and, if it is not washed correctly, the product can shrink at all!That is why it is better to choose the thread, in which there is synthetics.

Technology for making a quilting mat

Regardless of which technique is chosen - knitting or sewing, first of all you need to prepare the base. The patchwork itself is thin enough, so it needs to be backed up by a different, denser cloth that will be sewn from the inside.

There must be a properly selected basis, regardless of which manufacturing technique will be chosen There must be a properly selected basis, no matter which manufacturing technique is chosen.

The patchwork pattern consists of the following steps:

  • Preparing the elements( triangles, rectangles, Etc.);
  • Combination of elements among themselves;
  • Binding on the back of the base.

Like any other product, the original patchwork rug is formed with a hand-made pencil. If, at the end of the day, there are no complaints about your own work, you can proceed to the final stage - stowage of the flaps on the sewing machine. After this work is completed, you can also attach the base to the patchwork part. Before using the product it is desirable to wash.

Features of the "child" rug

Children's rugs in the style of patchwork are performed with special pleasure by the craftsmen, especially in families with small children.

Children The children's pad patchwork will be a good gift for the child and will please him

In order for the product made with its own hands with love, really loved, it must meet a number of requirements:

  • Have a bright design;
  • Have a nice soft texture;
  • Easy to wear off;
  • Featuring high strength.

Cozy patchwork carpets( video)

The optimal size of the rug is 60x90 cm. This is neither much nor little. A patchwork patch carpet is a real art, anyone can approach it. It is enough only to decide on the general concept, to select the necessary materials and to boldly take up the case. It's sure to work out!Especially if you follow all the steps very carefully. Examples

seamed mats( photo interior)