Flowing electric water heater on the faucet: electric crane with heated running water, instant mixer

A hot electric water heater will help to quickly heat the water in the tap The fast electric water heater in the faucet will help the electric water heater. There are many things that make people's lives comfortable. And one of them is the constant presence of hot water in the tap. In the absence of a centralized supply or a boiler that serves the entire house, individual heating devices of accumulating or flowing types are used. The choice depends on the way the water is used, as well as the characteristics and dimensions of the equipment itself. For use in the country, or not a great need for hot water, the ideal electric water heater is the flowing on the tap.

        • Electric flow-through water heater on the faucet: appliance device
        • Flow-through water heater for the faucet: operating principle
        • Modern water-heating faucet: advantages of
        • Electric mixer - what is it
        • Instant water heater: whatHousehold electric crane with fast heating is better
        • Types of running electric water heaters on the faucet( video)

Electric flow heater inCrane tapes: device device

At first glance, it is difficult to distinguish the flow-through tap from a conventional kitchen faucet. All important elements of the water heater are inside the base. Outwardly, the outlines of the crane completely coincide with the usual mixers. Behind the walls of the body of metal, plastic, or other material hides the heart of the device electrical heating element, and also a set of devices to ensure safety. The most significant external difference is the network wire for power supply.

Many people prefer to choose an electric water heater, because it is practical and safe Many people prefer to choose an electric water heater because it is practical and safe

The products of Chinese and domestic production are actively being sold to the Russian market today. There are no fundamental differences in the devices, except for the inherent design of each firm. The buyer can choose any color that will be in harmony with the interior of the kitchen or bathroom, the length and shape of the spout.

The instantaneous water heater for the crane consists of the following elements:

  • Housing;
  • Thermal sensor with self-shutdown function for overheating;
  • Heating copper or steel element;
  • Spout;
  • Water flow switch;
  • Power controller;
  • Strainer.

One of the basic properties of electrical appliances is their safety. In this regard, each part must be made with due regard for hermetic insulation.

Flow-through water heater on the faucet: the principle of operation

If you need hot water in a constant mode, and city services do not take this into account, then look at wall models that are more hardy, not so hot, and are not very prone to overloading. They can be used even in light, intensive mode.

Models that are called "on tap" can not work intensively.

Some models of water heaters on the faucet are supplemented with modules that monitor the pressure: turn on the tan only when the pressure in the tap meets the specified parameters. This avoids the failure of the water heater.

Before installing an electric flow heater, it is better to familiarize yourself with the principle of its operation Before installing the electric flow heater, it is best to familiarize yourself with the principle of its operation.

The heated heater can operate in 3 main modes:

  1. Cold water supply. Position when the lever is installed in the left position and this device operates without electrical heating;
  2. Hot water supply. Position when the lever is turned to the right, and simultaneously turn on the water and the heating tan;
  3. Off state. The handle is lowered down, which means that electricity and water supply are turned off.

It should be remembered that the principle of operation of this device is based on the simplest temperature dependence of the water pressure. By controlling the handle, you adjust the temperature to a comfortable value for you. The accuracy of the device reaches 1 degree, which is very convenient for those who do not like hot water, or, conversely, hotter. Some models have built-in thermostats and digital electronic display. On such devices, the water is turned on by the handle, and the temperature is already set by touching the device to the side of the device.

Modern water-heating faucet: advantages of

The flow-through electric heater installed on the faucet makes it possible to effectively solve the problem of hot water supply.

Such devices are designed to help those who want to receive a source of hot water, applying a minimum of labor or financial costs.

The connection takes a few minutes, and after that, there is always hot water in your house. The first water heaters that appeared on the market were not perfect, and could not boast of their merits. Today, practically all instruments of this group have a whole range of positive aspects.

The advantage of a modern water-heating tap is that it is comfortable and attractive Advantage of a modern water-heating crane is that it is user-friendly and attractive

Advantages of water-heating elements on the faucet;

  • Presence of a guaranteed protection from electric shock;
  • Temperature adjustment;
  • Stylish attractive design;
  • Ease of operation;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Affordable price.

A state-of-the-art flow-through electric water heater on the faucet today is a safe and convenient device , which provides a quick supply of hot water.

Electric mixer - what is it

The modern electric flow-through water heater is a device that replaces the tap, and at the same time, the heating water that flows from the spout. The device is easy to install in the kitchen sink, or a stand-alone sink, after which the device is connected to the electrical network. The electrical connection is made by a conventional cable with a plug. Only for powerful models is a separate line with connection to the electric wiring required.

Running water heaters are very easy. The water begins to warm up after the opening of the tap. And after a few seconds you can use hot water.

The temperature of heating in most models is around + 40-60 degrees. If necessary, you can adjust the temperature at your discretion. After the tap is closed, the hot water supply will immediately stop and the heater will be disconnected. These water heaters work without heating. You just need to turn the regulator knob back, and cold water will flow from the tap.

When choosing an electric mixer, one should take into account its quality, safety and the manufacturer When choosing an electrical mixer, take into account its quality, safety and the manufacturer

When choosing a device, you must pay attention to the following:

  • Device design;
  • Availability of quality certificate;
  • Complete with separate power and temperature controllers;
  • Country of origin;
  • The rated power of the unit must be within 3kw;
  • Brand;
  • Customer review products.

Despite the high price, experts recommend still give preference to European brands. The products produced in these countries are 10 times better than the same devices manufactured in China.

Instant water heater: which household electric crane with fast heating is better

In order to choose the right water heater, you need to familiarize yourself with the principle of its operation and the functions that the device is capable of performing. It should be noted that the models for the bath and the sink are different. For kitchens usually choose a compact unit of rapid heating, which looks like a nozzle on the faucet.

This water heating heater, although smaller than its counterpart, but has more power, because it immediately heats the water. It is also called built-in. At first glance, you can not even understand that the crane is equipped with some kind of system. Just an unusual watering can, and that's all. But this watering can not be simple. It itself heats the water.

The second novelty on the market of electric heating units is a stationary stand-alone appliance, which heats the water not in the tap, but in the device itself. It works like a boiler, and can not boast of instantaneous heating of cold water. If we talk about domestic firms that experts recommend, then you can purchase appliances from Termex and Aquatherm, which are not very expensive at the price, but also of good quality.

Before purchasing an instant water heater, you can also read the reviews on the Internet Before buying an instantaneous water heater, you can also read more online reviews

Imported water heaters for the crane are represented on the market mainly by such companies:

  • Delimano;
  • Supretto;
  • Rаpid;
  • Potato P0055.

The KDR-4e-3 model from Delimano has proven itself to be an effective budget option. To the same models can be attributed and water heating tap Supretto.

Types of running electric water heaters on the faucet( video)

Today, thanks to the development of household appliances, we have a lot of comfortable items that make our life more comfortable and easier. These devices include a water-heating faucet, which provides around-the-clock availability of hot water in the house. In addition, this device can also be used as a portable portable device, which you can take with you to the cottage or to your grandmother in the village.