Chandeliers for rooms with low ceiling: photo ceiling and low-cost, in the living room and in the hall for low, in the interior of the bedroom in the apartment

For a room with a low ceiling, you can choose a chandelier that will emphasize the original design of the room For a room with a low ceiling, you can choose a chandelier, which will emphasize the original design premises Currently freely available a large selection of lighting fixtures. Chandelier is the choice of people who value traditions. However, low ceilings often interfere with the idea of ​​installing a luxurious chandelier. But still, the low ceiling is not a verdict for centralized coverage. There are several conditions, observing which, you can enjoy the chandelier in a room with any ceiling height.

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low ceiling: what a chandelier may come

Beautiful chandelier - the dream of many. However, low ceilings narrow the choice. A room with a low ceiling is a dangerous area for design;If you do not know some rules, you can make the room squat, gloomy and depressed.

When choosing lighting, pay attention to compact chandeliers, excluding from the options of long lamps When choosing lighting should pay attention to the compact lamps, excluding option long lamp

To maintain a balance and lightness in the room, using as a source of light chandelier, you need to consider the following:

  • Long decoratedChandeliers are excluded from the selection. Length can not only accentuate the baseness of the ceiling, but also interfere with movement around the room.
  • If the chandelier is the only light source, then it should contain many lamps to illuminate every corner of the room.
  • If you like small chandeliers modest, it will look good spotlights, as well as the glossy surface of the ceiling cover, which visually expand the space and reflect light.

Mount the chandelier in the suspended ceiling, do not forget about the technical issues associated with the danger of heating the PVC-linen. Take responsibility for choosing the type of lamps, and also observe the necessary distance between the film and the heat source.

What could be the cheap chandeliers for low ceilings

Ceiling lamps have a wide range of prices. If you do not have large financial resources, then do not worry!The modern market allows you to install a stylish and functional ceiling chandelier for little money.

Small lamps are not only great for a low room, but they are also a budget option that everyone can afford Small lamps are not only perfect for a low room, but they are also a budget option that will be affordable for every

. Which chandeliers suitable for low ceilings are suitable for the budget category:

  1. Ceiling lampWith multidirectional shades. Good for a false ceiling, as it has a metal base, due to which it is called a ceiling lamp.
  2. Chandelier with moving spots. Many models of this type have a small price, differ in convenience and mimnimalistic style.
  3. Small chandeliers with fastening "on a hook" on a chain with a textile finish. Here, savings are made through budgetary materials. However, in quality these materials do not lose too much: the appearance and durability of such chandeliers are unlikely to disappoint you.
  4. Ceiling chandeliers with LEDs. This relatively new model differs in its unusual appearance, as well as the longevity of the lighting elements. Their cost is also quite suitable for an average wallet.
  5. Chandelier in the ceiling or on a rod in the form of an inverted plate. This model can be made of inexpensive materials, in which case the chandelier will be very affordable. The form allows you to successfully scatter light around the room and save space.

Perhaps you yourself will find a budget option for the desired chandelier for a low ceiling. Pay attention to the manufacturer: beware of cheap fakes!It is unlikely that you will find real Italian ceiling chandeliers at the price of Chinese junk.

If you are tempted to do an unverified organization, then you better refuse. Non-certified products can give you more trouble than additional waste.

What are the chandeliers for low modern living room ceilings?

The living room is the key room in the house. Even if the height of the ceilings leaves much to be desired, do not throw the idea of ​​installing a beautiful chandelier, which will fit well into the living room. A beautiful accent on lighting is a winning decision in the design of the room, but low ceilings set certain limits.

The chandelier with moving spots will perfectly fit into the interior of a room with a low ceiling Chandelier with moving spots perfectly fits into the interior of the room with a low ceiling

Which chandeliers will fit into the hall with a low ceiling:

  • It's better to choose a ceiling lamp. The barbell and the hook can disappoint you with the space you picked up.
  • Well perform the role of a chandelier for low ceiling chandeliers with moving spots, because with this lamp you have the opportunity to further illuminate the necessary area, leaving the other with less light. The more spots you have on your chandelier, the more comfortable the operation will be.
  • Be careful when choosing an inexpensive chandelier. Still, the living room is a place that assumes the aesthetics of the interior elements.
  • Use single spots to illuminate the room around the perimeter. This will be a good help in lighting the living room.

Limit the power of the lamps used in the chandelier. It is especially important to comply with this rule if you have stretch ceilings. Almost any ceiling coating can change its color or other characteristics due to the long-lasting effect of pasted lamps.

Ceiling chandeliers for low ceilings in the bedroom

The bedroom in the row with the living room is a place where good lighting and a good appearance look like a chandelier. The basic requirements for a chandelier for a bedroom with a low ceiling coincide with those that are made to the chandelier in the living room.

For a bedroom, you can pick up a small decorative chandelier that will create a romantic and cozy atmosphere.

The chandelier features for a bedroom can be as follows:

  1. To create a more cozy and gentle atmosphere, Decorativeness. Even for low ceilings, a small chandelier with short ornaments or some other decorative elements is suitable.
  2. A romantic atmosphere will create diffused light instead of directed spots or weakly protected incandescent lamps that strike the eye. Use chandeliers with frosted glass, cloudy shades or other elements that scatter light.
  3. Single spots in the bedroom should be replaced with light ribbons: the tapes will visually lift the ceiling, make the design easy.

With these recommendations, you can safely count on a positive result in choosing a chandelier for the bedroom.

When choosing a chandelier, do not deviate from the basic idea of ​​the style of the room. All interior details should embody a single concept, developed by the owner or designer.

Chandeliers for low rooms( video)

Low ceiling - this is an unpleasant problem that limits the flight of fantasy. However, even with such a limitation, you can choose a chandelier, which will look admirable in the interior of a room with low ceilings. So do not blame the apartment in an uncomfortable layout, but bravely arm yourself with the ideas of professionals!

Beautiful chandeliers for low rooms( photo)