Autonomous heating: in an apartment, in an apartment building, gas and electric system, how to make a scheme

Many prefer to install autonomous heating in the apartment, because it is convenient and practical Many people prefer to install independent heating in an apartment, as it is convenient and practical. Autonomous heating in an apartment is gaining popularity every year, because who wants to overpay for utilities?What does it mean, individual heating and how to do it?It's quite easy to carry out independent heating with our own hands, we can say that the conversion will take a long time, but the result is worth it. You can supply heating in the house with electricity, gas. There are solid fuel boilers and many others, which will be discussed in more detail below. So, what is autonomous heating in an apartment and how to do it?

    • Autonomous heating in the apartment: restrictions
    • Organization of independent heating in the apartment house
    • Types of independent heating systems
    • Gas heating in the apartment
    • Electrical heating of the apartment
    • Heating scheme of the apartment
    • Advantages of the autonomousHeating( video)

Autonomous heating in the apartment: restrictions

If the heating in a private house is not a problem, then inApartment situation is completely different. It is impossible to supply solar panels, build a collector for heating on the roof, or build a separate boiler house. After all, there are many residents living in the house, and not every method of autonomous heating will suit neighbors.

When installing independent heating, it is mandatory to comply with the law When installing independent heating it is absolutely necessary to comply with the law

Also it is necessary to comply with the law, and in the apartment for heating installation there are many limitations :

  1. You can not put solid fuel boiler in the apartment, A lot of space, and the floor can not always withstand such a load. The water-heated floor will not be installed either.
  2. In addition to the installations in the apartment, there may be problems with the law. Not every region allows the refusal of central heating. It may be necessary to consult an attorney or even go to court.
  3. Currently, there are several popular ways to provide heating in your apartment, but none of them can do without the dismantling of the previous heating system.

Before you switch to autonomous heating in an apartment, you need to think carefully this question, communicate with lawyers and only then proceed to the selection of materials and equipment.

Organization of autonomous heating in an apartment house

The most effective and affordable way is to heat the apartments, in this case, boilers are mounted on the wall. Such devices can operate both from gas and from electricity.

An excellent option for heating is a gas or electric boiler An excellent option for heating is a gas or electric boiler

The advantages of such heaters are the following :

  1. Such designs are small in size, which allows them to be installed even in a small room, their appearance will fit in the interior asRooms in modern and classic style.
  2. Despite the small size, these boilers are real boilers, only in miniature. They include a pump for circulation, an expansion vessel and safety devices.
  3. Differ high power up to 34 kV, this indicator allows to use boilers in rooms up to 100 m2 for heating.
  4. In addition to the heating function in such heaters, it is possible to connect the boiler as a water heater.

It goes without saying that after this an important question arises: how to choose a boiler?First of all, it is necessary to take into account the assembly of the heater. It must have a pump, a tank, and fuses.

Types of autonomous heating systems

Modern autonomous systems carry out two types of heating.

There are two types of autonomous heating system, which you can choose at your own discretion There are two types of autonomous heating system that can be selected at your own discretion.

These include :

  • Electrical heating;
  • Gas heating.

They differ in the principle of operation and installation of equipment. We can say that both methods are quite effective and convenient for heating. When choosing to proceed from your budget and personal preferences.

Its heating has certain pros and cons. Someone finds this option more profitable in financial terms, and someone just wants to independently regulate the temperature in their housing.

If a gas boiler is used, then a chimney and a combustion chamber are required. It is better to choose devices with full automation, so that the operation of the boiler is as easy as possible.

Gas heating in apartment

For an apartment a modern two-circuit gas boiler that has a closed combustion chamber, an arson with electricity and a thermostat with programs is not bad. This equipment is ideal for maintaining the optimal temperature in the room depending on the time of day. If the apartment is quite spacious, it is better to purchase an additional storage boiler, so that there is a lot of hot water.

However, gas heating in the apartment has some drawbacks of :

  1. There is a low probability of a gas cylinder explosion so that it does not happen, special attention should be given to the ventilation system in the room with the gas boiler.
  2. Quite high cost of household gas for the population.
  3. Due to the fact that the combustion products enter the ventilation ducts, they leave the grease and soot, so they will have to be cleaned regularly.
  4. The use of a coaxial chimney can trigger an unpleasant odor through an open window into the apartment. And to establish an outlet for such a chimney, a special permit may be required.

Popular and popular is gas heating in the apartment Gas heating in apartment

is popular and popular. However, it is quite easy to choose pipes and radiators, there is no need to install super-strong products. This is due to the fact that when using gas heating, the water drops in the heating system are minimized.

The most popular among users are aluminum radiators of low weight, but with good heat dissipation.

It is easy to pick up such simple elements in installation and at the same time strong and durable pipes made of polypropylene for 2 cm. If you install a heating system and hot water, it is better to take PP pipes with foil to compensate for the high expansion that occurs in polypropylene.

Installation of electric heating on gas is an easy way of independent heating. An alternative homemade heating device can be installed in several steps. Begin work on the installation of heating need only after obtaining the appropriate permission from the municipal service.

Electrical heating of the apartment

If the decision is made to install an electric heating apartment, the owner appears at once three ways to heat the apartment.

This :

  • Electric boiler;
  • Floor heating;
  • Heat pump.
In modern apartments it is best to install electric heating In modern apartments it is best to install electric heating

It can be noted that the electric boiler and the warm floor in terms of operation are quite costly, they require a lot of energy for their maintenance. To install an electric boiler, as with a gas installation, first you will need to get rid of old pipes and radiators, and then install new heaters. The system of a warm floor is considered to be more effective by specialists. First, in such a design, the heating elements are distributed as evenly as possible. This ensures that the entire room is warmed up well in less time and with less heat than when heated with hot water.

The most advantageous for self-contained heating of an apartment is a heat pump of one of two types :

  • Air-water;
  • Air to air.

Using these devices, a lot of electricity is spent on heating. During operation, low-potential energy is converted into high energy. It is also an absolutely clean way of heating air, but not suitable for all climatic zones. If the temperature in the region drops to 25 ° C, the use of the pump becomes impractical. The disadvantage of this equipment is also a fairly high cost.

Heating scheme of the apartment

The heating scheme of the apartment can be of two types: two-pipe heating system;One-pipe heating system. More reliable is still a two-pipe heating system apartment. And there is an additional explanation for this.

With this wiring you get a minimum of heat loss, because the composition contains a coolant, that is, water.

At installation of heating it is necessary to familiarize with the detailed scheme of heating of an apartment in addition When installing the heating, it is necessary to get acquainted with the detailed heating scheme of the apartment

. From the supply pipe, it enters the radiator, but still returns eventually to the return pipe. For convenience, the pipes can be positioned in different ways, whether at the floor, next to or apart, under batteries, etc. In the case of installing a single-pipe heating system, water also returns to the same pipe, but does not remain the same hot. Therefore, this design is suitable only if there are only two or three batteries, otherwise the room will not get warm enough. After the further the water leaves the radiator, the colder it becomes, and therefore sufficient heating is not obtained.

Single-pipe heating circuits of the apartment are made with or without a jumper. This jumper allows you to remove the radiator without stopping the operation of the coolant, you just need to close the taps to the battery. If this jumper is not present, the chain is broken when dismantling, and the circulation ceases.

Advantages of autonomous heating( video)

In conclusion, modern autonomous heating systems allow to abandon centralized heating and will not be any worse than warming up the apartment. There are many options for heating: a warm floor, a boiler on gas or electricity, the use of an individual radiator. Choose from your personal preferences, budget and place of residence. It is necessary to agree on your choice with public services. If you buy high-quality equipment and make the installation correctly - you can forget about the cold and at the same time save on the bills.