Folding ladder: folding transformer 7 meters, photo, 5 and 8 meters, types of construction universal stools

Folding ladders - lightweight portable staircases, which consist of supporting beams and steps Folding ladders - lightweight portable staircases that consist of supporting beams and steps Folding ladder is a very necessary invention. After all, these designs can be used for a variety of purposes, and at the same time save space. Stairs-transformers can have different sizes, usually they range from one to seven meters. Today we will look at different types of stairs and identify their advantages and disadvantages.

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Types of folding stairs-transformers

Folding ladders are used in a variety of areas. Without them, no construction company can do, they are the main assistants in the factories and they are indispensable for small household tasks.

Folding stairs are interesting because they do not require a lot of storage space Folding ladders are interesting in that they do not require a lot of space to store them.

You ask: "What makes such constructions worse than a conventional ladder?".The fact is that the sliding ladder-transformer in a folded form occupies a minimum of space, and at the right time it can be decomposed up to several meters. Also such folding devices can change the form, for example, a usual metal ladder of 2х7 meters in a few minutes turns into a convenient goat.

There are different types of folding ladders. All of them have a similar device, but are used for different purposes.

Types of sliding ladders:

  1. Building ladders usually have the largest dimensions. The highest construction reaches 1000 cm. The building ladders are usually made of aluminum, covered with a protective film.
  2. Stairs-transformers for small home works have a height of up to 1.5 meters. They can be transformed into a ladder or some other shape. Such products are used to screw a light bulb, get a book from a high shelf or harvest apples. Very often, a ladder of this type performs another useful function, for example, it can be a ladder-stool or ladder-ironing board.
  3. A wooden folding ladder on the ceiling usually leads to the second floor. Such constructions are convenient in that they are almost invisible when folded. Folding stairs leading to the attic or the second floor are used in rooms where there is simply not enough space for a full staircase. Especially relevant for this option.

Such constructions are very similar in their structure. However, they differ in that one can be made by one's own hands, while others are not. For example, ceiling stairs or ladder-chairs for the kitchen can be made of wood, but for the construction of devices is better to choose aluminum, which is very difficult to operate without special skills or tools.

Folding staircase to the second floor

A foldable staircase to the attic or the second floor is used when there is no room for a full staircase in the house. Such transformers are more convenient than mobile products in that if the warehouse door is located in the middle of the ceiling, then you can not attach a ladder to it.

Folding stairs to the second floor usually consists of 3 - 4 elements, connected together Foldable staircase to the first floor is usually composed of 3 - 4 elements interconnected

Such constructions often made of two kinds of materials: aluminum or wood. In the first case, the design is more durable, but in the second it looks more aesthetic. Moreover, from wood you can quite collect a ladder with your own hands.

Benefits ceiling sliding ladders:

  • Compared with full stair design, manufacture folding ladder to the second floor will cost you less;
  • Such stairs occupy very little space;
  • Sliding stairs to the second floor can be easily done by hand;
  • wooden and aluminum models of such structures weigh very little.

Of course, such stairs have their drawbacks. There are not so many, but they are serious enough.

Drawbacks of sliding ceiling ladders:

  • It is not very convenient to descend and climb these stairs;
  • This design is not as durable as full-fledged staircases;
  • You can not climb to the ladder by holding a heavy object.

This type of sliding staircase is easy enough to make by yourself. To do this, you first need to draw a drawing, taking into account the dimensions of the hatch on the ceiling and the height of the future design.

Next, you need to install the hatch cover on the ceiling, fixing it on the hinges. Next on the hatch cover is set the bowstring, and also takes two more elements of the bowstring for the two segments of the future staircase.

The strings are fastened by means of self-tapping cross-pieces. The assembled parts of the staircase are connected together by means of loops and folding brackets. The design is tested for strength and foldability. If all elements are freely folded and unfolded, then a latch and other fittings are fixed to the hatch cover, which will act as a lock.

Types of construction folding ladders

The building universal ladder is most often made of aluminum. Due to this, such products are light and durable. In addition, due to their ability to add up, they are considered very compact.

The most popular raw material for making stairs is metal, because it has maximum strength and long service life The most popular raw material for the manufacture of stairs is metal because it has maximum strength and long service life

Retractable building ladders can be found in specialized stores. It is very important to choose a reliable and high-quality product, because it is from these indicators that your safety depends. Therefore, choose stairs that have good reviews, for example, centaure bt2.

Professional construction ladders are in great demand, both in production and at home. The fact is that such transformers have several sections, due to which they can accept a wide variety of configurations.

Types of sliding building ladders:

  1. The ladder is a straight construction. The longest of these devices can have up to 7 compartments.
  2. Two-sided ladder-ladder has rubber shoes on both sides. And folds into a convenient two-sided ladder.
  3. Stairs-scaffolding have in their kit a device such as a platform. She lays down on the ladder folded into the letter P, which turns into a goat.

These stairs are convenient to store even in the house. The fact is that when folded they are very compact and do not take up much space.

Folding ladder of 7 meters

All ladders have standard dimensions, which are governed by GOST.For example, there is a building ladder 7 meters high. Such a folding structure will consist of several sections.

The ladder folding transformer thanks to a special design is able to become a real assistant in performing a number of different cases The folding transformer ladder thanks to its special design is able to become a real assistant for a number of different cases.

Each section has an equal number of steps. So, for example, in each section can be located from 3 to 7 steps.

The sections of the ladder are interconnected by hinges, thanks to which, the structure can fold and change shape. Thus, the seven-meter construction in the folded form can have a size of only 1, 5 meters.

Construction folding stairs of this size can be used both for indoor repair and for outdoor works. The main thing is to properly assemble and fasten the hinges, because falling from the maximum height of the ladder can lead to fatal consequences.

Original folding stool-ladder

Stool-ladder is a very convenient and necessary thing in the household. You can put it absolutely in any room, because thanks to its stylish appearance it will not look alien in the interior.

Variants of stool-ladders can be set, the main difference between them is in the construction There are many options for stairlifts, the main difference between them is the

Such designs rarely have large dimensions, since they are designed for small domestic work. For example, with the help of such a device you can easily get the twists from the mezzanine kitchen, also this small stand is suitable for screwing light bulbs or painting the ceiling.

There are many varieties of such devices. It can be inserted between the legs of a stool another stool, stool-stairs, etc. However, the most popular and sought-after invention is a stepladder chair.

These stools were used by our grandmothers, but for some reason they were not allowed to leave for a while. However, since the chairs-transformers are still in great demand, they again went on sale. By the way, having a good imagination and minimal carpentry skills, you, quite, will be able to assemble this design with your own hands.

Types of folding ladders( video)

Folding stairs, although they have a fairly simple structure, are indispensable helpers in many activities. Such designs are useful for harvesting, and for repair, and for building a house, and for doing small household chores.