Sports lawn: device and care

Sports field turf

Sport lawn must have a turf that is resistant to adverse weather conditions and has a high level of wear resistance. In the dry period, the grass should not be too soft and dust formation on it is not desirable. In wet conditions, the formation of mud, puddles and slip is excluded. All this is necessary in order not to injure athletes.

When installing this type of lawn, it is important to provide drainage and carefully prepare the soil in accordance with the weather conditions of a particular region. In order that no puddles and dirt remain after the rain, the surface must be strictly horizontal. It is also important that the lawn is somewhat resilient, since stiffness can lead to injury to people.

Ideally, a sports lawn should have a uniform structure and be smooth. This is achieved due to the special properties of the soil. Therefore, the choice of soil is of great importance exactly as the subsequent regular maintenance of it.

Specialists pay great attention

to the homogeneous structure of the soil. From the surface of the sports field, it is necessary to constantly remove excess moisture so that the soil has a stabilized water regime. You also need to maintain the level of infiltration. That is, there must be such a quantity of water in it that will be enough to feed the grass and not enough to form unnecessary puddles. Plus, they keep an eye on the composition of nutrients( for "feeding").

According to many technologists: "Caring for a sports lawn should be careful and regular and only then it will have excellent performance characteristics". Cut it preferably several times a week.

Sports turf: Composition

Cultivation and care of the roll lawn is carried out by special factories, and the buyer only acquires it in ready condition. This is fundamentally different from growing a sports lawn, for which a special composition of herbs is selected, prepare the soil, drainage, make a regular haircut.

Grass for a sports lawn should have a high tillering energy and resistance to trampling. Resistant to trampling are: meadowgrass meadow, white bentgrass, ordinary comb, fescue red, pinnate thin or hairy, creeping crooked, rangeland pasture or English. The mixture usually consists of 2, 3, 4, 5 or 8 species. If the composition includes 8 species of herbs, then they add meadow fescue to them.

Sowing technology

There are several technologies for creating a sports lawn. Seed lawn has several advantages: plants adapt to weather conditions, sowing can be done from spring to autumn, seeds are cleaned from weeds. In addition, this is the cheapest way. But before direct sowing it is necessary to perform a number of technological procedures.

  • First install drainage.
  • Lay a subsoil layer( make it multilayered).
  • Create soil on certain parameters.
  • The soil layer is leveled and left under steam for 3-4 weeks( to destroy the weeds).
  • Before sowing, the soil is loosened again and mineral fertilizers are introduced.
  • Sow seeds manually in 2-4 directions using a rake or a seeder.
  • The seed is then rolled with a light roller, weighing up to 100 kg, and watered.
  • After the lawn grows, they take proper care of it( feeding, cutting).
  • In winter, the surface is covered with vegetative soil or humus, that is, they make landings( for successful wintering of the lawn).