Rubber coating for playgrounds - we provide safety

Rubber coating for children's playgrounds - quality is most important

All abrasions on the knees and palms of a fallen child are caused not so much by impact as by friction between a rough rough concrete or asphalt surface and skin. And, since it is impossible to prevent a baby from falling, care should be taken to ensure that it does not have any consequences, for which reason there is a rubber coating for playgrounds. It is made from small crumbs into which old automobile tires are crushed, however, not any material can be used to prepare a site for a gaming complex.

To date, there are many companies whose products do not meet the standards. And all because the quality of rubber chips leaves much to be desired. Somewhere it is produced on cheap Chinese equipment, which gives out a lot of marriage, other firms do not sort the tires, or even use rubber products, the processing of which gives very poor quality raw materials. It is best to purchase a coating of rubber chips from large manufa

cturers, this will increase the likelihood that the material characteristics will match the declared .

Rubber tiles for playgrounds - imitation of paving

The tracks of most suburban areas are today not covered with concrete or asphalt, but rather elegant tiles, and in some cases not square, but figured. For example, many people know such a form as "coil", from such elements a very beautiful paving is obtained. However, such a path, resting on the playground, abruptly breaks off, often turning into a lawn, and at best - in a plastic coating. However, it is much better to stick to one style throughout the site, for which rubber tiles can be used for children's playgrounds.

Rubber plates are often manufactured with a complete imitation of conventional, cement, up to a relief impression on the front surface and overall dimensions.

This is a fairly innovative product, obtained by cold or hot pressing. In the latter case, the material is of lower quality, although it almost does not differ from cold-pressed tiles with the use of binding polymers. Obtained from rubber "coil" for paving sites is very similar to concrete and polymer sand, but it has the same dignity as elasticity. Tiles from rubber crumb are stacked just like any other, that is, on an even cushion of rubble and sand .For the strength of the ends of individual elements of the coating can be combined with a polyurethane adhesive.

How does the rubber crumb for playgrounds turn into a carpet

Do you prefer a soft carpet or lawn for walking barefoot? On the playground, your kids will be able to run on any of these surfaces. With the lawn is understandable, someone will say, but what kind of fantasies about the carpet? Everything is simple, rubber crumb for playgrounds by simple technological manipulations turns either into a roll coating, very reminiscent of a thick felted mat, or in artificial grass. In the first case you have a choice of the entire palette of colors, any patterns can be laid out in small fractions of rubber crumbs, up to images of characters from cartoons. Artificial grass is very similar to the real one.

The thickness of mats, as well as mats of artificial grass, can be in the range of 4 to 40 millimeters, this layer of rubber provides a high level of safety for children running around the site. What is remarkable about rubber crumb, from which such carpets are made is its water permeability. In other words, if it rains or melts snow( for winter, mats can not be removed), moisture quickly escapes through the pores, and the rubber layer dries out in just 10 minutes. And, of course, that the "carpet", which is a fuzzy "lawn", to children themselves, the rubber crumb coating will definitely have a liking, because it can be safely tumbled, not afraid to hurt yourself.