Kinds of fences for a summer residence: materials, cost and properties of a fence

Wooden fence at the dacha

This option is the classic of the solution, the most common in the middle and northern stripes of Russia. This is due to the availability of quality material in these regions. The fact is that the best and hardest lumber are those that are made from trees that grow slowly. The southern pine or other types of wood often have a rather loose structure. They are twice cheaper than the northern ones, but they will be served three times or more less.

Wooden fence requires tangible care, regular treatment with protective compounds.
The shape and appearance of the wooden fences are very diverse, see the options on the photo.

Fence in the country of wood

Fence in the country of wood

Brick fence for villas

Quite inexpensive and very durable fence, built for decades and does not require care, except for routine maintenance. And yet it should be noted that under such a fence it will be necessary to build a strip foundation, which is not very cheap.

The brick fence can be either deaf or openwork or i

t can combine several materials, which externally will facilitate the construction.

Fence on the brick house

Fence on the brick house

Sectional fence for dachas

A modern and very simple way to enclose the site. You can order finished material with delivery to the dacha itself, and install sections with one or two assistants or order an installation from the vendor.
The appearance and quality of the material meets all modern requirements.

Fence in the country cottage

Fence in the country cottage

Fence to the dacha from the profiled flooring

One of the most popular ways to make a fence today is to choose a variant from the profiled sheet. Opaque, corrosion-protected material is inexpensive( for fences take the most budgetary wall profiled sheets).It is easily mounted on poles with a transverse crate.
The color palette allows you to select material for the fence, depending on your personal preferences.

Fence at the dacha from the proflista

Fence in the country of profiled

Rabit fence

A metal mesh treated with an anti-rust composition is another popular option for dachas. It is light, easy to install with your own hands, does not cast shadows on the site, it is inexpensive. The main disadvantages are only two: such a fence will not protect the site from the penetration of small animals and will not hide it from prying eyes.
The latter, however, can be easily eliminated by planting climbing plants along the perimeter of the site.

Fence on the cottage from the grid

Fence in the country house from the rabitsa

Fences for cottages from other materials

There are less popular, but worthy of no less attention options. To make a strong and reliable fence for centuries you can from:

  • natural stone;
  • artificial stone;
  • cinder block;
  • gabions;
  • concrete panels.

The process of construction of the last two types is very labor intensive and often requires special equipment.

Beautiful and at the same time cheap fences can be made from:

  • wattle;
  • of living plantations.

Decorative fences can be made from a variety of materials or purchased in ready form in garden tools stores. Recently, plastic fences have been popular.