Tape foundation for fence - reliable protection of your territory

Tape foundation for fence - general concepts

So, this kind of foundation is a monolithic construction from concrete , acting as a supporting part of the whole structure. Pouring takes place around the perimeter of the future fence. To be honest, this type of foundation has long been registered in all construction sectors.

It is used not only for the construction of fences, but also for the construction of residential buildings. The only difference between the bases of this type is the depth of the foundation. Concerning the fence, a shallow foundation of the belt type is used for it.

There are two ways of constructing such a foundation for fences. The first of these is applied less often. It consists in excavating a trench, on the bottom of which a pillow of sand is laid. Next, the formwork is organized, reinforcement is made, followed by pouring with a concrete mass.

The second method is more familiar and, accordingly, more often used. The excavation is digging, the formwork is asse

mbled and poured with concrete. There is such a foundation above the surface of the earth at 30 centimeters. Despite the fact that the foundation of the ribbon under the fence requires a large consumption of building materials, as well as a laborious process, it is widely used in construction.

Materials for the base of the tape type

Attention! Since the choice of materials from which it is possible to make a strip foundation is great, it is worthwhile to approach their choice responsibly!

We offer to consider which components can be included in the composition for the foundation for the fence:

  • Buto-concrete strip foundations. This type of foundation is poured with a standard sand-cement mortar, into which stones of sufficiently large sizes are added. They should be at least 30 cm in length, and also have a mass of the order of 30 kg. This kind of solution is perfect for sandy or rocky soils. Often, this type of foundation is used for fences of reinforced concrete .

Please note, if you have clay-type soil on the site, then the use of a concrete mix is ​​unacceptable! Ferro-concrete bases of tape type. They represent a mixture, which includes cement, sand and gravel. Previously, the entire structure is reinforced with steel rods or a metal net. Ideal for sandy soils. The main advantage of this type is its strength.

  • Brick foundations of tape type. The use of bricks in the foundation device for fences is possible both on the surface and under it.
  • The only thing that is worth paying attention to is the high-quality waterproofing of the base.

    • Sometimes for the organization of tape foundations under fences use special plates or blocks. Their advantages are in durability, strength, and speed of installation.

    Construction technology

    Now that you know the basic materials for building a foundation for the fence and have decided on them, you can go on to the most technological process. We offer you a detailed algorithm of actions:

    • First of all around the perimeter, where a fence will be installed, a trench is excavated.

    Attention! The width of the trench should be 200 mm larger than the width of the proposed base!

    • Depending on the weight of the fence, the depth of the trench varies. An important role in this is also played by the type of soil. Typically, the depth is 500-700 millimeters.
    • When the trench is excavated, a pillow of sand is poured onto its bottom. Its height should not be less than 10 cm. The sand is carefully compacted. In order for the rammer to occur as qualitatively as possible, the sand is watered from time to time.
    • Further on the sand cushion is laid a layer of crushed stone. Its height is also 10 cm. Tramping takes place.
    • After that you can start the construction of the formwork. As a material for it can be used plywood or planed on one side boards. This whole thing is carefully leveled with the help of a level and for maximum reliability is broken with stakes.
    • After this, if necessary, reinforcement is made. As materials, a metal mesh or steel reinforcement can be used. This will make the foundation stronger, since after pouring it will turn into one whole structure.
    • The concluding stage is concreting. For this, one of the above solutions is used, depending on the type of soil, as well as the weight of the fence.