Glass partitions in the apartment

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Currently, you can find many apartments with an unsuccessful layout. What should be done in case the apartment is too dark and the space is poorly delineated? Professional designers advise to pay attention to such an interesting option, as glass partitions in the apartment( see photo).Consider in this material the main types of such partitions, their varieties, as well as advantages and disadvantages. Also, we list the nuances and moments that should be paid attention to when choosing.


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History of

appearance Now interior glass partitions in an apartment are a practical and expedient detail of an interior, although glass was previously only elite rooms,prestigious. But over time, the trend moved from the suites to average cottages, private houses, and then - to offices and apartments.

Despite this, until now equipment such partitions - it's a very stylish and elegant solution, in addition it allows you to fill your home with additional light and coziness. Most important is the ecological and safety of the structure, all materials are completely harmless to humans and animals, and the design, although it seems flaky at first glance - it is strong and durable: does not damp, is incompatible with insects, fungi;the appearance of mold is excluded;does not darken with time. Also mistresses note one more positive feature - all elements are easy to clean and clean.

Types of glass partitions

There are two main types of partitions: fixed( fixed) and sliding glass partitions for the apartment. Of course, each species is used in its own case. The most commonly used glass is a hardened structure, and the edge is polished and smoothed. Constructions are built in a variety of ways: to the floor, walls, ceiling - depending on the purpose and location. Used special armature - accelerating process and giving an auspicious appearance and, of course, reliable fixation. Of course, the sliding models have several other fasteners, using special profiles, holders, rails or roller slots and, in fact, the rollers themselves or "sliders".It should be noted that the glass partition in the studio apartment is performed somewhat by other technology, often has a more refined shape.

Advantages of

Consider the main positive properties of the above-mentioned interior elements. Of course, the main one is universality: it can be installed in dry or damp rooms. Also note the high resistance to household stress. For example, in offices where the door opens often or in studio apartments, where it is rare, everywhere the partitions will fully justify themselves. They mark a long service life and easy repair if necessary. This is because the design is very successful and very reliable.

An important advantage is that with the installation of such partitions, there is no debate with the law, since such a distinction is legal and is made in its own right and at its own discretion. Split living or working space can be any small, relying on your taste.

Excellent that such walls and doors are very compact, save a lot of space, in addition, in some cases, an interesting option is possible, such as glass partitions in an apartment with their own hands. For this, you do not need to have special training and knowledge. Enough of some consultations with the masters.

Disadvantages of

Despite all the advantages, there are also disadvantages. The main one is a relatively high cost. Not everyone can afford such a design. Also note the complexity of transportation - it is quite difficult to transport glass elements on their own, because you can damage them on the way. Measurements and installation must be done with exceptional accuracy: otherwise the elements simply will not fit together;an error will be costly.

Photo of glass partitions in apartment

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