Wall-papers for painting as vinyl as a basis for masterpieces

We design the wallpaper for painting the vinyl

How to glue wallpaper, they know, perhaps, even children, who often have a duty to help during repairs. But is it possible to paint vinyl wallpaper and how to do it? Masters who repair professionally do not like to reveal their secrets, because it's their bread. Therefore, we will open the veil of secrecy.

You can paint vinyl cover more than once, and as much as you want, or while you will withstand the material( the relief will eventually be smoothed out) and the adhesive that keeps it on the wall .And if you have a creative vein or a dream to become a decorator - you have wide opportunities before you, after all, you can decorate the room not only with a solid cast, but with patterns.

It is important to remember that not all vinyl wallpapers can be painted, washable cloths are often rejected by color.

Say, if your child tends to paint and brush, why not entrust him to try his talent right on the walls of the children's room? This is better than eliminating then sketches with a felt-tip pen on the finished surface. Well, if something terrible happens, you can always paint all the bright strokes of different colors and create an iridescent atmosphere in the room.

And you yourself can always try yourself in the role of maestro, undertaking to apply fine vegetable patterns on the wall in the living room. In the bedroom, it's better to cover only the corners with a picture and, at most, a part of the wall, in this room you have to rest, and unnecessarily bright or oversaturated with various elements of the design will only bore you.

Vinyl wallpaper painting - how to achieve a quality result?

So, you suddenly discovered the reverse side of the coin, it turns out, vinyl is not always suitable for repainting. Yes this is true. What, in fact, is this material? Paper or non-woven base, on which foamed vinyl is applied, the coating is rather unreliable, easily scratching and flaking. There are different types of such wallpapers - some of them are just designed for coloring, and the other, washable, as we have already mentioned, does not even paint for vinyl wallpapers.

However, their color, too, can be changed, only you will have to thoroughly work the surface. How to ensure that the painting of vinyl wallpaper is possible for a washable type? It is better to immediately take suitable, but if the walls are already pasted, you can try oil paints, in which the adhesion is extremely high. However, there is no guarantee that in a year's time the color will not start to crumble. Therefore mistakes are unacceptable.

First, degrease the surface with the help of a suitable detergent and, most importantly, a suitable detergent. Then we apply a good primer, carefully, without missing an inch of surface. It is better to primed in two layers, so it will be more reliable( it is logical that the first layer should dry before applying the second one) .And, finally, what color paint vinyl wallpaper is more reliable? Experts for such a case recommend water-emulsion.

Can I paint a vinyl wallpaper with a brush?

In general, if you do not feel sorry for your time, then, of course, you can. But, than to paint a vinyl wallpaper with a brush, it is better to find it more suitable application. First of all, take the roller and cover the surface with the color of the color that you selected for this room. What color and how to paint vinyl wallpaper? The answer to the first part of the question you already know, and as for the second part of the question - there is no special skill here.

The process is no different from the usual painting of the plastered surface. So, the background was created, it dried up, and you can take up the brush if you want to create something unusual. Even two horizontal wavy gold strips, woven with a pigtail, can seem like a wonderful design element on a general monophonic background. But you can create a special motive. And you know what? Why not try the stencils?

They are in a wide range sold in any store of building materials: butterflies, flowers, stylized little animals. Something can be used for the nursery, something for the living room and bedroom, and the kitchen can be chosen the right drawing. As you can see, the question concerning whether it is possible to paint vinyl wallpaper with a brush can have several positive answers.