How can I unfreeze the sewerage in a private house

Why the sewage pipes freeze

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Errors in the laying and installation of sewerage systems in a private home can be overloaded with a lot of unpleasant consequences in the winter. Insufficient deepening of the pipe pipes( above the depth of freezing of the ground), poor thermal insulation, improper choice of materials, and eventually frozen drains and complete disability of the sewerage of a beautiful country house.

Most of the reasons we have outlined in the introduction, but there are still as many problematic locations for the distribution of fan tubes in a private house, and they are best identified already at the design and laying of sewer pipes to prevent deep freezing, mechanical deformations and emergency gaps in the lead systemdomestic sewage.

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  1. Surface wiring, widely practiced in dacha and horticultural construction is the simplest and cheapest way to drain liquid household waste. The size of such sewers, the layout of their location and hydraulic characteristics, no one counts. There is a deviation, the drains go away - it's already good. The possibility of clogging and formation of stagnant zones is not taken into account, and then winter colds tear apart such sections of pipeline layouts.
  2. Laying of sewerage in freezing soils. In this situation - the designer's mistake, for which you will pay, possibly with your own hands conducting defrosting of sewerage in the most unfavorable weather conditions.
  3. Errors in selecting the scheme of sewage private house building and insulation materials. Frozen plugs can occur not only in pipeline sections, but also in the sources of the system and the end septic tanks.
  4. Blockages in non-pressure sewer pipes, which inevitably result from small deviations in the outflow pipeline.

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How to save money from freezing pipes

Sewer is a common water supply system, however, with a specific working environment, so the ways of defrosting such pipelines are standard.

  1. As always, we start with the simplest: turn on the electric kettle and pour boiling water into the frozen pipeline. The procedure is not the most pleasant, but with close location of the ice cork in the fan tube is quite effective. For plastic products, such a procedure can be a great shock, but cast iron will be very pleased with this washing.
  2. Available areas of freezing sewage( open or unclipped) can be heated from the outside. Enough for a short time to heat the metal with a blowtorch( notice, the most barbaric way) or a construction hair dryer, and there will be no ice build-ups and plugs in the sewage system. Another question is to what extent an open fire and sharp thermal fluctuations will affect the operational qualities of the entire sewage system of your home.
  3. Gentle method: it is possible to defrost internal ice jams with the help of a steam generator, the discharge tubes of which have a diameter smaller than that of the main system. The search for a place in a straight-through pipe version, requiring "punching", in this case is greatly simplified.
  4. Ideal option: even at the stage of laying the network of networks to calculate the possible areas of freezing and make there quality heat and waterproofing. It is not necessary to defrost such structures.

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How to determine the freezing areas of

Even without special knowledge in hydrodynamics, it is quite easy to determine the problematic spots of any autonomous water conduit. All stagnant zones( cross-sections, branches, branches of engineering networks, tie-in valves, etc.) are potential collectors of domestic waste, which at low temperatures transform stagnant water into a full-fledged ice build-up.

You naturally forgot to install the internal heating cable, therefore in winter or early spring you are forced to search and defrost congestion in the way of your domestic sewage. What can be suggested if the wiring is buried, extended, and the search for a point where it is necessary to unfreeze the pipeline can last for weeks.

The problem is solved by the proven grandfather's method. Take the bay of a sufficiently rigid wire( first the one that is under the hands) and gently push it into the drain hole of the fan pipe. Stood in the barrier - measure the length. The same actions should be taken from the septic tank( or cesspool).If the readings coincide, then you already know exactly where to dig and defrost your sewer pipe by one of the methods suggested above.

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