Hallway design

Where does the interior design of the whole apartment begin? Of course, from the hallway. Many may think that the hallway is the place where you can safely experiment and try to combine different directions in design. However, small hall meters do not always allow themselves to succumb to their free will, and even require strict observance of design techniques, which would hide some defects of a small corridor.


  1. Color palette
  2. Architectural elements
  3. Furniture in the hallway
  4. Photo of the hallway design

Should it be said that it is the hallway that is the hallmark of your house or apartment. This area should contain all the necessary information regarding the used interior in the other rooms. Here, a calm, hospitable and friendly environment should prevail. Get an interesting design of the hallway design, as in the photo, perhaps, following some useful recommendations of famous designers.

Color palette

Choosing the color design of the hallway design can significantly modify the room. For example, the glossy finish of the walls will expand the boundaries of the room. If you look at the photo, you will see that colors should be chosen neutral shades. Moreover, the color as it moves into the interior of the hallway should shift to darker shades. This reception will give the interior an entrance hall dynamism.

Architectural elements of

Most corridors have straight and long walls. This allows you to play a little on the design of the walls in the hallway. For example, the walls can be decorated with molding, or false panels, which will save you from feeling monotonous, and you can also emphasize the refinement and relief of this zone. It is in the hallway that a large number of doors are concentrated. Their apertures can also be decorated. To do this, use door frames that emphasize the architectural style and geometry of the room.

As for the design of the floor in the hallway, here one should start from the practicality of the finishing material. Excellent ceramic tiles and a parquet board have proved. However, the second option does not always retain its technical characteristics, especially in the area of ​​the entrance door.

This zone is most often exposed to humidity and dirt from the outside, which can not but affect the quality of the parquet. Based on practicality, many designers recommend to trim the floor in the hallway with a tile, good, today there are a lot of design materials that allow creating interesting ornaments on the floor. But do not forget about the carpet paths. Their presence in the hallway is not discussed. Tracks should be long, almost the entire corridor. With the help of these attributes, the hallway and corridor design is complemented, a more homely and warm atmosphere is created, besides, the beauty of the floor is emphasized.

Furniture in the hallway

Often in the hallway there is no free space where it would be possible to install cumbersome and roomy cabinets. Furniture here should be multifunctional so that you can find a place for both coats and hats, and for shoes, as well as for newspapers and letters. In order to save, quite often the same subject assumes several functions. For example, a small pedestal for shoes often also serves as a chair, and a bedside table for keys is also used for sorting correspondence. With interesting hallway design photos can be found on the site, beautiful interiors, dynamism and practicality in every detail.

Photo of hallway design

We suggest you read below with beautiful photos of the hallway design. In our photo gallery a lot of photos are collected, which with ease will help you to be defined with the necessary direction of design.

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