Photo examples of how the design looks in the small hallway. Interior with furnishings.

Where to store things?

The main problem of a small hallway is the storage of outer clothing. We advise you to plan the design of the room with a built-in closet to the ceiling, in which you can add up all your things.

To save space, choose models with shelves 45-70 cm deep by fastening directly to the wall. Typically, such designs provide for front hangers, which can be advanced. It is not advisable to hang many jackets and coats on open hangers, as voluminous clothing will immediately take up a lot of space and create a mess.

Be sure to use the corners of even the narrowest corridor. Interior designers advise to install built-in and corner cabinets to save space. They occupy only 1, 5 square.meter, and the height of the structure to the ceiling will hide everything you need.

Think about installing classic mezzanines. This design can be mounted in any form of room, both in the long corridor and in the square hallway. For a beautiful design, the cabinet door and the mezzanine is made of one material.

A neat shoe is the necessary furniture, since it is possible to compactly fold the shoes into it. Such a locker usually is from 15 to 30 cm in width, so it will fit even in a small corridor in a Khrushchev.

How to choose a finish?

How to choose a finish?

For any hallways, you need to choose resistant to damage finishing materials, because in the corridor we touch the walls with bags and outer clothing, and on the floor we walk in street shoes, including in high heels.

Near the entrance door is to put a strong tile, and in the main part usually put a laminate or parquet. If you decide to polish the entire area with ceramics, fantasize about the theme of possible patterns and mosaic - in the corridor it is absolutely appropriate. Look at the photo, how you can decorate the floor in the hallway.

How to choose a finish?

Walls should be designed with persistent non-branded materials that will not require constant updating. Therefore, we propose to use the following types of coverage for the hallway.

  1. Wallpaper - choose strong linens that are easy to clean, for example, vinyl washable wallpaper. For modern interiors, bamboo wallpapers are good, which give a natural relief.
  2. Decorative plaster is an excellent finish that fits perfectly for any style. You can pick up any ideas for drawing and texture of plaster for your hallway.
  3. Paint is also a good option for the corridor, as today there are quality moisture resistant solutions. However, the paint requires a perfectly flat surface.
  4. Artificial stone is the optimal solution for corridors. You can choose convex or flat tiles of natural colors and decorate them with doorways, arched openings, put a curb or wall behind a hanger.

How to choose a finish?

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