Bedroom in Russian style

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Of course, interior designers know how much this apparent simplicity costs. Repair and purchase of furniture is a costly business. Therefore, think about consumer credit in advance. If you need information on obtaining a loan - you can easily find it on the site of your chosen bank.

So, the interior in the Russian style - is primarily natural wood materials, and preferably non-varnished. On the floor are not allowed parquet, laminate or linoleum - only boards made of natural wood. The walls should also have wooden decor. For example, one wall can be stylized for log masonry, while others can be covered with monophonic wallpaper of natural colors.

interior in Russian style

In order to better understand how to equip the bedroom, let's turn to history. In Russia until the 18th century, the bedroom was called the bedchamber or bed room. In addition to the bed, there were all kinds of chests and boxes in which the laundry was stored, as well as many caskets and boxes.

In general, the chest is a purely Russian thing. In the old days, when houses were built of wood, fires were not uncommon. Therefore, all the valuable belongings were not stored in cabinets, but in chests. During the fire, the chest was grabbed by the handles on the sides and carried out of the burning hut. Therefore, the restored antique chest, bought on occasion at the auction, or stylized as antiquity will be the original interior detail in the Russian style.

The most important piece of furniture in the bedroom, of course, is a bed. Best if it will be a simple form, with a wooden back. On the bed will look good patchwork or knitted bedspread, linen with embroidered Russian motifs, for example with cocks, lacy pansies. Curtains should be monophonic, preferably natural shades.

the bedroom must be warm

On the walls you can hang mirrors with doors, which were made in the old days from superstitions. The bedroom has traditionally had icons, but you can also place a picture - a landscape in a realistic way.

And the bedroom should be warm. Therefore, the highlight of the interior can be an imitation furnace - a wall decorated with tiles. The feeling of warmth and comfort can also be created by carpet or bear skin, which will look great on the wooden floor.

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