Deck board - larch for decoration of terraces and paths with own hands

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What are the advantages of larch?

If we consider Siberian larch, which is often used for wall and floor cladding, there are a number of advantages. First, this is an unusually solid and durable material. By mechanical characteristics it can be compared with an oak. Secondly, thanks to the special resin composition, this tree has excellent resistance to fungi .Thirdly, the wood has a good shade and a pronounced texture. Because the coatings are aesthetically attractive.

Fourthly, this wood is waterproof , which allows it to be used both inside and outside the premises. That is why sawn timber from larch is so often used for finishing verandas, terraces and other areas. Fifthly, it is environmentally friendly material , which, in addition, contains antioxidants. Recall that they neutralize the impact on the body of all kinds of pollution from the environment. In addition, also has the healing properties of .Well, sixthly, this wood has a low thermal conductivity .

Deck board - larch: scope

Deck board( or else it is called a terrace) is used to finish those places where you can often slip, namely, on the street. Therefore, it is used for cladding the floor on a veranda, a terrace, in a gazebo and other places. The decking board is very durable and durable. Every year it becomes only better, since the evolving resin polymerizes the coating.

In addition, there is a kind of this material, which is called decking. In fact, this is the same board used for flooring on street sites. That is, you can create and garden paths. A special relief profile, available on the front side, does not allow slipping at any time of the year.

Use a deck board in the sauna and bath. It is due to the fact that this tree is absolutely not afraid of water and is not subject to rotting. In addition to facing from it, you can do all sorts of things( kadushki, basins, benches, etc.).All elements of the interior look very attractive, thanks to the special texture of the wood. However, it is worth remembering that any coating, in one way or another, needs to be additionally protected with a paste, wax or varnish( sometimes suitable for parquet).

Some tips for laying

The installation of a terraced board is most often performed perpendicularly( the so-called deck method).It can be laid on a concrete covering or wooden lag. In the first variant, the leveling takes place using a special screed. After the base is ready, larch is lined - an edging board under a slight slope, enough in 1 degree. It is necessary to ensure that the water flows freely from the coating.

If, however, lags are used as the base for the lining, it is necessary to make the distance between them in direct proportion to the expected load. For example, if parking is to be done for a car, the distance should be about 20 cm. When tracks and other surfaces with less expected load are created, the gap can be 40 cm. Lay the deck board strictly perpendicular to the lags, and they are fastened with a terminal.

Note! An important point in the installation are compensation gaps in the amount of 5-7 mm( for each running meter).They are necessary to avoid deformations of the boards in the event of sudden temperature changes. If they are not made, then the coating can deteriorate as soon as possible.

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