Tile in the bathroom

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Tile in the bathroom

One of the most convenient ways to make your bathroom beautiful is by installing tiles. This option does not require much labor and financial investments.

The tile has a number of advantages: it is easy to fit;with it it is easy to wash off dirt, besides it is waterproof.

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First of all, it is important to determine which "tablet" you want to see in your bathroom: tiled or ceramic. As a matter of fact, they practically do not differ, but the tile is slightly more durable, although the price, in fact, will be higher. On the other hand, ceramics have a greater thermal conductivity than tiles. However, the floor heating device compensates for this.

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When choosing a tile, you need to consider some of the nuances:

  • The wall tile may be smaller than the floor tile.
  • There should be no slip. Otherwise, it is easy to get injured.
  • It is recommended to combine different colors. Solid colors can show your bad taste, and you yourself, it's unlikely that such a bathroom will be of interest.

What else should be considered during the preparatory work?

First of all, we must correctly choose the size of the material. Bathroom can be of different sizes, so you need to accurately calculate how many square meters will be covered with tiles.

In addition, you will be very unpleasant, if suddenly, you have to cut the tile on the edge. It is important to remember that tiles should not be much, and not a little. For example, 3-4 squares in a row will be very small. Just in case, it's worth buying with a 10% margin.

Do not overpay for additional properties, such as frost resistance, resistance to toxins. Often, producers sin surcharges for such items. Do not be lazy to go to a few shops and carefully read the inscriptions on the package.

What would you rather have imagined, how can I decorate the bathroom offer different versions of the tile design in the bathroom. In general, on request "tile in the bathroom photo" on the Internet, you can find many interesting things.

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Bathroom design options

There are many different design options for your bathroom or bathroom: from a romantic style to high-tech.

The presented photos will help you navigate the choice of colors. This design of the bathroom tiles, as on the 1st image, indicates that the owner of this bathroom is very extravagant.

As you can see, in the bathroom you can successfully combine different colors: white and black;white-blue or completely tender pink.

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Very popular, recently, the option - tile finishing imitating various natural materials - bronze, gold, silver, wood.

If you are interested in absolutely exotic bathroom finishes, then you can buy a tile not rectangular, but any other geometric shape, for example triangular. This option will make the room in a more original style.

I hope that the presented versions of tiles in the bathroom will help you. A photo of various design options can be found on many Internet resources. But the final design, still remains for you. Choose carefully, because it's unlikely you want to remodel the bathroom every year.

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