Niche in the wall

A small niche in the wall or an extended recess can be used to store things or as a stylized object of the room. There are two options for making niches: from gypsum board or by removing part of the wall. The first method takes minimum time, does not require special efforts or skills. Easily equipped with backlight, suitable for installation in any premises.

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Stages of the

manufacturing Begin the work on the wall preparation, which will be complemented by a niche. It is necessary to note the areas where the depressions will be located. Further, the profiles are fixed along the exposed elevations. For the manufacture of corners, it is recommended to use special perforated corners: they have increased strength and will help protect the structure from mechanical damage.

Next, the niche in the wall of plasterboard is lined with sheets. The coating is covered with a primer and putty. Prepared surface can be pasted with film, wallpaper, decorative slats. However, the most stylish and exquisite looks paint with water-based paint. But before you choose the shade of the composition, you need to learn how to decorate a niche in the wall without errors. In this artist, the following recommendations will help:

  1. The deepening can not be covered with black or dark blue, with violet paint. This stylization will visually limit the depth, worsen the perception of the supplement.
  2. The tone of the paint can completely match the tone of the other walls or be related( for example, beige - peach, blue - turquoise).
  3. In small rooms, you should paint a niche with light tones( ideally - white).

In many ways, the design depends on the surrounding elements. Since the partial coincidence of the color gamut allows you to achieve the optimal introduction of a supplement to the overall interior.

Backlight niche design

Stylishly complemented and improved niche design in the wall will help accurate lighting. Good for such a purpose fit spotlights. They can be located and in the arch, and on the shelves, and at the top of a small niche. If the groove was intended for accurate placement of the chest or pedestal, the table lamp would be the ideal lighting option.

If the prepared built-in recesses are a recess in the wall itself, it is not always possible to connect the wires to the luminaires. In such a situation, the best solution will be to install along the perimeter of the niche of the LED tape, wires. The choice of the option depends only on the requirements for lighting and the possibility of accurate installation without violating the original style.

Examples of using

In addition to getting tips on how to make a niche in the wall, you need to remember its purpose. You can make a groove in the bedroom, a living room for storing books and magazines, souvenirs, figurines. A good design for installing a flat TV.In the kitchen, it is applicable for the stylish placement of a set of dishes or drinking glass. And in the bathroom it can be designed to house a mirror, create small shelves for storing hygienic and cosmetic products, towels.

The attached photos and video reviews of modern niches in the interior will help to gather new ideas and choose the right option for interior styling. But when creating a design, it is worth remembering some features and requirements for the size and type of groove. For example, with the arrangement inside the equipment, you need to leave enough space for air to access the unit and to avoid overheating of the devices. But when installing such a design in the kitchen or bathroom you need to use a moisture-resistant gypsum board. These wishes will help to create not just a beautiful, but practical and durable niche.

Photo of niches in the wall

Video creating a gypsum board in the wall

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