Floor cork - an excellent design or ecological solution?

A few words from the history of the emergence of

The stopper is a unique material that is collected from the bark of cork oak. And the first layer is removed only when the tree is 25-30 years old. It is after this time that the oak is considered an adult. The process of removing the bark is rooted in the time of the ancient Mediterranean civilizations.

The work is done exclusively by hand, and the tree itself is not damaged, since the core grows again. Oak lives for about 200 years, "harvest" can be every 10 years. That is, on average, a single cork is removed up to 20 times.

Today the process of growing and processing this material is carried out in 7 main countries: Portugal, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Spain, Italy. And the most part is extracted and processed in Portugal.

How to use the plug

The plug is used not only for finishing the floor, but also for walls, and also it is also used as a thermal insulation material. So, let's describe in more detail the meth

ods of its application.

  • cork flooring is available in wide panels of 4-11 mm thickness. And there is a cork floor glued ( fastened with glue) and "floating" ( it is mounted by locks).
  • The cork parquet has the form of strips, which are alternately connected to each other. Only the bars are most often square. At a cost, it is more expensive than a laminate and in the same category with a classic parquet. In addition, it is easy and simple to collect and stack.
  • Wall cover or cork wallpaper - allow to decorate the interior in a unique way. They are baseless and on a paper basis. For buildings with high humidity, special wax or varnish sheets are produced.
  • The roll plug is used as a substrate and is used as a "natural insulator" because it has heat and sound insulation properties. It is used for both the floor and the walls. It has proved itself in the role of liners for linoleum, laminate, parquet, stone, ceramics.

Floor covering:

stopper The main and main advantage of this material is its ecological characteristics, due to which other positive properties are ensured. They include: excellent cushioning, sound and heat insulation, waterproofness and resistance to chemicals, excellent appearance, durability and reliability, antistatic and hypoallergenic.

In terms of depreciation, the plug has a small percentage of permanent deformation( only about 2%).This means that the material quickly takes on the previous thickness and is practically unchanged under the influence of furniture, shoes( heels).No matter how much the furniture is transferred, the coating assumes its original condition. In addition, it is believed that this elasticity has a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system.

Due to the permeability, noisy noises and even footsteps will be heard. Thermal insulation adds comfort to the coating, as the floor is really warm. It is pleasant to walk on it, and from it cold will not emanate, as if it were porcelain stoneware. Water resistance and resistance to detergents can clean the cork, without fear for its safety. Well, antistatic has its influence in the sense that the floor does not "stick" the animal's hair, "magnetize" the dust.