Bath of foam blocks with their own hands

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Construction of a bath of foam blocks is an occupation that can be done by every owner. It is easy to build, does not require significant costs for the purchase of materials. You can place a bath next to the house or on a remote site. It will take about 2 weeks to build it.


  1. Foundation preparation
  2. Construction of foam bath
  3. Internal works
  4. Construction of foam baths with own hands

Preparation of

base The finished structure, despite its dimensions, will have a low weight and can be built on a small thickness of the base. That's why a bath of foam blocks is being built by oneself on an ordinary ribbon foundation. To prepare it you will need to make a markup, dig a trench, hammer pins. Conduct a bunch of fittings, install a harness. The concrete is poured into the prepared structure( with the reinforcement already installed).In order to correctly calculate the necessary parameters of the structure, it is recommended to draw up the drawings basing on the features of the site.

When the base is completely solidified, the formwork is removed. Next, the contractor will need to fill the base under the furnace with concrete, bring the sewer pipes to the receiver( to drain the water from the shower).

The concrete base under the furnace must have parameters slightly higher than the bottom of the furnace. Therefore, the performer must preliminary measure it, install the appropriate strapping, and fill the concrete. Next, you need to create a pillow: fill the area of ​​the future floor with fine crushed stone.

Completed preparation by laying a waterproofing( roofing felt) between the plinth and the first row of blocks.

Construction of baths from foam concrete

The preparation of the base allows to start the direct erection of walls.

The contractor must take into account the blank hole in the wall where the furnace will be installed. It is necessary to leave openings for installing doors and windows. The instructions below will help you understand how to build a bath of foam blocks with your own hands quickly and correctly:

1. The floor is being laid from the blocks.

2. A wooden floor is produced from the timber.

3. The installation of the rafter system, crates.

4. Mounted sheets of metal, mounted skate.

5. Installation of a metal canopy, its covering with a roofing material is carried out.

6. The installation of soffits, gable roofing( on the one hand the door is additionally installed, on the other it is necessary to mount a pair of ventilation grilles).

7. The front door is installed.

The considered step-by-step construction of a bath from foam blocks will make a "box", which in the future will become a full-fledged structure. The contractor will only have to carry out interior decoration of the walls and installation of the furnace.

Internal work

On the part of the premises, the ceiling is covered with a vapor barrier and the lining is installed.

This material is optimal for high-quality finishing of both the steam room and the wash room. But for the creation of favorable conditions it is necessary to perform the insulation of the attic. For this purpose, a mineral wool is laid between the floors.

A stove can be installed in the hole previously prepared for the stove. To it the chimney which allows safely to spend heating of a bath is brought.

At the exit of the chimney through the ceiling, it is necessary to assemble the frame from the fittings and attach a metal sheet to it: this will eliminate the contact of the chimney and the finishing materials. In addition, a metal protective tube is used. From the side of the roof the chimney is closed with a hood. A detailed description of the steps is provided in the attached video tutorial.

The next task of the contractor will be the casing of the openings for installing doors, laying tiles on the floor of the premises.

In the wash it is necessary to observe a small slope to the receiver for a good water drainage. Around the oven from the side of the sauna room, metal grilles are installed, stone laying is carried out. Also in the lower part of the wall, two holes are drilled for ventilation.

After installing the doors, the owner will only have to collect the benches, the headrest, hang the hooks. In the wash it is necessary to install a tank of water. Outside, you need to make a neat porch.

The photos of construction of baths from foam blocks attached to the article will help to visually evaluate the work. But even for inexperienced performers difficulties in the construction will not arise. And relax in the self-built bathhouse will be even nicer and more useful.

Video of building baths from foam blocks with their own hands

For the sake of clarity, we recommend that you watch a video of the self-construction of a bath of foam blocks.

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