Installation of electric underfloor heating with your hands

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The heated electric floor creates a unique comfortable atmosphere in any room in your home. It can be used in various types of premises, for example in bathrooms or in nurseries. In addition, the heated electric floor can be covered with any type of floor covering, for example, an extremely popular laminate in our country.

Warm floor with own hands

Warm floor with your own hands

The warm floor under the laminate is very suitable, for example, for a children's room. Your child will be able to play on the floor all year round and you do not have to put extra mats or mats.

The heated floor under the laminate, mounted in the bedroom will allow you to start your day with the most pleasant sensations, meeting the morning with a feeling of gentle heat under bare feet.

You can easily install the heated floor under the laminate with your own hands, without the involvement of master builders. Consider the algorithm for its installation.

Required tools and materials:

Actually heated electric floor itself.

For installation we will need:

Actually he heated electric floor.

Actually he heated electric floor.

In the box you will find the operating instructions, the roll of the heated electrical floor, the electrical connection cables, as well as the bitumen insulation kit to protect the contact clips.

Set of floor heating

Underfloor heating kit

You also need to purchase an

Thermoregulator - photo

thermostat. Thermostat - photo

Heat reflecting film for heated floor. It can be distinguished by a characteristic foil layer.

Heat-reflecting film for heated floor - photo

heat-reflecting film for heated floor - photo

Also stock a polyethylene-based film or a laminate substrate compatible with heated floors, scotch tape, mounting knife, pliers and screwdriver.

Preliminary work

Calculate the floor surface area, the part on which we will lay the heating film. Do not place the film under the low stationary items of furniture.

Calculate the surface area of ​​the floor

Calculate the surface area of ​​the floor

You can draw a drawing of your future warm floor on millimeter paper.

Prior to where will be located the thermostat of your warm floor.

Location of thermostat for underfloor heating

Location of the thermostat for the warm floor

We lay the heat-reflecting material

To increase the level of insulation of your room, we place the heat-reflecting material on the floor.

Accommodation of heat-insulating material

Placing the thermal insulation material

Fix the heat-reflecting material with a stapler or metallized adhesive tape.

Fastening of thermal insulation

Fastening of thermal insulation

In any case, the strips of heat-reflecting material between themselves must also be secured with adhesive tape.

Fastening of a heat-insulating material among themselves

Fastening of a heat-insulating material among themselves

Here so the surface of the floor, covered with a heat-reflecting material, fastened with an adhesive tape looks.

The surface of the floor at the moment

Floor surface at the moment

Laying of the electric underfloor heating

We spread the thermal film according to the developed laying scheme. Please note that the copper strip on the thermal film should be at the bottom.

We spread the thermal film on the surface of the floor

We spread the thermal film over the floor surface

If necessary, cut off pieces of thermo film in the places specified by the manufacturer.

Notice how to cut the thermal film correctly

Please note how to cut out the thermal film

correctly. We place the cut sheets according to the developed layout diagram.

Photo - placement of heating elements for the warm floor

Photo - placement of heating elements for the heated floor

We connect the insulation

Now sheets of thermal film laid out on the floor must be connected to electrical cables and to isolate the locations of electrical contacts.

The insulation of the contacts of the heated electric warm floor is a special bitumen sticker, divided into two parts.

Insulation of contacts

Insulation of contacts

We isolate with a bitumen sticker the place where you cut the copper bus.

Isolation of contacts - photo

Contact insulation - photo

Please note that the applied insulation must cover the entire copper surface and contacts leading to the elements of the dark material on the heated electrical floor along the entire length of the cut.

We close by means of insulation all the copper surface and contacts

We close with the help of insulation all the copper surface and contacts

Place the contacts in the places where you want to further connect the electric power wires.

Connect the electric power wires

We connect the electric power wires

We arrange the contact so that one side of it is inside the layer of the heating film. The second side of the contact must be located above the strips of copper foil.

Location of contacts

Contacts arrangement

With the use of pliers we tighten the contact tightly, ensuring its reliable fixation.

Fix Contacts

Fix the contacts

Fix the layers of the heated electrical floor with each other with adhesive tape, and also attach the stripes to the heat-reflecting material. We exclude the possibility of shifting the layers.

Fix layers with scotch tape

Fix layers with adhesive tape

Insert the stripped end of the electrical cable into the corresponding contact hole.

We connect an electric cable

Connect the electrical cable

Fix the wires in the contact hole using pliers.

We fix the wires in the contact hole with the help of pliers. We fix the wires in the contact hole with the help of pliers.

Fix the wires in the contact hole using pliers.

We fix all the places of connecting the wiring to the heated electric floor with bitumen stickers.

Connect the electrical cable to the wires

Connect the electrical cable to the

wires Connect the

temperature controller With the thermostat, we can significantly save the energy consumed by your warm floor, including it only at the time and at the temperature you need.

A temperature sensor is usually supplied with your heated electrical floor. Place it under the film on the heating element in black.

Installing the temperature sensor under the film

Installing the temperature sensor under the

film. Fix the sensor on the film with a piece of insulating sticker from bitumen.

To ensure that the temperature sensor does not interfere with the surface of the final floor covering, make a cutout in the heat reflective material underneath it.

We make a cut in the heat-insulating material

We make a cut-out in the heat-insulating material

. Also, in order to ensure the evenness of the laminate, we make notches in the layer of heat-reflecting material, under the contacts and wires.

Cut-outs in the insulating layer can be made for bundles of wires.

We make cutouts for an electric cable

We make cutouts for electric cable

Wires placed in the recesses must be fixed with adhesive tape.

Fix the wires with scotch tape

Fixing the wires with adhesive tape

We install the mounting plate of the temperature controller on the wall in the chosen place.

We install the thermostat panel

We install the panel of the thermostat

According to the connection diagram indicated on the thermoregulator we fix the connecting wires.

Connect the wires - photo

We connect wires - photo

For powerful systems of heated electric floor it is recommended to connect the thermostat to the wiring through a separate circuit breaker.

We connect the automatic switch

We connect the circuit breaker

Check the operation and testing of the heated floor system.

Turn on the thermostat system of the heated floor.

Turn on the thermostat

Turn on the thermostat

We check the heating of each strip of laid warm electric floor.

Checking the electric underfloor heating system for operability

Checking the electrical underfloor heating for the operation of the

We check the connection points especially carefully. They should not spark and get too hot.

We deploy polyethylene film on the floor surface. You can replace it with any substrate under the laminate board, which is allowed to be used together with the heated floors.

Further we put on a polyethylene film

Next, lay on a plastic film

Begin to lay the finish flooring-for example a laminate board.

Laying the laminate on the floor

Laying the laminate on a warm floor

Carry out assembly of laminate boards with special care so as not to damage the stacked heated electric floor.

Video - warm electric floor for laminate

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