Laying of laminate on linoleum

Installation of decorative laminate flooring - laminate, can be carried out without attracting expensive specialists. To do this, you need to know some of the complexities of the process and follow the recommendations of the manufacturers exactly. The lining can be laid on tiles, concrete, wood, plywood, etc.


  1. Is it worth laying a laminate over an old linoleum?
  2. Technology for laying laminate on linoleum
  3. Video laying laminate

Is it worth laying a laminate over an old linoleum?

Quite often, consumers have a question about the admissibility and feasibility of installing the coating directly on the linoleum. Builders argue that such a combination is possible. Moreover, laying a laminate on linoleum gives even some advantages. Namely: in this way, it is possible to achieve an improvement in the sound-insulating properties of a layered coating and substantially insulate the floors.

However, before you begin the installation of the coating, you should make sure that the linoleum meets certain requirements. Linoleum should be not too old and worn, not very soft, dry and fairly even, without significant unevenness and cracks. Otherwise, the laminate may begin to sag, deform and need to be changed again. It is also necessary to make sure whether the linoleum is sufficiently fastened to the base and glued to the floor. Next, we will discuss this question: laying a laminate on linoleum: whether a substrate is needed. Then we'll look at the preparation and installation process.

The technology of laying laminate on linoleum

The fact that under the laminate is a fairly thick layer of linoleum does not relieve the need to equip the coating with a substrate. The latter can be a material made of cork, expanded polystyrene or foamed polyethylene foam base.

Actually, the installation process itself does not differ from the installation of panels on the surface, with a pre-laid substrate as on the video .Rules and recommendations:

  1. Do not immediately start installation. After the delivery of the material, the panels must necessarily rest.
  2. It is best to stack the material in such a way that sunlight falls along the decorative boards.
  3. This procedure, like laying a laminate on linoleum with your own hands, begins with fixing the two panels of the first row, with a centimeter gap between the wall partition and the decorative lining. For these purposes, as a rule, spacer wedges are used.
  4. Panels should be locked in a "lock on themselves".
  5. The boards of the next row are applied to the already mounted panels of the first row at an angle of about 45 degrees and snap into place.
  6. Installation of the last row of decorative coating should be done using a clamp.
  7. Finally, the wedges are removed and then the plinth is mounted.

Places where the coating rests on heating pipes or other obstacles are treated with a drill. The panel cuts out the desired shape shape, and after mounting this piece the remaining clearance is decorated with plastic overlays. As can be seen from the instruction, stacking panels over the old coating is a fairly simple process.

Compliance with the rules and recommendations will allow you to lay the panels in a qualitative way without the need to dismantle the linoleum. Having familiarized with the following visual materials, it is possible to do this as correctly and qualitatively as possible.

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