5 ideas, where to clean summer things in a small apartment

Owners of small apartments know, like no other, how important it is in a small room to intelligently and rationally optimize space. And each time with the onset of the cold autumn-winter season, this issue becomes especially urgent for them, because there is a problem where to remove summer things( in principle, it also happens with winter things, but not today).At first glance, it may seem that the only correct option is only the closet, in fact, there are a lot of ideas, implementing which, you can maximize the free space and find the right place for unnecessary things, not at the expense of comfort and coziness.

In this review, "Dream House" will show you some interesting ideas, where you can store summer things in winter, and do not deny yourself a beautiful, stylish and cozy interior.

Where to clean summer things in the apartment

Where to clean summer things in the apartment

Multifunctional cabinets

Of course, the simplest and most common storage system for any thing is a closet. Small or large, low or high, built-in or case - in the modern market a huge assortment of modern cabinets is presented. However, despite the presented assortment, as a rule, owners of small apartments give preference to modern wardrobes. And it's not accidental, after all, these cabinets are very roomy and convenient to use, but most importantly - they do not take up much space in the room.

Modern interior designers built-in wardrobe is rightly called a magical and indispensable piece of furniture in small-sized apartments. After all, such cabinets can not only help to hide unnecessary things from prying eyes, but also save space of the room, and even become the main highlight of the created interior.

In addition, they are usually made to order, so in these cabinets you can choose your own internal device, providing shelves for clothes, hangers, boxes for laundry and shoes. And do not be afraid to experiment, use cabinets unconventional and store in them sports equipment, an inflatable mattress, a set for barbecue and many other items.

Spacious storage cupboard

Large storage cupboard

Closet wardrobe

Closet wardrobe

Closet in the hallway

Closet in the hallway

Double load

Sometimes a small room does not allow the installation of a cabinet. In this case, multi-functional furniture, or "two in one" furniture, as it is often called in everyday life, can come to the rescue.

Multifunctional beds with drawers for linen, soft sofas with niches and tables-transformers - there is no imagination here. .. Such familiar and, at the same time, original pieces of furniture can easily become an excellent solution to the problem of storing any unnecessary things, including summerclothes, shoes and accessories. It can easily accommodate your entire summer wardrobe - from light sarafans to elegant sandals, sports equipment( rollers, balls or racquets) and many other summer things that are absolutely unnecessary in winter.

Bed with storage boxes

Bed with drawers for storage


Baby bed with drawers - ideal for storing summer things

Where can I remove summer things for the winter

Where can I clean summer things for the winter - shops with drawers in the kitchen

Suitcase mood

Who said that clothes should only be stored in a closet or on a hanger? Summer clothes do not differ in size, therefore, if it is neatly folded, it can fit perfectly in a small pedestal.

Do not forget about the overall suitcases. As a rule, huge suitcases are used only during the vacation, and then dust in the closet unnecessarily. If you are used to relaxing in the summer, the suitcases will be an excellent repository of your summer clothes and shoes throughout the cold period. And it is not necessary to hide them in a closet, a little imagination - and your bulky suitcases will turn into an original piece of decor.

Old chests, baskets and boxes also perform a similar function. They are very roomy and not demanding on the interior, so they can be placed everywhere - in the hallway, in the bedroom, and in the living room.

Idea for storing summer things in suitcases

Idea for storing summer things in suitcases

Where to hide summer things photo

Where to hide summer things Photo

Where to remove summer things- baskets

Where to remove summer things - baskets

Small tricks of

In a small room you should use everything that can help save space and become a repository of summer things. For example, to solve the problem, where to store summer clothes, will help the original floor hanger.

But if you are worried about the question of where to store summer shoes, then an excellent organizer for shoes can be an excellent solution. It is very comfortable and space-saving. At the same time, it can accommodate ten or more pairs of shoes, and in your hallway will become much freer.

Not to the detriment of the beauty of the interior and the common comfort to hide the organizer for shoes or a box with summer things can be behind beautiful curtains or outside the door. In a word, there are many options.

Floor coat rack

Floorstand for things

Simple organizer for shoes photo

Simple organizer for shoes for 12 pairs

Organizer-bag for shoes

Organizer-bag for shoes

And if not hide?

Who said that summer things must always be hidden in a closet, box or pedestal? Sometimes they can be exposed and paraded. For example, a two-wheeled bicycle can become a beautiful decoration of a wall, and a mannequin dressed in an attractive summer sarafan will replace the hanger and become an original decor object. The main thing is to approach the matter creatively and not overdo it, otherwise the interior of the room can turn out to be cluttered, tasteless and uncomfortable.

Mannequin in the bedroom photo

Mannequin in the bedroom photo

Mannequin - an idea for storing summer dresses

Mannequin - the idea for storing summer dresses

Bicycle on the wall Photo

Bike on the wall photo

Where to remove summer things - boxes and boxes

Where to remove summer things - boxes and boxes

As you can see, there are many ideas where to remove summer things in the winter. It does not matter which option you choose, most importantly - do not forget that each thing should have a certain place, because only in this case in your house will reign order, beauty and coziness.

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