Brown in the interior

The color solution of the interior is a very important element, and today the approach to interior design of a dwelling became much more responsible and thorough. Modern houses, apartments, cottages and offices acquire exquisite and unique interiors, thereby delighting the eye, conveying the inner world and character of the owners. The coloring of your cozy nest influences the overall atmosphere in the house, the mood and even your precious health.

Brown color in the interior will help you bring everything into harmony: ceiling, floor, walls, furniture, carpets, curtains, bedspreads, decorations and accessories. And do not doubt - this, truly creative and uneasy, the process of filling the interior with the energy of color will bring you a lot of positive.

Brown colors are the colors of soil, autumn foliage, tree bark, straw and rock stones, which means natural, natural shades. Earth colors symbolize solidity and stability. This color is close in spirit to people calm and balanced. The brown interior has a very favorable effect on the person. The palette of shades of this color perfectly copes with irritability, calms and removes fatigue.

Brown shades refer to neutral colors. The color palette of brown is quite rich - from beige and caramel, to chestnut and dark chocolate.

In our time, a large number of interiors, from the most simple to solid, are built on shades of brown colors. These colors in the interior inspire strength and quality. But decorating rooms completely shades of brown is not recommended. But the combination of brown in the interior with other colors is not so boundless. Brown tones are able to smoothly pass into each other. And if you create a contrasting white-brown interior, you will get a very harmonious combination in the chosen space.

Lovers of abstract drawing can safely turn to the brown range of colors. Geometric ornaments using these shades are suitable for creating the design of any room in your house. For such a performance there are quite a lot of interesting variations.

Brown has always been and remains the primary color for furniture and will never go out of fashion. Brown range of colors is in demand when choosing stretch ceilings, which can be installed in any room, harmoniously merging into the overall interior. The natural wooden floor also joins this shade group and is an ornament of any interior.

Brown in the interior

Brown in the interior

The hallway in brown colors

The hallway is considered the face of the whole house, therefore the main role of its interior is played by color design. The interior of the hallway in brown tones is used very often, as this color scheme gives a solid and presentable appearance. This part of the apartment can also be arranged in darker colors. The walls from natural wood with various decorative elements will be appropriate here, the floor can be finished with a covering from a parquet or a natural board. As an option, your hallway will make interesting and elegant the beautiful duo of orange and brown.

Furniture for anteroom brown

Furniture for the hallway brown

Interior of the hallway in brown tones

Interior of the hallway in brown tones

Living room in brown

For the living room, the brown colors can be diluted with the color of mahogany, which is iridescent with golden threads. Such a background will look great when exposed to sunlight, and in the evening, irresistible beauty will sparkle when the modern illumination is turned on. Your brown interior of the living room will benefit from the presence of jewelry and accessories from silver and pearls.

Living room in beige brown tones

Living room in beige brown colors

Living room in brown tones

Living room in brown tones, brown curtains for living room

Another option for your living room is a brown-green interior. A combination of brown with the color of spring foliage, the first flowering, olives and a ripe apple with green color or wood needles. Such an interior is considered one of the soft and harmonious, it will cheer up and give optimism.

Brown green interior of the living room

Brown green interior of living room

Interior design of brown kitchen

For the interior of the brown kitchen perfectly suited as the main colors as a dark brown palette, and light. Such mergers as cream or beige walls and the same shade of the working surfaces of the kitchen set will reflect well in the morning mood, pleasantly perceiving visually.

Interior of brown kitchen from a tree

Interior of a brown kitchen made of wood

Interior of brown kitchen from a tree

Interior of a brown kitchen made of wood

The color palette of this interior can be colored by the colored facades of the kitchen set, dining table and chairs, curtains and various small details. A successful combination of brown with blue or turquoise in your kitchen will perfectly cheer up an early morning with a cup of coffee.

beige brown kitchen

Beige brown kitchen photo

In addition to beige, the kitchen often uses such combinations with brown, like yellow and green. The interior of the green-brown or brownish yellow kitchen looks more fresh and bright. A more daring option is a red-brown kitchen, which is suitable only for people who are active and self-confident.

green brown kitchen

Beautiful green and brown kitchen

green brown kitchen

bright green brown kitchen

Brown color in the interior

bedroom for bedroom, of course, the best solution - a beige and brown interiors, in the face of cream, beige and light brown tones. They expand space, immerse in a pleasant weightless state. The bedroom can freely combine brown colors with related tones - reddish-orange, yellow. But combining brown with beige tones, you will get a warmer atmosphere in your bedroom.

Brown color in the interior of the bedroom

Brown in the interior of the bedroom

White bedroom furniture will look great against the background of the brown palette of walls and floor. If the furniture in your bedroom is brown in color, then the white color of the walls will fill your room with freshness and light.

white brown bedroom

White-brown bedroom

Bedroom in brown tones

Bedroom in brown colors photo

A completely brown, dark interior is also appropriate in the bedroom. With the successful selection of shades, it will turn into a romantic place where you can retire and immerse yourself in a sea of ​​pleasure, forgetting about the problems.

brown bedroom

Dark brown bedroom

Brown interior of the children's room

The brown color of the furniture for the nursery will perfectly match the blue, pink or peach wallpaper. And bright accents on curtains, bedspreads, children's bed linens, as well as paintings and drawings on the walls of a light brown scale will adorn the children's room in a wonderful way, filling with joy and cheerful mood. A favorable solution in the children's room will be a combination of brown and orange shades.

Brown-orange interior of the children

Brown-orange interior of the children's room

Brown-orange interior of the children

Brown-orange interior of the children's room

The white-brown interior is perfect for the children's room of the girl, and the gray-brown interior is for the boy's room.

Brown color in the interior of the children

Brown in the interior of the children's room

Brown color in the interior of the children

Brown in the interior of the children's room

When arranging the newborn's room, also look at furniture made of natural brown and beige wood. It will be beneficial to look and match with other colors.

Brown furniture for a newborn in the interior

brown furniture for newborns

interior Bathroom in brown tones

Catching arrangement bathroom interior, you can safely use a contrasting solutions, combining warm and cool tones - browns with blue, blue and turquoise, as well as using the yellow accents, red and pink.

The combination of brown in the interior of the bathroom

A combination of brown in the interior of the bathroom

A combination of brown and blue in the interior of the bathroom

Bathroom in brown tones

Bathroom in brown colors

It will be nice to watch both brown bathroom tiles and the corresponding accessories with brown elements - soap dishes, curtains for the bathroom, laundry baskets, rugs, toilet cover and so on.

Brown Bathroom Accessories

Brown bathroom accessories

Excellent will look in the bathroom a combination of brown walls, facades and furniture with snow-white plumbing.

Brown bathroom photo

Brown bathroom photo

Brown bathroom photo

Brown bathroom photo

Bathroom furniture brown

Bathroom furniture brown

Brown color is actively used in modern interior design and, harmoniously combined in combination with other paints, can saturate the space with comfort and coziness.

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