Repair of a small kitchen

In the so-called "Khrushchevs" problem number one is a small kitchen. Repair of a small kitchen is not some complicated business, however it has its own nuances. Not everyone can afford, and not everywhere you can make an apartment redevelopment, so people try to make repairs to a small kitchen preferably with their own hands. Everyone strives at the output to get a more functional kitchen, as on the photo of the examples in our article.


  1. Repair plan
  2. Photo repair small kitchen

Repair - it's not only troublesome, but also costly, and more will have to put a lot of mental effort. It's far from a secret that the smaller the area, the more difficult it is to make such a kitchen as functional as possible. The primary tasks are:

  • to design the design in order to use every square centimeter of useful space. Ideas for repairing a small kitchen are very important. If you do not consider yourself a designer, then it's better to contact the professionals of your business who will be able to make different versions of projects, and you will only have to choose the right one;
  • for implementation of non-standard solutions will have to spend a lot of financial resources, but there's something you can save on.

To solve the problem of how to repair a small kitchen, first of all you need to understand the very notion of "small kitchen".Small kitchen is considered to be a kitchen area of ​​less than 8 square meters.meters. Also to this category of kitchens include polygonal kitchens, kitchens with wrong corners, narrow kitchens. Stand-alone are the entrance and L-shaped kitchens. Beautiful renovation of a small kitchen will make your apartment attractive, just like in the photo!

Repair plan

First, you need to make a detailed repair plan. Repair of a very small kitchen requires taking into account literally every centimeter, for each wall during the construction of the house has a drawdown, and the walls have different lengths. Sometimes it is even necessary to cut out the areas of future furniture on cardboard. Special attention should be paid to the space for opening the doors. First of all it concerns a refrigerator and an oven. In the area of ​​your kitchen try to arrange all the necessary furniture. You should leave in the future kitchen all the necessary household appliances and furniture without excess. Some elements of furniture and appliances will have to be abandoned. Suppose if the composition of the family is small( 2-3 people), then you should abandon the dishwasher. It is not necessary to have a washing machine in the kitchen, if it is possible to place it in another place. You should carefully consider the presence of pendant lockers and their functionality.

After repairing a small kitchen in the apartment, the stove, especially the gas stove, should be separated from the sink by a small cabinet or table. The slab itself should be placed away from the window. Modern gas hoses allow you to place a plate anywhere in the small kitchen. The hanging is hung, as a rule, above the stove itself. Hanging other items is not recommended. After a certain time, they can get dirty.

An important role is played also by the distribution of electrical outlets. They should be arranged in such a way that it is convenient to use electrical household appliances. This is a coffee grinder, meat grinder or food processor. Pendant lockers are important. They will significantly increase the required space below.

Photo repair of a small kitchen

Below in our photo gallery you will find pictures of repairing small kitchens.