Metal brazier own hands: step by step assembly instruction

Required materials

For braziers measuring 60x30x20 cm, you need:

  • Iron sheet 2-3 mm thick with dimensions 60x60 cm;
  • Trims of a half-inch metal tube;
  • Reinforcement rods Ø12- 4 pieces in length about 80 cm for the manufacture of legs.

From the tool you will come in handy:

  • Bulgarian with a cutting wheel;
  • Welding machine;
  • Drill and drill bits for metal 4 mm and 8 mm.
  • Meter and pencil.

Brazier design

The brazier made of metal is a metal box with perforated walls, 30 cm wide and 60 cm long or larger, the size of the barbecue depends on the volume of the simultaneously loaded shish kebab. To the box from below, trimmings of a pipe 8-10 cm long are welded. In them, the legs are inserted - reinforcing bars with welded metal thrusts. For stability, the legs can be stapled in pairs.

Metal brazier

Metal brazier

The design of the brazier is collapsible, which makes it easy to transport it in the trunk of the car. The metal for the brazier should have a thickness of 2-3 mm, a thinner metal from the fire deforms and burns out, at a thickness of more than 3 mm the design turns out to be too cumbersome and heavy.

The height of the barbecue traditionally does not exceed 25-30 cm, when using ready-made birch charcoal, a height of 20 cm is sufficient. To adjust the position of the skewers over the coals, it is possible to make a groove about 5 cm deep in the side walls of the barbecue grill - this will allow to lower and raise the skewer. For air intake in the side walls of the brazier, holes are made in one or two rows.

Technology of making mangal from metal with your own hands

  1. A sheet of 2-3 mm thick metal is laid on a flat surface. If the sheet is new with traces of process lubrication, it must be burned with a gas burner.
  2. A drawing of the future barbecue marker is drawn directly on the sheet. From the bottom edge of the sheet a distance equal to the height of the brazier recedes, and a line parallel to the edge is drawn. From this line a distance equal to the width of the brazier recedes - usually it is 30 cm. A parallel line is again drawn. Lay off the height of the brazier and draw a third line. A distance equal to the length of the brazier is laid off from the side edge of the metal sheet. Conduct a line and get the dimensions of the workpiece.
  3. The rectangular workpiece is cut using a grinder. On the borders of the bottom and side walls, the Bulgarian carefully neatly make a shallow notch, along which the sheet is bent into a U-shaped structure.
  4. The end walls are cut from the remainders of the sheet in the form of rectangles. The dimensions of the side walls must correspond to the width and height of the brazier plus allowances for bends from both sides and from below. In the fold line, the blanks are also slightly nailed to 1/3 of the metal thickness and folded at a right angle. To the end walls weld handles from a metal strip or rod.
  5. To the U-shaped workpiece, the end walls are fixed by welding, on bolts or rivets. If the walls are fixed by welding, then for greater strength the seams are welded on both sides.
  6. The obtained box is placed upside down and the holes in the side walls are marked. To do this, a straight longitudinal line is drawn on the side walls at a distance of about 5 cm from the bottom of the brazier, and the centers of future holes are marked on the line at regular intervals of 5-8 cm. With the help of core, centers are filled, then drilled with a drill with a diameter of 4 mm. Drilled holes are drilled to a diameter of 8-12 mm.
  7. Turn the brazier downside down and perform a triangular groove on the side walls at a distance of 10 cm using the cutting wheel and the tongue. The depth of the grooves is 2-5 cm.
  8. The segments of a half-inch water pipe 8-10 cm long are welded to the bottom of the brazier. They can playthe role of supports or serve as nests for the legs of the reinforcement. The legs of the reinforcing bar are made so high that the skewers when frying meat are at the level of the lowered hands. To the legs from below you can weld the thrust plates from the scraps of metal, so that they do not fall into the ground.

The above design of the barbecue is semi-demountable, it removes the legs, but the brazier box remains intact. It is possible to make a fully collapsible brazier, fixing its parts is carried out with the help of grooves and latches. Its design is shown in the figure, and the assembly and dismantling of such a brazier is shown in the video.

Semi-folding barbecue design

Semi-folding design of the brazier

Video dismountable metal brazier

Juicy and fragrant shish kebab is an indispensable attribute of summer outdoor recreation. At the dacha you can cook meat on the grill or in the stove-barbecue, and for trips to the forest and the river is indispensable brazier made of metal. It can be made from the remains of iron, and thanks to the simple design of the brazier metal can be made by any man.

Metal brazier

Metal brazier