Fireplace in the apartment with your own hands

For many centuries, traditionally the symbol of well-being and warmth in the house is a fireplace. At present, the location of fireplaces in private houses and apartments has again become actual. Contemplation of fire removes accumulated stress and promotes full relaxation. Thanks to the variety of types of fireplaces and their ways of facing, it is easy to arrange a fireplace that blends harmoniously with any interior of the apartment. Such a construction will give it a special comfort and comfort.


What types of fireplaces are installed in the apartments

As a rule,for homeowners, the arrangement of various types of foci of difficulties does not amount to, while residents of apartments in high-rise buildings when planning the installation of a traditional fireplace can face certain limitsnicking. It should be noted that before the installation of the structure it will be necessary to obtain a number of work permits - including in the housing and operational office, as well as firemen and gas workers( in case you plan to install a gas fireplace in the apartment).The construction of an operating fireplace on solid or gas fuel is allowed only in apartments located on the last floors of buildings. Gas models are suitable for use in homes with supplied main gas, in addition, they are not allowed to be installed above the ninth floor.


It is believed that during the installation of wood and gas structures, redevelopment of residential premises and reconstruction work is carried out, since the chimney of the fireplace needs to be taken out through the attic to the roof of the building. Considerable cost of works should be taken into account, as well as the following information - according to the current sanitary norms and rules, it is allowed to create a load on the floors in multi-storey houses within 150 kg( while the weight of the constructed fireplace, including the furnace and chimney, can be several hundreds of kilograms).It is also necessary to take into account that in the construction of a wood-burning fireplace in the apartment it will be necessary to equip an additional ventilation system. Thus, you should carefully consider the possibility of placing these structures in a city apartment. For residents not the last floors of apartment buildings, such a choice is completely absent.


Nevertheless, for those wishing to observe in their apartment the design of the hearth with the languages ​​of the flame, this possibility is available. The electric models of fireplaces simulating a flame or smoldering coals are deprived of the above disadvantages. They are not too difficult to install, in the future you will only need to follow the rules of operation - install a stabilizer, as well as periodically check the electrical wiring. These devices are equipped with remote control and operate without noise. The electric fireplace in the apartment provides high-quality space heating. On sale are built-in, floor and wall products. A similar model can be glazed according to your taste - for example, natural or artificial stone, as well as wood. If there is a need for redevelopment of the apartment, the electric fireplace can be easily reinstalled to another location.


As advantages of installing an electric fireplace in an apartment it is worth noting the following:

  • low cost of a similar model in comparison with a traditional fireplace, and at the same time quite aesthetic and attractive appearance;
  • easy installation without the need for redevelopment of premises and arrangement of additional communications( chimney, taken out to the roof of the building, as well as ventilation systems);
  • safety design and ease of use, no combustion products. Do not need to stock up on firewood, and also to clean the fireplace;
  • power consumption of similar models is relatively small and is within 2 kW( for comparison - a modern kettle or iron consumes up to 2.5 kW).


In any apartment, you can also install various options for decorative( interior) fireplaces - without the possibility of kindling and heating, with the so-called "cold fire".In the fake furnace of similar models, their owners put real firewood and organize lighting, or place in it a liquid crystal monitor, which broadcasts a picture of fire. In addition, in the portal of the fireplace you can install candles - lighting them, at any time you can watch the bizarre play of the flames.

Choosing a place for installing a fireplace

Electric, as well as interior decorative fireplaces, are very popular in city apartments. If you are interested in information on how to make a fireplace in an apartment, you will first need to decide whether you plan to heat the room with it or the building will serve for decorative purposes. Such models can be placed in rooms of any size, including in a one-room apartment or a small studio - in the presence of a thoughtful approach, how to install a fireplace in the apartment. The size of the hearth, which you plan to equip, depends on your needs, as well as individual taste. When installing a fireplace in an apartment with their own hands, it will be necessary to build on equipment that will be inside. Thus, when buying a firebox fireplace should take into account the dimensions of the room, as well as the number placed in it or planned for placement of furniture. It should be noted that models with a bulky portal in a small room can look cumbersome.


When planning how to make a fireplace in an apartment with your own hands, first of all you will need to decide on the future location of the fireplace. Perhaps, there is a suitable niche in the room, where it can be built. Economically, space allows the use of corner models of electric fireplaces. Even if there is a source of considerable size, it will not take too much space in the apartment. It should be taken into account that the deep furnace allows creating a more realistic effect of the flame tongues.


When selecting the most suitable place for arrangement of a fireplace in an apartment, the following information should be taken into account:

  • for placing a fireplace it will be necessary to select a fairly spacious room;
  • should not be located near any combustible structures;
  • the most popular place for placing a fireplace in the living room is a wall located perpendicular to the window - this arrangement looks quite harmonious and is optimal from a technical point of view;
  • is not recommended to install a fireplace in front of potential bright light sources( windows or luminaires), as they can visually muffle the effect of the flame in the fireplace;
  • if you place it in a room whose windows face west or south-west, then in the evenings it will be advantageously illuminated by the rays of the setting sun;
  • will successfully accommodate a fireplace in a spacious kitchen, combining a working area and a dining room;
  • installed in the bedroom fireplace will give the room a special atmosphere of relaxation and privacy. The fireplace is located opposite the bed. The shelf on the top of the fireplace-style portal will be a good place to accommodate romantic trinkets.

According to the teachings of feng shui, the fireplace creates powerful energy flows in the room, so it should be placed in such a way that the energy can freely spread in the apartment. The current focus is recommended to place in the south of the apartment or premises, since the elements of fire correspond to the southern part of the house. Located in the corner fireplace, according to feng shui, will neutralize the negative energy accumulating there. Do not place the furnace in the direction of the entrance door, otherwise the energy can escape from the home. When constructing a fireplace, one should also take into account the following: the less there are protruding angles preventing the free circulation of energy, the better.

How to install a fireplace with your own hands

Having defined the dimensions of the future fireplace and choosing the most suitable place for its placement, you can draw a diagram and proceed directly to the arrangement of the chosen model of the hearth. At home, it's easy to build a fireplace from drywall sheets. This material is easy to handle and install, it is harmless to health and resistant to temperature changes.


During the work, the following tools and tools may be needed:

  • metal profile 5x5 and 5x4 cm( for making the frame of the portal), as well as 10x5 and 10x4( for the chimney);
  • self-cutters of small length with a wide hat( 1-1,2 cm);
  • self-tapping screws black for metal 25x3 mm;
  • scissors for cutting shaped metal, and also a knife;
  • screwdriver, hammer, screwdriver;
  • building level;
  • sealant;
  • simple pencil or marker.

Stages of works for

To arrange a fireplace from gypsum board, you need to perform the following sequence of actions:

  1. First you need to build a suitable "pedestal" in the form of a small elevation under the fireplace portal. To do this, it is necessary to build a framework of suitable shape from a metal profile 5x5( for racks) and 5x4( for guides).
  2. It will then be necessary to laminate it with MDF sheets with a laminated coating to protect them from moisture and high temperatures. For a fireplace adjacent to the wall, you need to cut out the countertop with a rectangular shape, for a corner structure - a pentagonal shape.
  3. The plane of the wall, which will be in contact with the structure, must be covered with refractory material - an asbestos sheet can be used in its quality.
  4. After this you can proceed directly to the installation of the frame:
  • on the prepared wall, you need to apply the marking of the frame fastening - while using the building level;
  • further it is necessary to cut the metal profile into lengths of the required length;96
  • prepared guide frames must be serially fixed on the wall using screws and dowels;
  • components of the frame should be gradually assembled, fixing them together with self-tapping screws. It is necessary to strengthen this structure in the lower part( where the furnace will be subsequently located) with the help of sections of 5x5 cm profile placed transversely with a step of about 0.3 m;
  • then it is necessary to form suitable dimensions for the installation of the furnace. To do this, measure its dimensions and add to them the index of the thickness of the refractory material( for example, heat-resistant tiles), which is planned to be installed between the furnace and the frame.
  1. Next, you need to mount the chimney frame. It is recommended to bring it to the ceiling level - so the false design of the chimney chimney will look the most natural. One side of it will have to be fixed on the wall. Unlike the chimney frame, the chimney design will not be difficult:
  • should first be drilled in the hole profile for self-tapping screws. Further, the metal profile is applied to the markings marked on the wall and the holes for the dowels are marked on it;
  • will then need to drill holes for spacer dowels, plugs are hammered into the wall with a hammer, then a metal profile is screwed onto the screws;
  • the resulting chimney frame should be reinforced with guides from the profile of 10x5 cm - in increments of 0.5 m.
  1. Next, you can start laying the wiring. To do this, it is recommended to use a cable equipped with a "self-extinguishing" insulation( the cross section of 2x2.5 is optimal).Inside the portal you will need to put the wiring in a metal box. If there is a ground in the apartment, use three-wire wires, and install a ceramic outlet with ground. For the most convenient turn off the electric fireplace, you need to set the switch.
  2. After that you can proceed to the skin of the fireplace:
  • cut sheets of gypsum cardboard with a stationery knife should be fixed to the screws on the profile with a screwdriver;
  • sheet joints should be filled with sealant;
  • corners of the gypsum board structure should be reinforced with perforated galvanized corners;
  • on the surface of the resulting structure should be applied a layer of priming liquid, and then putty;
  • should further place the furnace in the prepared frame and mark out the locations for the future openings respectively of the ventilating products available in the firebox. If they are not drilled in the drywall, then the fireplace will overheat.

In accordance with your taste and financial possibilities, the decoration of the fireplace can be done using a variety of finishing materials. The decoration of fireplaces in an apartment in traditional classical style, as well as high-tech, country or rustic look harmoniously looks. For the purpose of decorating such a structure, it is possible to apply staining with heat-resistant paint, film-coating, applying textured plaster, tiling, artificial or natural stone.

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