Individual electric heating in the apartment

What to do if the apartment is cold.

According to the heat norms established in our country, the average temperature in apartments should be within + 18. .. + 20 degrees. At this heat supply must be uninterrupted during the day during the entire heating season. And what if the municipal services can not cope with their duties and the batteries remain cold even in the worst frosts. Where should I complain about the lack of heating? Be sure to report this to the emergency dispatch service. They are obliged to assign a check, and if necessary, several, during which the temperature in the room is measured. Based on these indicators, an act is drawn up for lack of heating, which gives you the right to make a recalculation of the payment for heat. In addition, you have the right to eliminate the cause of heat. Individual electric heating in the apartment

Mold in the apartment.

The lack of heating, insufficient ventilation in the room, especially in the off-season, leads to an increase in humidity, and accordingly the appearance of mold. Naturally, the question arises - where to go if the mold appeared in the apartment?

According to the sanitary and epidemiological standards, the permissible values ​​of air humidity in residential premises should be:

  • 30-45% in the cold season, the maximum value is -60%;
  • 30-60% - in a warm time when the air temperature in the room reaches 26 degrees.

An exception is a kitchen for which such norms do not exist.

The appearance of mold on walls, furniture and so on is the result of high humidity. Solving this problem requires immediate action, since the fungus has the ability to adversely affect your health, namely:

  • Development of asthma and allergies;
  • Choking;
  • The appearance of conjunctivitis;
  • Respiratory problems, namely: bronchitis, laryngitis and others.

To determine the humidity in a separate apartment, you need to contact the specialists of the Center for Hygiene and Epidemiology. Individual electric heating in the apartment

If your fears are justified, and the humidity is significantly higher than the permissible standards, you are entitled to contact the housing repair department in writing or in writing and ask for the elimination of all problems in the

ventilation system. Individual electric heating in the apartment, as an alternative to central heating.

Every day, more and more popular appliances use autonomous electric heating in the apartments. There are many positive factors that tend to favor this kind of heating. The main criteria are: Individual electric heating in the apartment

  • Unsatisfactory performance of utilities providing heat supply services;
  • Relatively affordable cost of such equipment and its quick payback;
  • Efficiency, i.e.the ability to independently adjust the temperature depending on the weather conditions;
  • No need for additional heaters consuming a lot of electricity;
  • Easy to install and maintain.

The most economical and affordable to date are stationary energy-saving heating installations. One such heater is able to heat a room up to 750 sq. M., While having a significantly low energy consumption. Individual electric heating in the apartment