Master class on the creation of manual shtroborez

So, if you decide to conduct a hidden wiring while repairing the house, you must cut the grooves in the walls, also called grooves, in the walls. To do this, you can use a special tool, but its cost is quite high for a one-time use. It would be much more correct to make a shtroborez with our own hands, modernizing a little Bulgarian, which should be in the arsenal of every man. About how to make a simple, but at the same time, easy-to-use homemade tool for building walls, read on!
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  • Manual model for working with aerated concrete

Simple homemade

First of all, we will give you a simple instruction in pictures on making a shroud-cutting on the base of a Bulgarian with your own hands. In this case, you will need a Bulgarian, an additional nut and two diamond discs for concrete. Disassembled Bulgarian with two disks

The assembly consists of two simple steps, namely:

  1. Install the first disk as usual, carefully tightening it with a nut. Fixing a single disk
  2. After the nut, attach another disc and again pull it with a nut. Mounting two discs Finished tools Slotting

We draw your attention to one important point - if the thread is not enough to fully twist the nut, it's better not to risk using such a homemade product. In this case, instead of a nut, you can use a metal ring of the same diameter, but of a smaller width or a set of washers. The latter option is convenient in that it is possible to make the most suitable width of the groove, depending on the selected cable section.

That's the whole instruction for creating a shtroboze on the basis of the Bulgarians with their own hands. The disadvantage of this option is that all the dust will spread around the room and worsen the working conditions. That is why it is recommended to make a more modernized version - with a protective cover, which we'll talk about further.

Overview of the model with the
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casing The improved tool

So that all the dust immediately disappears during the walling of the walls, you can equip your homemade shtoborez with a vacuum cleaner. The suction hose is fixed over the cutting part, thereby immediately taking away the so-called "dust cloud".Upgraded casing can be bought, and you can do it yourself. In the first case, you will give a considerable amount of money for a part from a well-known manufacturer, so it is better to use the second option. The scheme of the improved instrument

In order to make a shroud with a vacuum cleaner, you need to take supplies and include imagination. There are many ideas for assembling a casing from a metal pipe, a strong casserole cloth and even a plastic container. We recommend viewing the photo of the idea in order to gain inspiration and make your version of the dust cover:

We draw your attention to the fact that the nozzle should be installed on top of the homemade shroud cutter, as shown in the drawing. This is due to the fact that the cutting wheel rotates in the opposite direction and, just with this arrangement of the suction hose, all dust will immediately be removed from the working area.

Interesting idea for the manufacture of

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If you still decide to make a protective hood yourself, we recommend that you measure the hose diameter from the vacuum cleaner before the nozzle is created, so that during the fastening the bend does not hang out and at the same time can normally go into the seat. Also do not forget that to connect this model of homemade shtoboreza you need two electrical "points".In this case, we advise you to make an electric extension cord for two sockets.

We consider one more self-made device
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Manual model for working with aerated concrete

Well, the last thing I would like to tell about this topic is the use of a special shroud for the aerated concrete and foam blocks, which is a bit like a hand saw on wood. This tool allows you to easily make grooves for laying the cable in a relatively new building block. Manual Model If your house is built of aerated concrete and you decided to conduct wiring in the house, we recommend not to waste your time on making a homemade instrument, but simply to buy a finished product from the manufacturer. The cost of the manual model does not exceed 500 rubles, which is not much, considering the amount of work on the entire dwelling.

Here we are told how to make a shtroborez own hands from the Bulgarians and improvised means. We hope that the information was useful and interesting for you. Be sure to watch the video examples to learn about all the intricacies of making homemade products at home!

How do I work with a manual shroud?

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