The instruction on the economy of electric power

Tips to help you save money.

A few simple and easily accessible tips will help you achieve significant electricity savings. The only condition is systemic, i.e.saving should become a style of life, and the first results will not take long to wait. The instruction on the economy of electric power

Ways to save power:

  • Perhaps, most importantly - do not forget to turn off the light when you leave the room or apartment. Turn off all household appliances from outlets that are not currently in use. If you are away from a TV or computer( as well as a number of other devices with a similar function), you can put them in the standby mode, which also contributes to reducing electricity consumption.
  • Instead of conventional incandescent lamps, it is necessary to buy and install energy-saving lamps. Firstly, the lifetime of such lamps is much longer, which is in itself a saving, and secondly it allows to significantly reduce electricity consumption;
  • When buying household appliances, such as a washing machine, pay attention to a class that must match the value of A, A +, A ++.Electricity savings in this case will be approximately 30% less.
  • If you use an electric kettle to heat water, then try to boil as much water as you currently use.
  • Try to defrost the refrigerator or freezer in good time( if available).If possible - disable them completely;
  • Always follow the manufacturer's instructions when using the washing machine. Those. The load must comply with the recommendations for maximum load. The instruction on the economy of electric power
  • If you have an electric stove in your kitchen, try to choose dishes that fit the diameter of the burner and have a lid, since there are several times more electricity consumed without the lid.
  • Turn on the air conditioner only after closing all doors and windows.
  • The last place is occupied by such an item as cleaning. If you regularly wash shades, chandeliers and windows, energy savings will increase by at least 30%.Try to get rid of the dark curtains, which even in the day create a semi-darkness in the apartment, and keep the blinds open as long as possible.
  • Very popular in our time is the service of warming living quarters with various materials. Do not neglect it, because it will help reduce electricity consumption from 20% or more. Even if you just glue the windows, you can save a few times. The instruction on the economy of electric power

Devices to save electricity.

To date, television and many Internet sites are full of bells and whistles and offer all sorts of clever devices that supposedly help the save on electricity .The effectiveness and accessibility of these devices is difficult to judge, because they are often handicraft and questionable quality. In order not to fall into the clutches of scammers who make money on this and offer unnecessary products - use advice on reducing electricity consumption, and after some time, the desired result will appear. The instruction on the economy of electric power