Who should pay for the replacement of the electricity meter?

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One of the popular situations where it is not clear on whose side the law is - the need to change the electric meter and, accordingly, to pay for the work of an electrician and the purchase of a new meter. After raising this issue in the management company, very often a discussion begins and, unfortunately, the consumer is not always right in it;You. Do not know at whose expense the electricity meter is being replaced in a private house, municipal or privatized in an apartment? Next, we'll tell you who should pay for all the embezzlement.

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Cause of perplexity

Whatever one may say, the reason you do not know who should pay the bill for replacing an old or a defective electricity meter is your own inattention. When signing the contract between you and the management company, you need to carefully read all the paragraphs of this document. Further you will learn that by law a management company can pay for the electricity meter to be changed, but if in this agreement the item is not specified or treated differently, do not be surprised that in the future you will have to pay for everything.

On whose side is the law?

So, in the Civil Code of the Russian Federation it is clearly stated that if the apartment is privatized( or a private house), the replacement with a breakdown, installation and maintenance of the electricity meter falls on the shoulders of the owner of the dwelling.

This fact can be confirmed, referring to Article 210 of Part 2. Section 2. Chapter 13., as well as 139 and 140 clause of RF Government Decree No. 530, as well as No. 354 and No. 442 as amended in 2015.

A report that confirms that the owner of a house in the private sector or an apartment himself must pay for the replacement of the electricity meter:

Response of the representative of MOSENERGOSBYT
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However, the obvious question arises: "If the electricity meter is in the apartment on the staircase, at whose expense will it be necessary to change the device? ".Here you can already rely on paragraph 7 of RF Government Decree No. 491, according to which the management company must pay for the replacement of the electricity meter in the entrance.

If the apartment is municipal( owned by the state), then an energy-saving company pays for changing the meter. Immediately it should be noted one more important nuance - if in this apartment building a contract with the management organization is concluded, it will be necessary to pay for the replacement at its expense.

Installing the electricity meter photo

Well, the last thing you have to consider - to pay for a replacement for money management company will only happen if the electricity meter is broken or its lifetime has expired. If you just decided to replace the individual electricity metering device with a new one( for example, a two-tariff meter), you will have to pay yourself, becauseThe Code clearly states that the device only changes when it is defective. By the way, you can check the electricity meter for service by yourself, clicking on the link and reading a simple instruction.

You can also find useful information on some of the nuances of replacing the meter on the video:
How to change the electricity meter?
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That's all I wanted to tell you about this. We hope, now you know, at whose expense the electricity meter is exchanged in an apartment or a private house in 2016.Once again, we ask you to carefully read what you sign, so that later you do not have to ask yourself who will pay for the work.

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