Difficulties in installing plastic windows in a wooden house

Difficulties in installing plastic windows in a wooden house

When building or repairing a wooden house, sometimes there are any difficulties, for example, laying the foundation or installing plastic windows.

If with the subtleties of laying the foundation and layman can understand, then the installation of plastic windows in a wooden house, and especially if it is old, has some complexities, nuances and features, so - it should be done only by professionals.

But despite the complexity of installation, the independent installation of plastic profiles in a wooden house is still possible, the main thing is to follow the installation technology exactly and you will succeed.

So, let's look at the subtleties of installing PVC windows in old wooden houses.



  • Preliminary work
  • How to install plastic windows in a wooden house?
  • Features of the
  • Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house with their own hands

Preliminary work of the

Before starting the

installation of new windows, it is necessary to make some preparatory work-to demount the old window, to clear the window opening from dirt and dust.

Dismantling the old window, try not to damage the wooden walls.

All unnecessary parts of old window frames and boxes should be assembled and taken out of the room so that they do not interfere with the work afterwards.

Then you need to measure the window openings, for which take the tape measure and conduct linear measurements of vertical and horizontal points.

On a sheet of paper make a drawing of the future window and mark on it all the measurements you made.

In this way, calculate the width and length of the window. Try to make more accurate measurements, because the durability and quality of the window structure depends on the accuracy of the measurements.

If the sides of the window aperture have different sizes, then in this case it will be necessary to adhere to right angles and correct form.


The contour of the window opening of the irregular shape will have to be leveled using sealant and putty.

After preparatory work, measurements and restoration of the circuit, you can go to a reliable manufacturer to order plastic windows.

When ordering windows, do not forget to specify the number of leaflets, as well as the direction of their opening.

The modern production technology of PVC windows allows the production of windows of any shape, size, colors and arrangement of leaflets.

How to install plastic windows in a wooden house?

The technology of installing plastic windows in a wooden house almost does not differ from the standard installation.

After the order and delivery of plastic structures, you can proceed to the first stage of their installation.

Some tools and fasteners are required for mounting the windows:

  • perforator or electric drill;
  • level;
  • screwdriver;
  • plastic chisel;
  • measuring tape;
  • pliers;
  • rubber kitten or wooden hammer;
  • anchor plates;
  • hex, necessary for window adjustment;
  • anchor bolts or self-tapping screws;
  • mounting foam;
  • gloves;
  • spacer wedges( you can make yourself out of wood);
  • water in the atomizer.

Plastic windows in a wooden house are best installed with an assistant, because it will be difficult for one person to cope with this difficult task, which requires special accuracy and attention, and window constructions, especially if they are large, are of considerable weight.


Please be aware that the installation of PVC windows should not be done in strong winds or when the frost is below 10 degrees.

Plastic window - this product is completely ready for installation, which consists of a frame and double-glazed windows.

And if the window is swivel-folding, then it is also equipped with doors and fittings.

If you have firmly decided to install windows with your own hands, then remember that the correct installation of the window depends on its long operation.

Installing plastic windows in a wooden house will significantly reduce the cost of heating, and the tightness of plastic designs will forever save you from various street noises.

In addition, the appearance of plastic windows is much better than that of their wooden counterparts, and it is easy to maintain such windows - they do not need to be painted every year, they open and close without much effort, and most importantly, they do not rotand do not swell with moisture.

But that all the above advantages of plastic windows really showed themselves, you need the correct installation of these structures.

The cost of plastic construction is quite acceptable for everyone, and if you consider that they are able to last very long and do not require annual painting, then in comparison with wooden window structures, PVC windows are even cheaper.

When ordering PVC windows for a wooden house, be sure to consider the material from which the house itself is built.

After all, wooden houses built of timber or logs, in due course give different shrinkage, because of what plastic structures can warp, and even completely deform.

Installing plastic windows in a wooden house has some difficulties and features, so it must be done according to the rules, following the instructions and advice of specialists.


Errors during installation or hasty installation of windows can subsequently lead to unpleasant surprises, for example, breach of the tightness of the window, skewing of the window box, etc.

Errors of errors are sometimes very expensive.

From this it follows that the correct installation of plastic windows in a wooden house, first of all, is a pledge of a warm house and avoids various problems in operation.

Features of the

What are the features of installing plastic windows in a wooden house?

As you know, wooden structures are constantly exposed to movement, that is, they shrink, and not only in the first years of operation.

Therefore, to protect against deformation of plastic structures by mounting technology, it is required to make a casing( casing).

The window is a special design that will take on all the load bearing walls.

Thanks to the window, the plastic windows will not warp or deform during the shrinkage of the wooden frame.

The window can be of two types: simple and complex.


A simple window is made as follows: at the ends of the window openings, slots are cut out, into which the bars are then slaughtered.

For a complex window, a special comb is cut out in the window opening, which is then put on the carriage with the saw groove.

The second version of the window is much safer, as when shrinking the house the comb will slide freely in the groove, without pressing down the window and not deviating vertically.

Installation of PVC windows in an old wooden house must be carried out only after the installation of the window.

The window is usually made of a bar 100x150 mm.

For the production of louvers directly in the middle of the beam, use a chisel, an ax and a manual circular saw to select a groove with a width of 50 mm, and cut out a spike 50x50x25 mm from one edge.

The grooves are made like this: circular saws are cut with a circular saw, which are then selected with an ax, and if necessary, they are finished with a chisel.

After that, with a chainsaw, they start cutting out the crests at the ends of the log. Crests are spikes 50x50 mm. The marking of the ridges should be made strictly according to the level.

The next stage is the installation of central risers and the formation of an opening between the risers.

The parking stalls are also installed according to the level. The bottom of the riser is mounted in the chosen groove, and its top is fastened with 2 mm metal galvanized plates from both sides to the log.


The installation of plastic windows in an old wooden house requires a 100 mm gap between the frame and the riser.

This is necessary for the convenience of mounting the upper 100x150 mm bars from which the central opening is created.

A 45 mm gap is left between the top bar and the log frame. The bars are fastened by nails to each other, and all the gaps are compacted with jute.

After assembly of the window and sealing of all the gaps, you can start the installation of windows independently, while doing all the rules for installing plastic windows in a wooden house.

Installation of plastic windows in a wooden house with their own hands

The self-assembly of plastic windows in a wooden house must be made according to all the rules, otherwise the window may warp because of what it will not open or close properly.

After preparation of window openings and installation of the window, you can start installing PVC windows.

Some house masters simply drill the frame right through and fasten a plastic window directly to the opening, that is, they make the installation of plastic windows in a wooden house without a window.


This installation is incorrect, as it breaks the tightness and thermal insulation of plastic structures.

For the installation of PVC windows will require special fasteners, which will be attached to the end of the frame, where there is a specially made technical sled.

For easy installation, the sash of the windows can be removed from the frame, for which the pin is removed from the hinges. A frame without wings is much easier.

Using the level set the frame in the window opening, aligned vertically and horizontally, and then attach it with special fasteners to the window.

The installation instructions for plastic windows in a wooden house prescribes a clearance for mounting foam from the bottom of the installed frame.

For this, a chip is placed under the frame, which is then pulled out.

After the installation of the window frame, the doors are hung in the window, and the plastic window is frosted with a mounting foam around the perimeter. Of course, the independent installation of plastic windows in a wooden house has some difficulties, but if you do everything according to the instructions, everything will work out for you, and the plastic windows installed by your hands will please you for a long time.


To fully understand all the features of installing plastic structures in wooden houses, you can see videos and photos of such works.

Video, shot by experts, will tell in detail about the technology of installing PVC windows, step by step clarify all the stages of installation, which will avoid many mistakes when installing plastic windows in old wooden houses.