How to choose a children's night light: a review of nightlights with photos

Many children are afraid to sleep in the dark. As soon as the room is plunged into darkness, the wild imagination of the kid immediately draws a thousand terrible monsters, which only mom can overcome or. .. a child's night light. Nightlight is an indispensable attribute of a children's room, however, like any thing for a child, it needs to be chosen taking into account certain subtleties and nuances.

To understand the features of choosing a night lamp for a children's room today, you will help "House of Dreams".


Children's night light

How to choose a night lamp for a children's room

Going to a store with children's goods, a rare parent can not get confused when his look will be a truly huge selection of nightlights. For example:

  • many modern desktop and wall nightlights are made in the form of a wide variety of toys;
  • is a night lamp, the design of which allows you to attach them to the crib, mount to the mobile or on the walls;
  • there are models equipped with musical accompa
    niment or special effects, as well as illuminating space with a colorful glow.

However, no matter how beautiful this accessory was, its main function is to illuminate. Considering that bright sharp light harms children's health, choosing a night lamp for a child, the most important thing is to make sure that its glow is soft and natural.

Night projector for newborns with music

Nightlight projector for newborns with music

Toy Night Photo

Nightlight toy

Night lamp choice for the age of the child

Children's night lamps must match their age. For example, only born crumbs often wake up at night and require close attention. To mum was able to quickly find the necessary diaper or pacifier, you need to turn on the light, but bright central illumination finally agitates the baby, and then he does not fall asleep fast. Therefore, a night lamp for newborns should give as soft and dim light as possible. Ideally, at this age, you need to attach a night light to a baby cot. However, please note that for the safety of the child, the nightlights of such a plan in the room of the newborn should only work from batteries, not from the network. Use this design can only be until the baby does not learn to stand up by himself or reach out to the things that interest him.

bedside lamps for children

Children's nightlights

Mobile with a night lamp for a cot

Mobile with bedside cradle

bedside lamp for newborns

Nightlight for infants

As soon as the baby grows up, he will begin to be afraid of the dark. It is advisable for young children to choose such nightlights that can work safely throughout the night. Best of all, this task is handled by a night light without a cord, which is directly inserted into the outlet. Children's night light in a rosette can have any form - a cartoon character, a house, a little animal, etc. Typically, these models are made of matte material, so that the light is scattered very softly and does not interfere with sleep. However, the minus of such nightlights is a small area of ​​illumination. If the baby wants to get up, or Mom needs something quick to find in the dark, you'll have to turn on a brighter light. In addition, choosing a night light, which is included in the outlet, you need to make sure that its design was safe for the baby. It is better to purchase larger models, otherwise the kid will probably want to make a toy out of it.


Children's night light in a socket


Children's night light-flower in a socket


Children's night light a ladybird in a socket

Children of preschool and primary school age will approach any model of a night lamp if, of course, its design meets the safety criteria.

If additional lighting is necessary for a child not only to drive away night fears, but also in order to work comfortably, it is worth taking a closer look at the universal model consisting of a night lamp and a table lamp. Children's table lamp with a night lamp differs from the usual in that it has a function that allows you to choose different modes and degrees of illumination. Most often, these designs are equipped with a sensor sensor, so that you can turn on and off the light, and make it brighter, you can only with one touch.


Children's table lamp with night light

Also to illuminate the room, where the child lives preschool age, children's night lamps are suitable. Models of these nightlights are presented in the most diverse version and their choice largely depends on the features of the design of the room. Wall lights are best to hang so that the baby can reach them without getting out of bed.

However, when choosing a night light of such a plan, it is very important to make sure that the lanyard, allowing to turn on the light or switch, was safe to use.


Children's night lights


Children's lamps for night lights on the wall

Night projectors: the best choice for children

Nightlights, their appearance resembling a work of art or a real toy, today hardly anyone will be surprised. However, in addition to external beauty, some models of children's nightlights may well surprise with their additional functions. For example, a children's night light projector of the starry sky allows not only to create additional lighting, but also to diversify the leisure of the baby, and also to transform his room into a fairy tale. Perhaps the most popular model of such a plan is the children's night projector "Turtle", which, among other things, is also equipped with music.

Some nightlights have the function of changing the cartridge, so that parents can choose pictures to be projected to the ceiling. For example, a night projector can please a kid with a bright scattering of the starry sky, floating colorful fish, animals walking along the ceiling and other interesting pictures.

child nightlight projector turtle

Children's nightlight projector turtle

night projectors for children

Nightlights projectors for children

night star starry sky

Night light starry sky children's rotating


Children's night light projector photo

Children's nightlights with additional functions

Some nightlights, equipped with music, also have an additional function of responding to the crying of a child. That is, if the baby wakes up and starts to cry, the nightlight will react to this melodic cradle.

In addition, there is a whole series of "smart" nightlights, which independently regulate the intensity of lighting. When the room is dark, the night-lights burn at full power, but as soon as the first rays begin to seep into the room, the light of nightlights gradually weakens.


Children's musical night-light


Children's musical night-light with projector

Night light for newborns musical

Nightlight for newborns musical

A salt lamp can be a useful alternative to an ordinary children's nightlight. Inside the lamp, which is most often made of ceramics, large crystals of salt and a lamp are placed. When the lamp is heated, the salt is heated, thereby ionizing and purifying the air.

When installing a child's night light in your child's room, be sure to pay attention to the baby that, however beautiful and interesting this attribute is, play with it is not safe for health. In addition, remember that any powerful lighting equipment should not be placed very close to the baby cot.

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