Lilac bedroom - the original solution for the realm of sleep in your home

Lilac, purple or lilac - is there any difference?

It is worth noting that a peculiar struggle between these shades has lasted for many years. Most people simply do not see a difference between them, which can become fundamental when decorating a bedroom. So, you need to start with the base, which is the purple color. It is a blend of blue and red in almost equal parts and is the last in a palette of cool colors. A little bit more red, and before you already purple - the first in a palette of warm colors!

Amazingly beautiful is a purple color. For a better understanding of what is at stake, imagine. .. clover meadow. This is a nice pink-blue or even pink-blue shade. Due to the slight predominance of pink, lilac color is ideal for decorating a soft and romantic interior. What place among them is the lilac color? In all its diversity, it is a light purple hue. Not too saturated and catchy, pleasant to the eye and not irritating. Most often lilac we call something that, with its color, reminds us of the luxuriant inflorescence of lilac bushes. In general, this understanding is extremely close to the truth. So:

  • violet - deep, saturated, cold and quite bright color;
  • lilac - its softer, light and slightly "diluted" shade;
  • lilac - a shade of the same violet, but with a predominance of pink color, giving it a certain warmth.

Bedroom in lilac tones - optimal color combinations

Today, designers offer a variety of bedroom design options using a variety of shades of lilac. However, all of them can be divided into several groups, based on the most common color combinations. It's about monochrome performance of the interior, the classic combination of lilac and white, a combination of lilac and other neutral shades, its combination with contrasting colors. Weigh all the advantages and disadvantages of these options, choose the bedroom design in lilac color and boldly embark on the embodiment of your ideas!

Designers suggest to refuse a combination of lilac with beige, sand or cream shades, and give preference to white. Someone like this lilac-white interior may seem too cold, but that's what makes it even more unusual and attractive. When the room is adequately lit, you will not experience any discomfort: a cozy bedroom will seem light and visually more spacious. The main issue that you have to solve in this case will be the dominance of one of these colors.

Example: if you decide to use lilac wallpaper in the bedroom to finish all the walls, then decorate the ceiling, buy textiles and curtains better in white. And vice versa. Thanks to this harmony, you will get a cozy room, and not a semblance of a hospital ward or an absolutely tasteless interior.

It is advisable to exercise extreme caution when you stop on a monochrome solution. In this case, the winning cards in your hands are numerous shades of purple: lilac, blackberry, lilac, purple, plum, etc. Even the color of fuchsia will take its place. To avoid inappropriate in the bedroom "gravity" of the interior, its brightness and obsession, it is recommended to use lighter and more gentle tones for decorating the walls. Favorably underline their accessories more saturated colors: bedroom curtains lilac, purple pillows, plum bedspreads and wraps for furniture, blankets.

Pay attention to the fabrics: velvet, silk and brocade will bring to the interior a touch of luxury and wealth. With a little effort, the bedroom can turn into a real boudoir. Translucent lightweight fabrics are ideal for creating a romantic and even a little rustic interior.

The combination of lavender color and other neutral shades( gray, light brown, etc.) will be optimal for people calm and balanced. However, such a bedroom interior in lilac color must be diluted with a few bright accents, contrasting or from a monochrome color scheme. Otherwise, he will quickly get bored, will look inexpressive and not too attractive. And at all the undesirable effect will be blurring the boundaries of objects in the room, when you do not immediately see the place where the cabinet turns into curtains, and the bed separates from the dresser.

For people more active and creative designers offer the interior of the bedroom in lilac tones, combined with contrasting colors. Especially good for this are yellow, green, red or orange colors. They will be additional and will find their expression in textiles and accessories. The background for them will be a light lilac, used for finishing the walls. Special attention to this solution requires a number of bright accents and colors applied. Do not interfere all in one heap, decorating the room with green curtains, a red plaid and an orange carpet. Let it be, for example, lilac, yellow and orange;lilac, red and orange or lilac, green and yellow.

Lilac bedroom - style solution and choice of furniture

It is a mistake to believe that a bedroom in lilac color can only be sustained in the style of "minimalism" or "vintage".In combination with purple and white, it may well be framed in the style of French Provence. It is only necessary to choose the right accessories and furniture. The most advantageous will look vintage furniture and textiles with numerous frills. The bedroom in the classical style can be made in lilac-brown color scheme. However, in this interior, the lilac color, rather, will play a secondary role and be used in textiles. But the furniture should be massive, sound, made of high-quality wood.

Specialists note that the choice of furniture for the lilac bedroom should be based not on the color scheme, but on the style of the interior, the features of the layout, the area of ​​the room and other nuances. Together they will lead you to the right decision. After all, it is the style of the interior and the quality of lighting that often determine the color of furniture for the room, its configuration and other parameters.

Fans of pop art can also withstand the design of the bedroom in lilac tones. Contrast combinations, a minimum of pieces of furniture with clear lines( built-in or furniture-transformer for the bedroom is only welcome), glossy surfaces - all this is ideal for creative and modern youth. Luxury fabrics, a combination of lilac with green, gold and yellow - a great opportunity to turn a room into eastern chambers. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of bringing some mystery and even mysticism to the interior. Thus, even for the most demanding taste there is a solution for decorating a bedroom in the color of lilac.