We choose: a border of ceramic, concrete or, maybe, rubber?

What is the role of the curb?

At first glance it may seem that the curb performs only the decorative function , but it is not. Yes, with it flower beds and lawns look more attractive, but in addition it carries out a number of other tasks. Firstly, divides the different zones of among themselves( paths, lawns, sidewalks).It is thanks to them that cars do not leave for the pedestrian zone. Borders are a kind of obstacle to this.

Secondly, they perform fixing function for paving tiles, concrete pavement, granite pavers. That is, they are a certain emphasis. Thirdly, protects the tracks of and other territory from the ground, which can accidentally fall from the beds. Also, with the arrangement of lawns, they prevent the growth of grass in the area where it should not be. The grass grows in the right place( curbs act in this case as limiters).

Types of curbs in the location of the

Depending on where the curb will be, the following types are distinguished: road, garden, sidewalk

.The first are used for asphalting roads, as well as along the carriageway in yards. They have a gray tint, are made of concrete, their width and height can be different. Garden or lawn perform restrictive and decorative functions.

Mount them both in the local area, and in the suburban areas. They can have a variety of shapes and are made of plastic, stone, wood and other materials. They are involved for one more useful task - they prevent the growth of plantations( flower beds, lawns). Sidewalk curbs designed to protect the pedestrian zone. Their first and main task is the protection of pedestrians. Are made of paving slabs, concrete.

Types of curbs for the

fabrication material As already mentioned, curbs can also be classified according to the material of manufacture. Today, not only concrete curbs are used, it can also be ceramic, rubber, wooden, stone, etc.

Brick is inserted one side into the ground, and the second is located on the surface. It looks externally, like sticking teeth, only suitable for finishing a small flower bed, as it can easily be destroyed by physical effort.

Concrete are the most durable and affordable. And with the addition of gravel, sand or gravel in its composition, the mechanical characteristics only increase. In addition, it is also a sufficiently frost-resistant material that can withstand any temperature differences. Therefore, it can be used both for urban and for landscape design.

Stone borders are mostly used in landscape gardening to decorate flower beds and flower beds. Moreover, stones can be used any, to your taste. The voids between them are filled with concrete. By the way, tiles curb is stacked exactly the same way, with the only difference that old granite can be used as the main material.

Wooden bord wood performs a decorative function, and is also widely applicable in landscape design. Most often they are made of wicker from various branches.

In case you need flexible curbs , products made of plastic or rubber are suitable. They have sufficient frost resistance, ease of installation and unpretentious operation. As practical, this material can be compared with concrete.

The rubber curb also has a certain safety margin and is good for decorating children's playgrounds and recreation areas. At falling the kid does not injure his legs.

There is another version of this material - ribbon-curb .It is easy to buy in an ordinary building store and even easier to install on the site. It is impossible to say that it is solid. But it perfectly fulfills the function of the enclosing device when decorating beds, flower beds, flower beds, lawns. Its thickness can be 0.5-2 mm, the length can be any( depends on the manufacturer).There are also self-adhesive borders, which have the form of a film and are applied over the finished product.

Note! If you still do not know what type of curb you need, consider the following parameters: the expected life and scope. In accordance with this sales consultants in any store will select the right material for you.