Purple color in the interior

Quite an interesting choice - purple in the interior. Today it is one of the most fashionable stylish colors in all its variety: from gently lilac to plum. It can be elegantly and beautifully applied to create a background or accent decorative details in any room: in the living room, hallway, bedroom, kitchen, children's room and even a bathroom.


  1. Combination of violet with other colors in the interior
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Shades of color will help create and emphasize any modern style: for modern, the best choice will be a calm amethyst in strict combination with brown and white, for futurism, pop art, minimalism, hi-tech ideal bright shades of lilac or fuchsia, for loft only one color-rich detail - plaid, pillow, cape will revive the look of the room.

Combination of violet with other colors in the interior

To purple not look too heavy, you need to dilute it with light tones - yellow, white, pink, green. The combination of purple and light colors will give the interior a lightness and a sense of space, which is especially true for small rooms.

What colors are best combined with purple in the interior? Each shade, and this purple, lilac, plum, lavender, fuchsia, lilac, eggplant, phlox, amethyst, blueberry, blackberry combines with its color. An important role is played by the degree of saturation. Dark can be diluted with warm tones of yellow, pink or orange. Light well will be combined with pink and blue. Exquisitely looks a combination with white. Literally on a fashion squeak combination with olive and pistachio.

Harmonious and attractive to make the interior in violet color will help the photos posted in this article. The heart of any house is the living room. Purple color in the interior of the living room will be remembered for each of your guests. Even within the same color, using different shades you can play on contrasts.

For example, use amethyst for walls, and furniture or textiles to arrange a light tone. It is important when designing interiors in rooms with violet to properly place lighting. Light should be a lot: basic and additional lighting, ceiling and wall, floor and wall lamps. Playing with light will create a luxurious apartment from the room.

Less common, but the original looks violet in the interior of the bedroom. Use its basic tone is undesirable, so with a tender feeling of love for color, you can place it accent - furniture, carpet, sofa. The combination of purple and white will look very elegant. Very gently looks and the bedroom for a teenage girl in lilac or in an attractive violet-pink. Purple with brown - a glamorous bedroom option for a lonely man.

Spacious kitchen - the perfect springboard for playing with shades of color. For large kitchens in the style of hi-tech, pin-up or minimalism, you can use eggplant, plum tones, for small - gentle muted shades. Among psychologists, there is an opinion that this color suppresses the appetite. Those who fear this can be advised to apply a variety of color accents - hang purple curtains or blinds, put furniture of this color, install any shade protective screen-apron. It will be appropriate to look a luxurious combination of purple and gray or silver or chrome.

Violet is a creative and original color that always brings with it a note of mysterious mysticism and modernity.

Photo of purple in interior

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