Polycarbonate greenhouse with own hands

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Polycarbonate greenhouse is well suited for growing vegetables, protecting seedlings in spring periods, creating a greenhouse. You can assemble the greenhouse on your own: you need to order a kit or separately purchase aluminum profiles and polycarbonate. The construction of the structure takes only half a day and does not require special skills of the performer.


  1. Drawings and schemes of greenhouses from polycarbonate
  2. Preparing for operation
  3. Step-by-step instruction for building a greenhouse of polycarbonate
  4. Video assembling of a greenhouse made of polycarbonate with your own hands

Drawings and schemes of a greenhouse made of polycarbonate

Download scheme of a greenhouse made of polycarbonate

Preparing for operation

A greenhousepolycarbonate with their own hands is quite simple. But for a long life of the structure you need to take care of the correct foundation. Optimal for light greenhouses is considered a strip foundation.

It will be enough to protect the greenhouse from distortions or damages. The width of the foundation must slightly exceed the width of the lower base profiles. Only the perimeter of the structure is needed to make the base.

Step-by-step instruction on construction of a greenhouse made of polycarbonate

Before the manufacture of a greenhouse made of polycarbonate and a profile, it is necessary to separately decompose the elements of the structure, several times to look through the diagrams.

This will help to quickly and correctly connect all the elements. The construction of a greenhouse of polycarbonate begins from the collection of the lower profiles - the foundation.

Initially, wall supports and corner joints are laid out on the ribbon foundation. Then they are fastened by jumpers( they are installed on the seams, they are tightened with bolts).

Further work is carried out according to the following instruction:

1. Vertical supports are installed on the rounded corners. Screw to the horizontal profiles.

2. Rack-supports are mounted on 2-3 units per wall. Loose attached to the lower profiles: in their grooves in the future will install polycarbonate.

3. The upper supports are installed, which will strengthen the frame and serve as the basis for fixing the roof. In addition, they will serve as a drain.

4. Polycarbonate is installed in the grooves on the vertical profiles. Profiles tightly screwed to the base.

5. The roof rafters are installed. They should be loosely attached to the supports. Next, a ridge profile is installed. Only after careful insertion and obtaining of a strong joint with a ridge the rafters are screwed to the upper horizontal profiles.

6. Additional profiles-rafters are mounted: they are screwed to the already fixed skate.

7. Polycarbonate is additionally supported by thin diagonal posts: they are inserted into the free grooves of the supporting profiles. A protective film is removed from the polycarbonate.

8. The lifting window for the roof is assembled separately, installed in the free space between the profiles, as shown in the attached photos.

9. The roof is strengthened by installing brackets between the rafters and the wall support profiles.

10. All joints between polycarbonate sheets and grooves of profiles are sealed. The joints of the two profiles are closed by another thin profile.

11. Fronts are mounted( polycarbonate is installed in the grooves of the profiles).Two parts of the door are assembled, installed in the opening with the help of loops.

12. The profile base is stapled to the ribbon foundation.

Detailed instructions will help to understand how to make a greenhouse made of polycarbonate with your own hands without errors. But it is important to consider the density of the connection of the elementsJoints should be smooth, and each joint - strong. Additionally, it is recommended to study the training videos: they will help you to become more familiar with the stages of the polycarbonate greenhouse construction.

The assembly of a greenhouse made of polycarbonate is finished, as in the photo, installing adapters to the profile gutters, attaching pipes for removing rainfall.

Optional fasteners for lifting the window. They need to be ordered separately: they are usually not included.

Will help in the manufacture of greenhouses made of polycarbonate and the creation of high-quality ventilation.

Small blinds with aluminum frame optimally cope with this task. But before proceeding with the installation of this element, you should study the design drawings and choose the optimal location for the window.

Video assemblies of polycarbonate greenhouses with their own hands

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