Life-giving moisture in the air: 8 ways to increase the humidity in the apartment

Normal air humidity for the room

Relative humidity, the one reported in the weather forecasts, is the percentage of atmospheric humidity at a certain temperature.

In the rooms people feel most comfortable and breathe easily with humidity: in the summer time 60-75%, in winter about 55-70%.

Please note! If the apartment or house is filled with solid wood furniture, have a wooden finish, parquet or other interior items made of this natural material, it is sufficient to maintain a humidity of 50-60%.

Do not try to lower the humidity of the room below these marks. Even in the Sahara desert, relative air humidity is 25%.

How to measure the humidity in the house?

The home hygrometer will help to make it easier and more effective. A small and simple to operate device will show the exact moisture content in the home atmosphere, and you can buy it in almost any home appliance store.

If you have a home weather station or air conditioner that measures the content of evaporations in the air, they will also allow you to accurately and quickly find out the result.

Today, the humidity can be recognized even through applications for the smartphone. Just download and install the program, and it will allow you to easily monitor the state of your home microclimate.


How to increase the humidity in the apartment?

If the measurements showed an unacceptably low mark, and household members feel on themselves and notice signs of a lack of water vapor in the air, it is worthwhile to improve the atmosphere.

In case of insufficient room humidity:

  • leaves of domestic plants dry out at the edges, disappear for no apparent reason;
  • in the throat of people and animals pershit;
  • the mucous membranes of the mouth and nose are overdried, there is discomfort;
  • the skin dries and peels off;
  • appears cough and runny nose.

Sluggish house flower

There are many ways to increase the vapor content in the air. Some of them we now consider.

Quick ways of

If over-dried air is an irregular phenomenon in your apartment, it is enough to apply several quick, but short-term methods.

Wet sheets

This grandmother's method is still actively used, if you increase the water vapor content in the air quickly and briefly. For this, sheets, towels or any other voluminous textiles urinate, squeeze out and hang around the house. During the heating season it is preferable to hang fabrics on the radiators, in the summer time - in the aisles and places where the canvas will not interfere with you.


Conventional atomizer will cope with the task no worse. Just spray clean water in all rooms in the air and on the curtains through the most frequent nozzle that forms a cloud of small sprays.


Tanks with water on batteries

Dryness often occurs in the winter due to the fact that the heated radiators simply supersede the moisture. In this case, you can place the water bowls on the batteries or the porous containers between the sections in the radiator itself. The water will gradually evaporate, saturating the air.

Increasing the humidity for a long time

If the dryness of the microclimate for you is a constant phenomenon, and it is necessary to struggle against it all the year round, methods that will allow you to forget about this problem will be useful.

Aquarium humidify the air

An excellent option to fix the atmosphere in the house - to install an aquarium. It is not necessary to start fish. In the illuminated water decorative frogs, snails, turtles, jellyfish look great. You can completely abandon the living creatures, decorating the reservoir with smooth stones and several aquarium plants.

Aquarium with jellyfish

Indoor flowers against dry air

Surprisingly, it is those who are the first to suffer from dryness and are able to improve their situation. The plants with large soft leaves, for example, the monstera, are best able to cope with the task set. As a rule, they come from humid tropical forests and are accustomed to absorb a lot of moisture and give a lot. The main thing is to take good care of the flowers( regularly watering, wiping the leaves from dust, sprinkling), and then they will pay you a healthy atmosphere in the house.


Indoor fountain on health guard

The indoor fountain perfectly copes with the role of the humidifier. The water in it is constantly poured, so it evaporates faster than, say, from the aquarium. In addition, it is very beautiful and creates a cozy atmosphere. The main thing is to use only clean water and change it often, and wash the fountain itself to avoid the formation of microorganisms.

Room fountain


Did you notice how easy it is to breathe outdoors after the rain? If the dryness of the air in your home is a frequent visitor, get in the habit of airing the room during wet weather. The main thing here is not to overdo it: if the rain hits the windows - it makes no sense to open them immediately, wait for the end of the bad weather and only then ventilate.

Weathering in wet weather

Household humidifiers

Today in every household appliance store you can find household humidifiers that work from electricity and effectively cope with maintaining a healthy microclimate. Devices are steam, traditional and ultrasonic. Ask the seller about the pros and cons of each of these options and choose the right one.

Household humidifiers

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