Partition of plasterboard with their own hands

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The separation of a large premise into parts for a neat zoning is most easily done with a drywall. The material is easy to use, does not require special skills of the performer. Preparation and implementation take a minimum of time. A stylish finish allows you to create original interior partitions from plasterboard for a practical separation of space.


  1. Preparing for installation
  2. Installing fixtures and screwing the GKL sheets
  3. Installing the partition wall with the
  4. door Video mounting the drywall partitions with your own hands

Preparing for installation

The contractor will need to select the type of partition wall in advance. You can create a one-piece separator with a door, and a partition that occupies only half the room. The first option is suitable for creating separate rooms, the second one will allow you to allocate a recreation area and work area or create two separate ones from one of the children's rooms. Interesting photos of interior partitions from gypsum cardboard will help to determine the most suitable type and to study popular stylistics.

The layout of the room for mounting the structure is carried out on walls, ceiling and floor. Using the level, you need to draw those sections where the mounts will be located. It is important to remember that you need to navigate according to the level: walls, doors and windows can be located at a small angle, which will result in an uneven installation of the plasterboard partition.

Installation of fasteners and fastening of GKL sheets

For the beginning of work it is necessary to get dowels, profiles, screws and plasterboard itself. For the simplicity of screwing the sheets, it is recommended to use a screwdriver. It will allow to perform the installation qualitatively and quickly. And to understand how to make an internal partition with your own hands, the following instruction will help:

1. On the marked marks with the help of dowels the guide profiles are fixed.

2. Rack profiles are placed near the walls and further at a distance of approximately 50-60 cm.

3. The sheet fastening starts from the wall. Self-tapping screws should be placed on segments of 15-20 cm. The hats should be recessed into the sheet and not protrude over it.

4. The joints of the sheets must fall on the middle of the support, so if necessary, the profile can be slightly moved.

5. The last sheet should usually be pruned so that it stands on the highlighted spot. You can trim with a sharp clerical knife. Before screwing drywall on the second side, it is necessary to fill the space between the profiles with mineral wool.

6. After the screwing of the material on both sides of the structure is completed, the joints are grouted using a primer.

7. The resulting separator after drying the grout can be painted, covered with decorative plaster, adhesive film or conventional wallpaper.

The time for the installation of interior partitions from gypsum board will depend on the amount of work. The simplest and quickest are small constructions for zoning. But regardless of the size and features of the splitter, its cost will be negligible.

Installing the partition wall with the door

When creating a separate wall with the door, you need to modify the rack profiles, which will be installed in the box. In the middle of the pillar a bar is inserted, which ensures sufficient rigidity and strength of the structure. Also the addition is inserted in the profiles located above the passage and at the threshold.

A qualitative interior partition of plasterboard with a door must be carried out taking into account the load received by the separator. Installing to create a passage requires a light door. Excellent fit for this purpose products from MDF.

Creating a unique element will require a little time and a minimum of financial investments. In addition to these recommendations for a high-quality work should be used and a detailed video on the installation of interior partitions of gypsum board. Accuracy and correct preparation will help to build a safe and reliable design, capable of accurate operation for many years.

Video mounting of plasterboard partitions with their own hands

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