Acrylic or cast iron bath? Overview of advantages and disadvantages of both options

The rhythm of the life of modern man is such that we are forced to spend most of the day at work. Coming home in the evening, we feel completely overwhelmed. Only taking a bath with various incenses allows us to relax a little and relieve the stress accumulated throughout the whole working day. But what is better, acrylic or cast iron bath? A review of the merits and demerits of both options will help us make the most rational choice. After all, we acquire this plumbing fixture not for one year.

Acryl and cast iron: which is better?

Acrylic and cast iron: which is better?

We compare products according to their basic parameters

Each type of bath has its own shortcomings and advantages, which makes us better understand these nuances before coming for purchase to the store. First of all, it's worth talking about strength and durability. Undoubtedly, cast iron has a great strength potential, and the product of this material is heavier, but more stable. Even with the help of a heavy hammer, a cast-iron bath is not easy to split, so there is a clear advantage over the acrylic product. If we consider the second option, it can be noted that the acrylic bath is more light, and the degree of its strength depends on the type of reinforcement of the material. If a metal mesh is used as an armature, then such a product is sufficiently strong. However, it is important to understand that longevity also depends on how correctly the product is maintained and operated.

Now consider the appearance and cost of both options. Cast-iron baths are covered with a high-quality enamel coating with an even good glossy gloss. The advantages of acrylic include a variety of color solutions. Moreover, the dyes are added directly to the plastic at the stage of product manufacturing, which allows you to maintain the original color of the bath during the entire period of operation. On the market you can find a huge variety of colors, from ordinary white and ending with an incredible black. If you compare the price of a cast-iron and acrylic bath, you can see that they are almost the same. However, there are exceptions: some models of acrylic products with complex design features, exclusive design solutions, additional reinforcement are much more expensive. However, here again it is worth to be attentive, since too much sophistication of the forms of acrylic bath can be achieved only with weak reinforcement, which reduces the strength of the product.

Acrylic baths with hydromassage are very popular today.

Acrylic bathtubs with hydromassage

are very popular today. The products compared have completely different parameters of thermal stability, and different rules of care apply to them. Cast iron alloy in its structure contains a large amount of carbon, which gives this material a very high heat capacity. Cast-iron bath for a long time warms up, but it cools down no more than 1 degree in 10 minutes. This is a very good indicator. And now, attention! Acrylic bath for 1 degree cools for half an hour. That is, the heat capacity of this plastic is three times higher than that of cast iron. It is because of this quality that acrylic baths are preferred by people who like to luxuriate long in a bath with hot water.

With regard to care, an irresponsible attitude can do anything harm. Therefore, drop heavy items, that in that another product is strictly prohibited. The cast-iron bath is covered with enamel, so if it is damaged at least a little, the problem will start to grow like a snowball. Rust will start around this damage. This bath will have to be restored, which is quite laborious: cover with new enamel, removing the old one, pour liquid acrylic or insert a special acrylic liner.

Bath, restored with acrylic - the state of the new

Bath, restored with acrylic - the state of the new

The most popular is the method of pouring acrylic. Liquid plastic fills all irregularities, leveling the surface. This method guarantees a long service life after repair and a smooth shiny surface. In care, the acrylic bathtub is more demanding than the cast iron, although generally quite comfortable. Here the main thing is not to use too powerful solvents that can damage acrylic and detergents containing abrasive substances. It is sufficient to use a light detergent in the form of a liquid and a soft sponge. For daily maintenance it is quite reasonable to simply rinse the bath with tap water from the tap.

How to choose the cast iron bath

If you decide to purchase a cast iron bath, you need to have an idea of ​​the main criteria for choosing it. First of all, it is worth paying close attention to its appearance. After all, this product is the main one in the bathroom and occupies a central place. Therefore, the design of the bath should be in perfect harmony with the entire interior of this room. In order to choose the right one, you should focus your attention on the size and shape of the product. Emerging in recent years, modern technologies for processing materials, allow manufacturers to experiment. On sale you can find rectangular, oval, round and corner products, which have become the main find for owners of apartments with a small area.

There are two types of cast iron baths in the manner of installation. In addition to traditional embedded models, separate baths are produced today. They come in several stylistic variants:

  • The baroque style is usually characterized by an oval shape and fanciful legs, which can have, for example, the form of lion's paws.
  • Baths made in hi-tech style, have strict container contours, chrome triangular or rectangular legs.
  • Products made "antique" today are very fashionable, as curved legs can give a refined look even to the leanest and minimalist bathroom.
Such a bath can be safely called a masterpiece of skill

This bath can be safely called a masterpiece of

craftsmanship. In recent years, cast iron baths have been manufactured with various additional useful functions:

  • Hydromassage, which allows you to relax the muscles of your body, thanks to its relaxing action.
  • Backlight, creating a romantic mood in the host of an aquatic procedure.
  • Fully automatic maintenance of water temperature, which makes it possible to stay in hot water for as long as you want.

When choosing a cast-iron bath, it is worth remembering the quality of casting and enamel coating: a good coating should be free from unevenness, roughness, streaks, waves and bumps. If, during a visual inspection, you suddenly found any of the above defects, this indicates that the enamel was applied unevenly, which very quickly leads to corrosion on the enamel surface.

Let's finish the brief review of the rules for choosing cast iron baths by listing their advantages:

  • Excellent stability, thanks to the large weight.
  • The color of the enamel has a noble and rich appearance.
  • The enamelled surface does not accumulate dirt, it is easy to clean, it does not crack or break.
  • Good sound insulation does not cause inconvenience when using the shower and pouring water.
  • Very long lifetime, measured in decades.

Of the drawbacks of a cast iron bath, one can note only its large weight, which creates inconvenience during transportation, ascent to the upper floors of houses and installation.

What is the difference between acrylic baths

Since acrylic bathtubs have gained a lot of popularity today, a huge number of manufacturers have emerged who mold these products from plastic, often violating all conceivable technical regulations. As a result, a large percentage of low-quality products reach the consumer. In this regard, when buying an acrylic bath it is worth paying attention to the following nuances:

  • An important indicator of product quality is the thickness of the material. It is determined by the cut of the border, which can be fingered. The quality product has a thickness of more than 5 mm.
  • For strength and durability of a bath of acrylic the reinforcing layer meets. Conscientious producers, as a rule, tend to take care of strengthening their products. The armature is visible on the side edges, so it should be considered very carefully. Best if it is made of metal mesh. A great influence on the strength and surface treatment of acrylic. It must also be done qualitatively.
  • An external examination should not reveal a different burr on the sides of the product, roughness and potholes.
  • When tapping on the product, it should make a dull sound, which indicates the quality of the bath.
  • The availability of a quality certificate is important. After all, serious firms do not stint on its receipt, bringing the quality of its products to the required standards.

In addition to the above, we will summarize all the advantages of acrylic baths:

  • Unconditional ease - the weight of any acrylic bath is not more than 30 kg.
  • High plasticity of the material - under vacuum conditions it is possible to blow out any geometric shapes.
  • Acrylic bathtubs are very pleasing to the senses - their perfectly smooth and smooth surface is able to bring true pleasure to anyone, even the most demanding, bather.
  • This bath can easily be restored with the help of liquid acrylic.
Acrylic bath can be chosen for every taste, shape and color

Acrylic bath can be chosen for every taste, shape and color.

. You can also note a few minor drawbacks of the acrylic bath:

  • Acrylic is a fragile enough material, so dropping heavy things into the bath can lead to the appearance of a hole.
  • The bottom of the acrylic bath slightly flexes under the weight of a person during bathing, but this circumstance will very soon stop bothering you, as you just get used to and will not notice it.
  • Acrylic baths can not be made in the form of a freestanding font like cast-iron ones. Usually they have a special decorative lining covering the space below.

In order to make the right choice between cast iron and acrylic, you need to take all the information outlined above into account and relate it to your specific conditions and preferences. In this case, you will only enjoy your purchase while taking water procedures. With proper care, both options will serve you faithfully for decades.