Launching a lawn or how to make the tired eye of a city dweller happy?

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How to arrange a lawn - the key stages of the work of

There are several types of grass coverings: meadow, an annual Moorish and parterre lawn, which serves for the design of flower beds and landscaping of the territory adjacent to buildings. Regardless of the purpose and differences in the technology of creation, the arrangement of the lawn provides for standard arrangements for preparing the soil for sowing grass seeds. Only for marshy soil is it necessary to carry out special reclamation works to drain and remove excess moisture from the site.

The technology of a lawn device involves the use of a territory that is not suitable for growing cultivated garden and garden plants. Plant the site with herbs, usually in early spring, in the previously prepared soil. A classic lawn is a perfectly flat area, which should be illuminated by the sun for at least a small part of the day. Shading of crops is highly undesirable. How to arrange a lawn and where to start its creation?

How to equip the lawn - prepare the soil

Before starting the basic work, you need to conduct a preliminary inspection and layout of the site. All the mounds and small hills are cut off, and potholes and ruts are covered with soil. From the territory of the future lawn remove various garbage, stones, dead wood and stumps. After the soil is perfectly even, you can start preparing it for sowing.

At the moment, there are often disputes about the expediency of digging the soil. Lately, many supporters of organic organic farming have appeared, who have already proved in practice that deep digging of the land leads to a significant decrease in soil fertility and its degradation.

Therefore, the device of seed lawn is best to start with a small loosening of the site( to a depth of not more than 7 cm).As a result, a dense natural soil structure is preserved with numerous drains left behind by earthworms and rotted roots. In these courses, moisture and oxygen freely flow to the plants. Next, consider the various methods of lawn construction, as well as their types.

Types and methods of lawn construction

Ground floor lawn .This species is distinguished for its magnificence and beauty. He usually arranges at the front entrance, along the alleys and around the flower gardens. Therefore, the device of a lawn in the country house can begin with the sowing of this type of grass cover. Parterre lawn requires constant care and care. For him, specially selected stunted grass with a bright green foliage. Used as one of the main elements of landscape design.

Mauritanian lawn .Fairly beautiful and elegant herbaceous cover, which includes a lot of flowering plants. Seed material for it consists of more than a dozen names of seeds of meadow grasses. The height of the grass grows to half a meter. The haircut is performed only once a year, but watering is required regularly.

Such a lawn resembles a blossoming forest glade, pleasing its pomp and beauty. It can be arranged on almost any soil. The main condition for the lush growth of plants is sufficient illumination.

Meadow Lawn .This kind is most suitable for sowing large household plots. Perfectly suitable for a wide variety of landscape design. The composition of meadow grasses includes plants of various heights. The grass stand practically does not need a strut, but, like any lawn, requires regular watering.

Now that you know how to equip a lawn, you can safely go to the store for seeds. When buying, pay special attention to the humidity and timing of germination, which are indicated on the package. If possible, consult with knowledgeable specialists, and they will help to create a green carpet from meadow perennial grasses at your house.

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