Children's bunk bed with their own hands

Children grow up, go to school, there is a need for additional space - in the air is the idea of ​​repairing an apartment. Where can I get the missing meters in a standard two-piece or a three-piece? What can you combine and combine with? The use of a bunk bed will help to release and use more rationally about 3 square meters of valuable space. We glance at the beds that occupy so much space on which the children sleep. The beds are sound, which can serve not one year.


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Today you can buy a semi-finished bunk bed and collect it yourself. Savings will be, according to various estimates, 20 to 30% of the cost of the finished product. But if you already have beds and they are suitable for both the state and size. The conclusion suggests itself - we must make a bunk bed with our own hands. Budget option will save up to 80-90% of the cost of a new bed.

We will consider the economical option how to make your own hands a children's bunk bed, when there are two identical wooden beds available. This variant of the bed is actual for children's rooms in Khrushchev. Where to start, to avoid disappointment?

The design of bunk beds

1. to study the design of available beds, whether they are subject to transformation, how strong are their components;

2. sketch the sketch or design drawing , determine the dimensions of the details of the bunk bed. The dimensions of the new bunk bed , in plan, may differ slightly from the size of the original bed. It is necessary to pay attention to this;

3. determine how much you need to buy( wooden bars, furniture bolts, corners, etc.);

4. Prepare a set of tools for working with wood( chisels, hand saws, electric drills, roulette, Bulgarian).

Drawings of a bunk bed

When choosing a place for a bunk bed, you need to take into account that the second floor is usually more stuffy than the bottom. It is desirable that the air streams would grab the second level of the bed. When designing a bunk bed drawing, it is necessary to take into account the height of the ceilings of the children's room, the height of the bed's tier. It is not excluded that the baby will want to jump on it, and the adult to sit down on the bottom. And getting up, he should not be banging his head against the upper tier. Determine where in the bed will be located a ladder for lifting to the second level. You can take into account that the ladder for lifting can combine the functions of the Swedish wall. The child will gladly climb more than once a day, train muscles. Finally, the stability of the bed will add peace to your life. Therefore, it is desirable to provide( depending on the design of the bed and room) fixing the bed to the wall, floor or ceiling. For the second tier of the bed, it is necessary to provide a bead from the horizontal board.

Making a bunk bed with your own hands

Let's start this exciting process of creation. Buy edged board for racks of standard cross-section 10x5 cm and length about 220 cm, board 10x2 for an additional edge on the second tier, beam 60x30 for making a vertical ladder, tightening bolts 120 mm long-8 pcs., Length 70mm-8 pcs, metal corners and screws for stairs. For a complete and more precise list of details, see drawings and photos of .We put the markings on the boards and bars. We measure the necessary length. We check that everything has been put in the right places, the right size, according to the developed drawing. We do the felling of the planned places. We process wooden parts: we clean it, cover it with varnish, matched to the frame of the bed. Drill the holes under the furniture bolts. For a better understanding of how to make a bunk bed with your own hands - photo and video , provided in the article, will become indispensable helpers.

We dismantle the beds: we remove the mattress, back, we dismantle the frame. We begin the assembly. We connect the frame and rack parts. We manufacture the screed with furniture bolts. We fix the backrests. We collect the ladder and fix it on the bed. We put mattresses. The complex process of making a children's bunk bed with their own hands is completed.

I must admit that in order to obtain a harmonious appearance of the product, everything must be done accurately and qualitatively. After all, the type of bed will reflect the presence of your good taste. For clarity, see the video of assembling a bunk bed with your own hands.

Video of assembly of a children's bunk bed

Step-by-step photos of

Photo of a children's bunk bed