Stretch ceiling in the bathroom( photo)

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During the renovation in the bathroom, the greatest difficulties usually arise with the decoration of the ceiling. Since it is impossible to avoid high humidity in this room, not all finishing materials are suitable for use in this room. Perhaps, the most popular in recent years, the option of ceiling design is the use of tension ceilings. However, many believe that the stretch ceiling in the bathroom will quickly become unusable, since the materials from which it is made can not come into contact with moisture and steam. But, in fact, this belief is mistaken.

According to experts, the modern stretch ceiling is ideal for installation in the bathroom, as its technical characteristics meet all the requirements for use in this room. And "House of Dreams" will help you to make sure of this, telling about the features of the application of stretch structures for the bathroom.

stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Stretch ceiling in the bathroom

What are the suspended ceilings and their choice for the bathroom

For the first time stretch ceilings have been used in residential areas only in the mid-60s of last century. Initially, they were intended, primarily, for decorative tasks, because their unique design makes it possible to hide any construction imperfections and technical communications. Later, manufacturers began to pay close attention not only to the design of stretch ceilings, but also to their technical characteristics.

Thanks to the use of special alloys in the process of their manufacturing, today such ceilings are characterized by increased moisture resistance, the ability to withstand high temperatures and strength. Ceilings of medium and premium class are able to withstand more than 100kg of weight per 1m², without deforming. Based on these characteristics, you can confidently say that stretch ceilings for the bathroom are one of the most suitable options for decoration.

stretch ceiling in bathroom photo

Stretched ceiling in the bathroom photo

stretch ceilings for the bathroom

Stretch ceilings for the bathroom

glossy stretch ceilings in the bathroom

Glossy stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Stretch ceilings are usually divided into film and fabric ceilings. Film constructions are PVC linen. This material tolerates moisture well, does not accumulate condensate and does not deform under conditions of sharp temperature changes. In addition, plastic ceilings are ideal for the bathroom in terms of sanitary requirements. At the final stage of production a special film is applied on the plastic liners, which prevents the microbial activity, which, in turn, prevents the development of mold and fungus. Also, the ceilings made of this material are good because they do not need laborious care.

Film tension ceilings are separately classified into two types - glossy and matte. Differences between these types of ceilings appear only in the texture of the product. Glossy ceilings visually make the bathroom spacious and bright, and matte products emphasize the beauty of a certain interior style.

design of stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Suspended ceiling design in the bathroom

Glossy stretch ceilings in the bathroom

Glossy stretch ceilings in the bathroom

Synthetic alloys with special impregnation are used to manufacture fabric tension ceilings. The advantage of these products lies in an interesting design and ecological purity. Since the fabric base of the ceiling has micropores, this product freely passes air. However, if you are going to mount a fabric ceiling in the bathroom, note that the synthetic material is not designed to hold moisture. Accordingly, if you are flooded by neighbors, the ceiling will have to be completely dismantled.

installation of stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Installing stretch ceiling in bathroom

installation of stretch ceiling in the bathroom

Installing stretch ceiling in bathroom

How to install tension ceilings in bathroom

The process of installing a stretch ceiling in the bathroom is another unique advantage of this finishing material. Before installing ceilings along the perimeter of the bathroom, a guiding profile is laid and wiring is mounted. After that, the ceiling cloths for better elasticity are heated by means of a heat gun and placed in a guiding profile. Thus, the installation of ceilings is without grandiose repair work and is carried out almost silently.

Immediately after installation in the suspended ceilings, you can mount the fixtures. Pointing lamps are ideal for this variant of design, however, if desired, other lighting devices can be used with them.

lighting in the bathroom stretch ceiling

Lighting in a stretch ceiling bathroom

Beautiful ceiling stretch ceiling lighting in the bathroom

Beautiful ceiling tension lighting in a bathroom

In addition to easy installation, stretch ceilings are attractive and easy to dismantle. In case of deformation of any part of the finishing material, it will be sufficient to remove only one sheet, without changing the entire structure.

Also stretch ceilings are considered an ideal basis for creating multi-level structures. Installation of this design begins with fastening of metal structures of the necessary forms, into which the ceiling cloths are then cut. As a result, the ceiling will consist of curved or polygonal lines creating a unique composition.

stretch ceilings in the bathroom photo

Stretch ceilings in the bathroom

Multi-level stretch ceilings in the bathroom

Multilevel stretch ceilings in the bathroom

Unusual stretch ceiling design in the bathroom photo

Unusual stretch ceiling design in the bathroom photo

Choosing stretch ceilings for the bathroom design

Modern stretch ceilings are able to surprise with a variety of variations in performance. The traditional version of the ceilings of this type are white single-color paintings, which, due to their laconicism, unobtrusively fit into any interior. However, also in the sale are widely represented and colored tension structures, which become a bright and original accent of the interior. In addition, I'd like to highlight a stretch ceiling with photographic printing as a separate section - photo prints of various images, reproductions of paintings, landscapes, animals, abstract compositions, etc. are applied to the surface. The unusual design of the stretch ceiling with photo printing will make the bathroom the brightest and most cheerful place in the house.

Stretched ceilings with photo printing for the bathroom

Stretched ceilings with photographic prints for the bathroom

Stretched ceiling with photoprinting in the bathroom photo

Stretched ceiling with photographic prints in the bathroom Photo

Beautiful stretch ceilings in the bathroom

Beautiful stretch ceilings in the bathroom

Luxury stretch ceilings in the bathroom photo

Luxury suspended ceilings in the bathroom Photo

If you plan to hang the stretch ceiling in the bathroom, but do not know what kind and design to give preference to, consider the main features of this room. In the small bathrooms will look good glossy monophonic coating, which will visually expand the space.

Choosing a stretch ceiling design in the bathroom

Choosing a stretch ceiling design in the bathroom

Complex multilevel ceilings are not desirable for use in a small bathroom, but in a spacious room such a composition will look exclusive, bright and harmonious.

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