Bathroom in classic style: design and decoration features( 17 photos)

Style classic in the bathroom
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  • Decoration of ceilings and walls
  • Selection of plumbing
  • Which furniture to choose?
  • Selection of lighting devices
  • Which accessories should I use?

Bathroom decoration, of course, is a very important element of the interior of the apartment as a whole. It is here that the morning of each person begins, here we wash off all the negative and fatigue after a difficult working day. Each bathroom interior needs a certain stylistic solution, regardless of the area of ​​the room, financial possibilities and personal preferences. One of the most popular styles, which is used in the design of bathrooms, is the classic style. Below we will get acquainted with the characteristic features of this style and find out what furniture and plumbing is better to choose.

Example of a classic bathroom


The first thing I would like to draw attention to is that the classic style is beyond all times, it is always popular.

This style is very elegant and discreet, but also exquisite.

Choose this style, as a rule, people of great wealth, to emphasize their taste and status. As the classical style spread throughout the world, a large number of its territorial varieties arose, however, their common features and the basic idea can be easily recognized.

The bathroom is in the style of a classic

The characteristic features of the "classic" style are traditionally considered: a clear room shape, a combination of gilded and pastel shades in the decoration of the room, elements of vegetation in the decoration of the walls, quite a quiet decor and high cost of materials. The premise of the bathroom must be a spacious and regular geometric shape( rectangle or square).

Bathroom in classic style

Very often classical interiors are decorated with columns and pilasters, as a kind of tribute to classical antique architecture. In the classical style, the use of the cornice on the boundary between the walls and the ceiling is quite common. To decorate the ceiling, decorative stucco is used. The classic design of the floor and walls are marble and onyx pastel shades. Also for a floor covering it is possible to use a ceramic tile, reminding a parquet, it is cheaper and easier in installation, in difference from a stone.

Bathroom in classical architecture

Color scheme

The color solution of the bathroom in the "classic" style should be quite calm, seasoned, bright and contrasting shades are unacceptable here.

The main palette is pastel shades( beige, sand, cream, soft blue and white), as well as brown and maroon shades. For finishing sometimes noble red and green colors are used.

Classic bathroom with blue notes

As an ornament used in the classical style, repeated elements of antique origin are used, the most common of them is the image of the vine. You can use this ornament as decorative elements that help to zonate space or to separate the upper and lower parts of the room. Also, the ornament can be used as decoration on furniture and mirrors.

Bathroom in classic white tones

Decoration of ceilings and walls

The decoration of the ceiling and walls in the classical style is subject to certain rules. At their junction, as already mentioned above, must be placed decorative cornices. For wall covering, expensive ceramic tiles of pastel shades are often used, glossy or granular plaster is also suitable. It is also possible to finish the moisture-resistant wallpaper with the use of floral ornament. Sometimes the walls are painted with special paints in the tone of the bathroom.

Bath design in classic style

Windows are draped with heavy curtains, and a canopy can be placed above the bathroom. This will add to the atmosphere an atmosphere of coziness and intimacy. Doors, as a rule, use wood or glass, choosing at the same time accessories from copper, bronze or gold. In the design of cornices and mirrors use a light gilding or stucco.

Classic in the bathroom

The ceiling, as a rule, is painted in light shades, thereby increasing the space of the bathroom. Occasionally, the fabric drapery of the ceiling is used, imitating the palace luxury.

The choice of sanitary ware

The bath itself plays the leading role in the classic style bathroom. These are large, cumbersome oval baths, often with a towering headboard. They are located, as a rule, in the very center of the room on a special pedestal or on legs.

The materials from which the bath is made differ in their low thermal conductivity and wear resistance. It can be brass or cast iron.

It should be noted that the weight of such bathtubs is high enough, so additional reinforcement of the floor will be required.

Mixers of this style are either very simple in form or mimic handmade products. They are covered with gold, copper or bronze. Sanitaryware for bathrooms is distinguished by its lack of pretentiousness, is made of high-quality porcelain and has smooth lines. Sometimes it is hand painted.

Natural, that in the "classical" bathroom is not allowed, is the use of shower cabins in a modern style with a lot of functions and buttons. However, in some cases, designers use glass fences for shower cabins, decorated with drawings of a classical style, which will not spoil the integrity of the perception of this room. It is also possible to put the shower zone in a separate structural element.

Plumbing in classical style
Bath in the classic interior
Shower cabin in a classic style

Which furniture to choose?

Furniture for a bathroom in the style of "classic" should be elegant and at the same time laconic and simple forms. In this interior perfectly fit the dressing table with a wide marble top and a mirror with a gold-framed frame. The material for making furniture is a natural wood, impregnated with moisture-repellent compounds.

Classic Bathroom Furniture

For decoration, often used overhead parts, which are artificially aged, decorative carving and inlays. But the main accent is still the texture of the tree and its natural shade.

Selection of lighting devices

Several lighting sources are recommended for this room. It can be built-in chiseled lamps or an expensive crystal chandelier.

Lighting in a classic bathroom

On both sides of the mirror in the classical style place bronze or gold-plated sconces. Large bathrooms can be completed with exquisite floor lamps and chandeliers.

Classic lighting in the bathroom

Which accessories should I use?

In the bathroom of the classical style, you should not abuse accessories. But if you use them, they should ideally be combined with furniture fittings and mixers.

Accessory to the bathroom

Very well in this bathroom will look like forged products, which I will go in contrast with the ideal white plumbing.

The soft mat for the bathroom will make the room even more cozy and comfortable. The presence of living plants in floor vases and wall pots will emphasize the high cost and sophistication of this style.

Classic style in the bathroom with flowers