Services of sanitizers or what is a pollock

Highlights in the sludge disposal of

Every person, at least once in his life, saw a machine that pumped a cesspit, but few know how this car is called. And the name of the car is very simple - ilosos. It contains a special silo installation, which includes:

  • pump;
  • sleeve( or flexible hose);
  • tank( special metal container).

The main points in the sludge

By the way, it is very easy to save on services of sewage, agreeing to pump out the cesspool with neighbors. After all, the cost of services is not only pumping out, but also the cost of gasoline, the export of content, etc.

In addition to the usual pumping out of the cesspool, the following is also happening:

  • the solid sediment is liquefied( this process is impossible without this process);
  • cleaning the sewer is carried out, if required by the site owner;

Additional services include the use of pumping various drugs on a biological basis. They provide disinfection of the tanks of a septic tank containing various microorganisms.

The main points in the sludge

Pumping out the cesspool saves the site owner not only from unpleasant odors, but also extends the life of the purification system.

It is unlikely to be able to pump out a large volume septic tank yourself. This occupation is not easy, so it will be easier and more effective to turn to specialized services that have modern and reliable equipment.

How to choose a company that provides the services of sanitation

If you have just purchased a site and for the first time encounter this problem, we recommend that you listen to the following tips:

  1. To get started, ask your neighbors how they solve this problem or contact the nearest local authorityauthority to which your territory belongs. So you will be able to find out where to find the nearest organization or firm that provides pumping services.
  2. Try to negotiate privately with the workers. So you will save a decent amount of money.
  3. If the agreement does not work out, conclude an agreement with the firm, which specify the terms for the performance of the services provided and the scope of work, cost, tariffs, responsibilities and addresses of the parties, as well as any other additional conditions.
  4. Pay the agreed amount in cash or make a payment with the help of the cashier if the performer is a legal entity. Be sure to keep all checks and receipts, at least until the pumping out of the sinkhole ends.

How to choose a company that provides sanitation services

We clean the cesspool by ourselves

For those who have a septic fill slowly, you can not hire any services. The main thing is that there is not a lot of solid sediment in the waste pit. To such cases it is possible to carry, for example, a dacha, to which the family comes rarely and rests there for a short time.

To perform the evacuation of the drainage pit, it is sufficient to possess two items:

  1. with a fecal electric pump. It can be safely bought in many construction and hardware stores, since it is not an expensive device. In principle, you can use a simple water pump, but be sure to provide it with a filter so that it does not clog.
  2. Capacity for collection of fecal sediment. It can be plastic, or a metal barrel for chemical reagents. It's good if its lid closes tightly.

We clean the cesspool by ourselves

The process of self-pumping a drainage pit is not difficult, but if you use a plastic septic tank, it's best to ask specialists for help, since it's easy to damage.