Bamboo parquet or exotic in the interior

Bamboo flooring - is it worth choosing?

Bamboo products have been around for a long time and have firmly entered our homes as furniture or decor items. Today, bamboo is also actively used for the production of high-quality coating, which is ideal for flooring in both public and residential areas. Excellent characteristics that distinguish bamboo parquet from analogs, are due to the properties of raw materials. So, bamboo stems have high moisture resistance, hardness and lightness.

Parquet made of bamboo, characterized by an increased degree of strength, wear resistance and, accordingly, durability. Its natural origin causes such properties as environmental friendliness and safety, even for allergy sufferers with experience. The structure of the lining material allows it to be extremely resistant to various deformation processes.

Among other things, the floor of bamboo is a good heat and soundproof material. In combination with a quality substrate, it will provide you with the silence fr

om the "music" of city streets and noisy neighbors, the preservation of heat, especially valuable in the cold season. The hygroscopicity of the natural coating forms a favorable microclimate in the room. The aesthetics of this parquet does not cause any doubt. Bamboo floor is able to decorate any room, from a cozy bedroom, ending with the office of the head of the company.

Parquet from bamboo, - what kinds exist?

Finished finishing material is a multi-layer construction, obtained by pressing raw materials under high pressure. The number of layers can be different: maximum - five, but the most common is a three-layer version. Today, there are many criteria that allow you to classify a parquet made of bamboo.

The horizontal and vertical parquet can be distinguished according to the production method. The horizontal variant takes place at gluing planks from a plant among themselves. They fit exactly horizontally, that is parallel to the floor surface. The result of this production is a surprisingly beautiful parquet board with a clear pattern, created by nature itself. As for the vertical analog, here the bamboo strips are put on the edge and pressed. The original appearance of the finish will be a real "highlight" of any interior.

The material is different in color. As a rule, natural shades are of particular interest, which are sufficiently light and pleasantly pleasing to the eye. However, thermal treatment helps to give bamboo no less beautiful and noble coffee shade. Such a dark parquet will be the decoration of any cabinet.

There is a parquet of bamboo and depending on the varnish. The material is covered with a special varnish protecting it from abrasion, aging, moisture and damage. A varnish has a certain degree of protection and is used in suitable cases. If the room is flooded with bright sunlight, then it is advisable to use parquet with reinforced protection against UV rays for facing the floor, and in rooms with high humidity it is recommended to lay a bamboo floor covered with a good waterproof varnish. Depending on the type of bar, it is customary to select a board, mosaic and piece parquet.

What kind of bamboo flooring to choose for your home, you need to decide based on your own preferences, financial capabilities, operating conditions and general style interior solutions.

Bamboo flooring - installation features

Parquet can be laid from bamboo material in two ways:

  • traditional "floating";
  • is glued.

"Floating" method involves mounting the cladding on a previously prepared floor surface by attaching a "spike-groove".That is, the boards are connected with each other without direct attachment to the floor. Their laying is carried out on a flat surface of plywood or chipboard, under which there is a vapor and soundproof material. Such a "cake" ensures the reliability and durability of the natural coating.

With regard to the adhesive method, it provides for installation work directly on the concrete screed with the help of a specially designed glue. To obtain the most flat surface, which will become the basis for parquet flooring, it is recommended to use self-leveling compounds.

Thus, by choosing your choice of natural bamboo parquet and adhering to the technology of its installation, you will get a fabulously beautiful floor, which will be pleasant to walk and from which it will be difficult to tear off the eye.