Marine style in the interior

The marine theme in interior design is gaining popularity today. Thanks to light positive shades, it is perfect for both a small room and a huge hall. The main attributes of this style are braided ropes, ornaments in the form of shells and, of course, all shades of blue.


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Sea style is the air, the prevalence of open space, the freshness of the sea breeze, but at the same time, the functionality andsimplicity. Such design for rooms is chosen by travelers and adventurers.

Color in the interior

If you want to create in your room a branch of the sea coast or ship that plows the vast water expanses, you will have to try. Remember that the interior of a room in a marine style creates the colors that you use. The traditional color scheme for this style is white, aqua, azure, blue. In principle, you can use any color to your liking, but you must combine it with "sea" shades.

Designers prefer to use in this interior a lot of white - it muffles saturated colors, and the interior becomes very gentle, almost weightless. By the way, for contrast in the design of the room you can use muted shades - sand, coral.


When choosing furniture for a room decorated in marine themes, give preference to a tree and only to a tree. Let it be aged, with chips and cracks, as if faded in the sun - after all, it is such furniture that stands on schooners that rush through rough waves.


A big role in decoration is played by trifles - interior items in the marine style, textiles. Fabrics for the room should be chosen exclusively natural, for example, cotton, linen. It will be successful to look in such an interior and burlap. Curtains and bedspreads may not be monophonic, but striped. This will make your interior even more realistic, close to the life of a sailor( remember the famous sailors).

Chairs better to buy wicker. On them you can throw the bedspreads in a blue and white stripes. The same napkins on the table - and before you a great ensemble.

Interior design items of marine style

When decorating an interior in a marine style, any trifles - cockleshells, steering wheel models, telescopes, smooth stones are appropriate. Feel free to use everything that you brought from trips to the sea. By the way, from the shells you can make holders for curtains. Very interesting looking boxes, frames and watches, decorated with seashells, which can be collected on the coast. Here you need to show a little imagination and work with your hands. But what a pleasure to decorate the interior with your own hand made details!

If you do not have any souvenirs brought, safely go to the markets of old things. Here you will find interesting suitcases that can be used as chests of drawers, capers, corals, globes. All this will make your room unique, breathe in it the sea of ​​excitement. Just do not overdo it - the abundance of such things will turn a dwelling into a dump of antiquity. In all the measure is needed. By the way, with the most successful photo design of apartments and houses in the marine style, you can see on our page.

Kitchen and bathroom in marine style

The sea style is suitable not only for decoration of living rooms, but also for bathroom, kitchen. The sea theme in the interior here is manifested, first of all, in the color scheme, and then in the choice of textiles. With the help of two or three thematic details, even the most ordinary kitchen can be turned into a cabin.

The bathroom will be transformed into a solar deck, if you put a sand mat on the floor, and paint the walls with sea waves. Decorate the room with pebbles, shells and artificial pearls - and the sea mood during the bath you are guaranteed.

Photo of the sea style in the interior of the

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