Beige bathroom, beige-brown colors and other combinations( 35 photos)

Beige bathroom
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  • Color combinations
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  • Combining with brown
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If you want to create a cozy and homely atmosphere in the bathroom, you should pay attention to beige color,which is considered a classic option, devoid of screaming accents.

Psychological influence of beige color

Beige shades help to cope with aggression, nervousness and create a relaxing atmosphere in the bathroom. This color positively influences the mood of a person, because it is associated with tranquility and tranquility.

Beige shades are chosen by people who have a classic taste, for which the family comfort comes first. It is the shades of this color that create a good mood, give joy and remind you of summer rest.

Light beige bathroom


When choosing the primary color of the interior for the bathroom, one of the best options is a beige color, as it is neutral and can be used as the main tone, and complement other colors.

Many people think that the beige is not too bright and therefore inexpressive, but this proposition can not be called fair, since the palette of beige shades amazes with its variety, and all of them are perfectly combined with each other and with other colors.

Beige bathroom small

Due to the fact that the beige is considered a warm shade, even a room of small size will seem spacious and full of light. In general, this color is very pleasant for the eyes, and it is beige shades best suited to create a cozy and comfortable bathroom.

Beige bathroom filled with light
Beautiful beige bathroom
Beige bathroom with shower

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The cons of the beige color can be attributed the fact that it marks. Therefore, cleaning in the bathroom will often enough.

Many people consider the use of beige tones for decorating a battered version, but this minus is easy to fix if you beat the beige color with other interesting shades.

Beige bathroom light walls

Color combinations

Beige perfectly matches with almost any color, from the lightest to the darkest. For example, for a bathroom you can choose one of the most classic combinations of white with beige .This option will expand the space and fill it with light.

Beige with white bathroom

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If you chose beige, you can decorate the interior only in beige shades, thus making a classic interior, or combine it with other colors to create a vivid and unusual design.

Beige with brass bathroom

Using light shades of beige, you can create a fresh and romantic interior, which will appeal to young girls and romantic women. And if you dilute the light shades of beige dark, for example, beige-brown or sand , then the bathroom will look quite different - classically and strictly.

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Beige and brown bathroom

It is also interesting to mix beige with blue. The combination of these two colors will give the bathroom airiness and lightness. The blue color will emphasize the classic design of the room.

Blue adds lively bathroom, the room becomes boring.

Bathroom Beige Blue
Blue-Beige Bathroom
Beige-blue bathroom

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Interior in gray-beige tones will also look good, with the help of a rich gray tint, you can create an additional accent in the bathroom. A cool gray color will emphasize the warm tone of the beige.

Also suitable for colors such as pink, peach, silver and even scarlet.

It is considered that it is worth to avoid the combination with bright green and blue shades of , which, against the background of pastel tones, will look too pretentious and rude.

Beige with blue bathroom

Combining with black

If you would like to use black in the interior, but are afraid that this shade is too gloomy and heavy, then try combining it with beige, which will help soften the black color.

Beige with black bathroom
Beige and black bathroom
Beige bathroom with black furniture

The presence in the bathroom of black color can be an excellent option, if you give this color the role of complement with the dominant beige shades. Details of black on the overall beige background will look very impressive.

Combination with brown

The use of a combination of two natural natural shades, beige and brown in the bathroom interior, will create a warm and cozy atmosphere. In essence, these two colors are considered similar, and their combination helps to see the bathroom in a new light.

The room where a combination of beige and brown is used will look stylish and noble, it is a universal combination, almost like a white and beige interior. In general, brown color is considered a symbol of confidence and stability, and, combined with beige shades, can not be better suited for creating a bathroom in the style of a classic.

Beige in combination with a brown bathroom
Beige with brown bathroom
Beige and brown bathroom

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tile When you go to the store, you can make sure that most of the tiles presented in the shops are made in beige or brown shades. Beige is the same color that will always look noble. Depending on the preferences, you can choose a glossy or matt tile, as well as combine it with other materials, for example, decorative stone or wallpaper.

When choosing beige tiles to decorate the floor or walls in the bathroom, you should observe several important points that will help make the interior better:

  • do not use white grout for seams, it is better to choose a cream shade or ivory;
  • ceramic beige color is perfect for the floor, since water droplets will not be visible on it, which is especially important for the bathroom;
  • to create a mosaic, try using several different shades of beige. If they are placed in a chaotic order, this will only give a special style to the room.
Beige bathroom tiles

It is worth remembering that, the smaller the space of the bathroom, the more the area should be covered with beige tiles, which will visually expand the dimensions of the room.

Using the mosaic

Very well blends beige with mosaic ornaments. For example, you can decorate the walls with glossy beige tiles and dilute with mosaic elements of a gentle green color. This option gives the bathroom an aura of natural naturalness and warmth.

Bathroom beige tones

If you want to decorate a bathroom in the spirit of the east, then the mosaic in light beige tones on a common beige tone will create an oriental style in the bathroom.

To fill the bathroom with sunlight and summer heat, try laying out a mosaic of golden sand on the floor. This will dilute monotony and give the interior texture and depth.

Beige bathroom mosaic

Room decoration

When decorating walls, floors and ceilings, you need to take into account the fact that the beige style in the bathroom should be supported by decor elements and colors that harmoniously complement the beige shades.

For example, for a ceiling, plastic panels of a cream shade will perfectly suit. This option will be high-quality and practical, as well as cost-effective. In addition to this option, it is possible to install stretch ceilings, for example, ivory shade with golden inclusions, which, with the backlight on, will create a magical effect.

Beige bathroom with beige ceiling

For a small bathroom it is worth using a mirror ceiling, which not only increases the space visually, but also refreshes and beautifies the interior. More details about this you can read in our article about the mirror ceiling.

One of the classic options for decorating walls is such a technique - the lower part of the walls is decorated with a dark shade of beige, and the light-beige remains to the ceiling. Also quite often there is an option of using dark beige for the floor and light beige with dark beige inserts for the walls.

Beige bathroom and baby

Inserts can be made in the form of vertical stripes or a small panel on one of the walls in the bathroom.

Beige bathroom with a dark stripe


Try to ensure that the lighting in the bathroom is bright enough, this will give the room volume. It is better to choose bulbs with a matte diffuser, which will not blind the eyes.

With the help of recessed luminaires on the ceiling, you can easily and easily make the bathroom much lighter and brighter, and add an accent, for example, to the bathroom or sink, using a small spotlight.

But do not forget that in conditions of high humidity, the use of lighting equipment should be safe, so it is best to choose lamps with low voltage and protection against possible water ingress.

Beige bathroom lighting


In the bathroom made in beige tones, furniture from natural wood or veneer, both dark and light shades, will most organically look. Doors, in this case, can be made cream or white.

In addition to furniture made of wood, white furniture will be beautifully combined with beige color, such an interior will speak about the good taste of the owner. If you plan to decorate the walls or floor with a tile under the stone, you can use glass or metal furniture, in this case the room will be made in high-tech style.

Beige bathroom with furniture under the tree

Accessories and plumbing

The bathroom in beige style can be supplemented with accessories, which should be chosen in white or beige tones. In order to bring a bit of bright accents to the beige palette, you can pick up towels, curtains for bathtubs and other accessories in harmonious colors that will dilute the monotony.

Accessories made of wood, also perfectly suited to beige. The final accent of the interior can be done with an unusual lamp or a large mirror in a beautiful frame. Any color will do, but it is advisable to avoid bright yellow accessories.

Regarding the choice of items for hygienic procedures, it is preferable to choose a white bath, shower and toilet, since the bathroom in beige tones is not the best option for experimenting with the color of sanitary ware. As an option, plumbing made of artificial or real marble can easily replace white and at the same time it will perfectly fit into the beige interior.

Beige bathroom with white plumbing


With beige walls the wood floor will be well combined, but preferably from those wood species that are resistant to humidity. Add to this design with a few wooden shelves or accessories made of wood.

Beige bathroom wooden floor
Beige bathroom with original mirror
Beige bathroom
Stylish beige bathroom
Neutral beige bathroom
Stylish beige bathroom

The shades of beige are very often used in the design of bathrooms, but, an elegant bathroom in beige color should not seem boring. To avoid monotony, you need to properly place accents with decorative elements and accessories. For example, as the main element, in the bathroom you can install an elegant shell on steel legs and above it hang a mirror in a frame made of natural stone, laid out in mosaic.

Ceramic tiles can be diluted with decorative plaster, which adds elegance and pearly luster to the interior. But do not put the plaster very close to the sink or bathroom, where the walls can get water.

Do not be afraid to experiment with materials of different textures that will help to transform the classic interior in beige tones and give the bathroom an original look.

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